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Jesus_Hong t1_ixd9d8h wrote

That isn't an 80° bank, my guy lol. That's maybe 45, 50. Our pilots are younger, but they are good. I pinky promise.

Though you're right, we don't bank harder than THIS clip, but we do bank hard for specific reasons (e.g. lidar stuff), albeit with minimal payload


stephen1547 t1_ixdbkrr wrote

I do want to change my observation. It looks like he is only at about 65* or so degrees. Have a look at the ADI. The last white line is the 60* and he goes past that. Still too aggressive for normal flying around a city.

Nothing wrong with baking 45-50 degrees for utility/production stuff if you need to get the job done efficiently. But I highly doubt you guys are doing greater than 60* turns. Have a peak next time and see. My guess is they cap it around 45 degrees.


Jesus_Hong t1_ixdhogb wrote

No, I'd agree to that. We likely don't go much over 50, 55 tops in sharp turns. R44s are little airborne tractors, so anything excessive will make you pucker up pretty hard.

It's hard to tell from this one. Maybe aggressive for a civvy flight, but 🤷‍♂️