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Shrek_the_dank_ t1_ixbf54e wrote

gta 5’s graphics look better than i remember


knox902 t1_ixbt0ne wrote

Yeah the realism mods are usually excessive puddles. This is incredible.


emmettiow t1_ixcdn35 wrote

Had a cutscene the other day. It was raining, then in the cutscene it was sunny, but the floods were still on the ground with the raindrop sprites. Such a confusing day.


emmettiow t1_ixcdi05 wrote

You need a new graphics card. Set the drawdistance to max 😉


zebrahdh t1_ixdm1gt wrote

It’s mods and an amazing graphics card set up.


Charger23us t1_ixbffvx wrote

convention center is huge.


dandroid126 t1_ixbqgq0 wrote

They gotta hold all those sweaty weebs every 4th of July weekend.

My wife is one of those sweaty weebs every year.


shockwave1211 t1_ixbxyha wrote

me too! it's a great time when it's not 100 outside, this year we were blessed with only 80 degree highs


platasnatch t1_ixbkw9y wrote

Ahem, Maze Bank Arena


Parkimedes t1_ixbpqur wrote

Ahem, center.

Although I doubt that holds up much longer. I hope it doesn’t.


[deleted] t1_ixbp7ck wrote



EsotericAbstractIdea t1_ixc0fjv wrote

That late in the day, it’s probably moving a good 30 miles per hour. A few hours earlier and they’d just be parked.


paperscissorscovid t1_ixcc8wb wrote

Can confirm. Drove from redondo to the IE at like 3pm yesterday. 1h or so drive took just under 3 lol


ninadpathak t1_ixc82bh wrote

I'm from India and couldn't figure out what you were pointing out as traffic 😅


Ok-disaster2022 t1_ixbu47t wrote

I like the views of skyscrapers. Views of urban sprawl are fascinatingly disgusting.


fuzzyrobebiscuits t1_ixcipjv wrote

Grew up 1.5 hours north of there, so we'd have to go now and then for big things. The only time I ever went to the skyscraper part was for surgery. It's all offices, not housing. So even though lots of people work in them they all have to drive there. From said sprawl.


S7evyn t1_ixcxoct wrote

Yeah. LA is such an ugly city.

There's a line in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy about it looking like it's made of of junk mail, and I never fully appreciated what that meant until now.


thisoldmould t1_ixchyt5 wrote

It always amazes me how relatively small LA’s skyline is.


WhatEVERyo87 t1_ixe03is wrote

I've always thought the same thing. It's such a big city by population. But a lot of those cities out west have so many people because they cover such big areas compared to the east coast. Basically I've come to associate big populations with big skylines lol


Amphissa t1_ixfcedp wrote

Two reasons, buildings were kept low due to earthquake threats. Then, as technology progressed to the point that the tall buildings roll during earthquakes, they became more common, Second, part of the skyline is left open so that the LA City Hall can be seen from a distance, the 10 Freeway for example. Anyone can visit the City Hall and it's worth the view and art deco appearance.


fucktrutin t1_ixb8dcl wrote



JoshDigi t1_ixcvwh8 wrote

Helicopters are outstandingly loud and annoying


TheEvilBunnyLord t1_ixd9pwj wrote

Outstandingly terrible, right.

From the angle of "photography," to what they recorded with a vehicle that was only developed because military money paid for it.

Yes. This is an OUTSTANDING waste of space, and resources. All around. I'm truly disgusted. I hate this world, and all who enjoy. This. This isn't good. This is bad guys.

Eta: anyone who thinks THIS is the peak of society is sadly mistaken, and I can't help you. Downvote me all you fucking want, this is NOT good.


stephen1547 t1_ixdc9p8 wrote

You sound fun.


TheEvilBunnyLord t1_ixe6vvf wrote

I would hope I just sound sad and irritated, but sure. Be sarcastic about an obvious problem. Humanity is so fucked it's not even funny.


sw1nky t1_ixel7tf wrote

You are exactly the type of person no one wants to talk to at parties


TheEvilBunnyLord t1_ixen2ya wrote

You might not be wrong, friend, but only when I get on a kick like this. Other times I show my bewbs.


stephen1547 t1_ixbx68s wrote

Yeah… don’t do an 80° bank in a Robinson. Or most helicopters actually.

Edit - Let's call it 65°


alaskafish t1_ixcgxcl wrote

Pilot here.

Guarantee that’s not even close to an 80° bank. It looks that way because the camera being held is probably co-seat’s phone.

Secondly, you can do an 80° bank. FAA says it’s completely fine, though 60° is better for beginners to learn.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to get at, perhaps Reddit fear mongering. Airplanes and helicopters are designed to go through a lot worse.


Jesus_Hong t1_ixcj8cd wrote

Yup. I fly in R44s for some of my work and our pilots regularly bank like that lol. She'll be fiiiiine. It ain't even close to 80°


stephen1547 t1_ixd73yz wrote

If you are working in an R44 and your pilot is doing greater than 80° turns with passengers on board, they are frankly an idiot, and this is coming from another helicopter pilot. If I did that even on a bush utility job with passengers and my chief pilot found out I would be in some shit.

Have a look at the attitude indicator next time. My guess is that you aren’t actually baking that hard. A quickly inducted 45° turn can feel very strep. The guy in this video was doing around 75-80 (look at the attitude indicator).


Jesus_Hong t1_ixd9d8h wrote

That isn't an 80° bank, my guy lol. That's maybe 45, 50. Our pilots are younger, but they are good. I pinky promise.

Though you're right, we don't bank harder than THIS clip, but we do bank hard for specific reasons (e.g. lidar stuff), albeit with minimal payload


stephen1547 t1_ixdbkrr wrote

I do want to change my observation. It looks like he is only at about 65* or so degrees. Have a look at the ADI. The last white line is the 60* and he goes past that. Still too aggressive for normal flying around a city.

Nothing wrong with baking 45-50 degrees for utility/production stuff if you need to get the job done efficiently. But I highly doubt you guys are doing greater than 60* turns. Have a peak next time and see. My guess is they cap it around 45 degrees.


Jesus_Hong t1_ixdhogb wrote

No, I'd agree to that. We likely don't go much over 50, 55 tops in sharp turns. R44s are little airborne tractors, so anything excessive will make you pucker up pretty hard.

It's hard to tell from this one. Maybe aggressive for a civvy flight, but 🤷‍♂️


gazongagizmo t1_ixesrml wrote

> Have a look at the attitude indicator next time.

Not with that altitude, young man!


housebottle t1_ixckll5 wrote

are you allowed to fly over the city like that if you have a licence?


alaskafish t1_ixctve9 wrote

Yes and no. It depends on clearance. For instance you can fly freely without squawking over the Hudson River right alongside the Manhattan skyline. There are routes where you have to get clearance for prior. I’m assuming this pilot is one of many who fly VIPs around LA, since that’s a place full of that


stephen1547 t1_ixd6hww wrote

I’m also a pilot.

In fact I’m a commercial helicopter pilot holding an ATPL license. I'm adjusting my observation to be a 65° turn. Had a better look at the video on my computer vs my phone, and I can see the ADI go past the 60° white mark while still turning a bit more as it goes out of view.

A turn this steep can be dangerous due so the high G-loading of the disc, as well as the risk of getting into a low-g situation and inducing mast-bumping.

Doing aerodynamic moves in a two-bladed teetering hinge rotor system like the Robby is always a great way to get killed. Although 65 degrees is substantially less dumb than the 80 as I originally stated.


HauserAspen t1_ixctakf wrote

Possible low-gee situation in a Robinson. Not something for a noob.


alaskafish t1_ixcugys wrote

Thanks for the input, but why are people assuming the pilot is a noob?


emmettiow t1_ixcdqlj wrote

If you do, make sure it's at 200' over a built up area with no landing options for extra fun factor.


Uwe_Tuco t1_ixc7oqe wrote

Can't see the homeless from this height


cinemachick t1_ixbrivd wrote

You found the one part of LA that actually has skyscrapers, most of LA is relatively flat besides the mountains XD


Ah_Q t1_ixbslu1 wrote

You mean downtown? Not exactly hard to find.


drumsareneat t1_ixbw07j wrote

"besides the mountains"



cinemachick t1_ixdi1r2 wrote

I didn't want to make it too wordy, I meant "most of the buildings/housing are only 1-2 floors high"


qsdf321 t1_ixc89uo wrote

Blue Thunder vibe.


oO0tooth_fairy0Oo t1_ixbtofk wrote

What?! No LA smog? Thanks Obama.


RandomRageNet t1_ixco1b5 wrote

They say the fuckin smog is the fuckin reason you have such beautiful fuckin sunsets.


betterpinoza t1_ixfa72b wrote

LA hasn't had bad smog in so long. When I was a kid in the 90s and early 2000s I remember it, but it's cleared up substantially since then


YN90 t1_ixbwyo7 wrote

It’s my dream to film from a helicopter


xxTheseGoTo11xx t1_ixd9a4n wrote

I just did this on a helicopter tour of Kauai, the Hawaiian island Jurassic Park was filmed at, and I highly recommend it. A smartphone even takes solid footage from it, so it's very doable.


YN90 t1_ixg0oel wrote

I do short story / documentary. I’d really like to have a nice camera set up, but that does sound lovely.


10-2is7plus1 t1_ixclsyk wrote

Is this Microsoft flight sim? Its crazy how we now have games that are so detailed that its hard to tell if its real or a computer game.


TheRealASP t1_ixcb76n wrote

had Weezer-Island In The Sun playing as i came across this post. it was very nice :)


caesar_rex t1_ixcldn8 wrote

They say the fuckin smog is the fuckin reason you got such beautiful fuckin sunsets...


Sin_of_the_Dark t1_ixcm1ek wrote

Oh no, I hear an incoming MK2, better bail


Mrtooth12 t1_ixduemk wrote

I love LA, cocoichabanya loved that Japanese curry.


starserval t1_ixeiuto wrote

This looks like the opening to an 80s sitcom.


ross-geller t1_ixbxnn1 wrote

Is this Fred North? I occasionally see him doing these kinds of stuff.


Equatical t1_ixclanp wrote

Looks like gta 5


MicPanther t1_ixcra0x wrote

Isn't that the sunrise in LA?


Zaraki42 t1_ixct0xn wrote

Can someone add some 80s synthwave to this?


parochial_nimrod t1_ixctb84 wrote

Had me until he rolled the helicopter knife edge.


Bunch_of_Shit t1_ixcurum wrote

They made gta irl. Can you believe it


JoshDigi t1_ixcvt5e wrote

Helicopters are annoying as hell


iSteve t1_ixcxw3g wrote

Cop movies often have helicopter surveillance. Do the cops use drones now?


Groogn t1_ixcyd6k wrote

Half expecting an RPG and flying car to appear #gtav


Fun_Sized_Momo t1_ixd9ert wrote

This gave the red hot chili peppers a hardon after watching.


rcayca t1_ixe95ba wrote

I don’t get how helicopters are able to fly over the city like that but they make such a big deal over these tiny drones that prob wouldn’t even hurt anyone even if they crashed.


Clovadaddy t1_ixesv8t wrote

Man Xbox looks like such shit lately compared to this


djk2321 t1_ixez41v wrote

Hope it was worth it. We had to halt production so you could get this shot


beerdown t1_ixf6cse wrote

Yay for smoggy sunsets!


Mistapeepers t1_ixf99d0 wrote

Man these GTA V graphics really pop on current gen consoles.


mada1337 t1_ixtobq7 wrote

That’s how they got Kobe.


Slurm818 t1_ixcgezt wrote

At least Kobe had a great last view


MacDugin t1_ixddauy wrote

All those people , Ugg


CorrosiveBackspin t1_ixeaqmv wrote

Doesn't matter how high you fly, you can still smell the encampments


slipperyzoo t1_ixf0lm2 wrote

I was blown away by how unimpressive LA's skyline was when I was there last month. It felt like Philly or Charlotte. Or Boston. Not even Boston. And the smog was unreal. Nice video though.


disturbd t1_ixct236 wrote

There's approximately 3 tons is human feces on the streets in that view.


DEFINITELY_NOT_PETE t1_ixdn7x3 wrote

Lol idc how nice this view is DTLA will never not be the grossest worst part of LA.

There is a reason everyone with money lives in the burbs and nobody has swanky down town apartments like every other city in the country


Cuclean t1_ixbqjit wrote

"This is just like Veitnam!" Agent Johnson

"I was in high school, dickhead." Agent Johnson

Edited for clarity


Toby_go_away t1_ixd34ou wrote

Best to stay 500ft in the air to avoid the robberies, defecation and drug use on every LA corner. Keep voting democrat and the dystopian policies will continue. Release criminals from prison. What could go wrong!


imivani t1_ixc064q wrote

Rip kobe


farble1670 t1_ixco4rl wrote

The only way to appreciate LA is from a height where you can't make out the acres of tent cities.


casziel t1_ixc15qt wrote

That's can't be LA, i did not seen any homeless people in this gif


clinkzs t1_ixc8cd8 wrote

Oh yeah the only angle where LA looks liveable


galvinb1 t1_ixc5eii wrote

Boy do I hate LA. NYC will always be my preferred brand of grimy city scape.


sheavill t1_ixbr68n wrote

L.A. blah