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GGJallDAY t1_iy0ytcg wrote

Sean Out-of-my-McVay


iamveryDerp t1_iy1skqn wrote

Dudes a beast tho. Stayed on the field to lead us to a 16 point loss.


Unum13 t1_iy2m31n wrote

Sports fans have the funniest fucking roasts I swear to god


venustrapsflies t1_iy3vvv9 wrote

You might think we're in it to admire athletic performances but in reality we're just in it for the memes


BlackLeader70 t1_iy1ub9k wrote

Keep losing please, it only helps my draft pick next year.


F3Rocket95 t1_iy36l8o wrote

Thanks for taking Stafford off our hands

-A Lions fan (yes we exist)


Alcolawl t1_iy3oa14 wrote

They took the Super Bowl off the NFL’s hands immediately afterwards.

Working out well for both of us now.


niomosy t1_iy5gok1 wrote

A superbowl win followed by a shit season? I'll take it.


mywordstickle t1_iy4jng2 wrote

We know you exist we just can't believe you are willing to tell people


DistressedApple t1_iy5rey5 wrote

They took him off your hands and straight to a Super Bowl win lmao


zjustice11 t1_iy4lcvs wrote

Y’all hung in there better than I had anticipated. Your defense is still pretty good.


grantnel2002 t1_iy30vy6 wrote

Are you on the team??

Edit: I just love when people say “we” when referring to a sportsball team.


slgray16 t1_iy2sh5c wrote

His get-back coach missed a big moment!


stitchdude t1_iy1b47c wrote

Even their coach handler guy is struggling this year


Seattle2LA2dallas t1_iy1uf04 wrote

Seahawks could have used a handler 2 weeks ago.... (skip to 32 seconds)


svenskhet t1_iy1x8hf wrote

Best part is the ref calling them the mariners lmao


CrazybyRX t1_iy25iix wrote

Lmao how does that happen? Dude is a professional football referee. He must be a HUGE baseball fan if the Mariners are the first Seattle team in his mind lol.


PigSlam t1_iy2cx93 wrote

TBF, my wife is a big baseball fan, and when I saw that Seattle made the playoffs, I called them the “Seahawks” at least twice.


BananaVenom t1_iy2hy6b wrote

It still feels wrong to say the Mariners made the playoffs. Perfectly understandable to assume it’s some other Seattle team.


CO_PC_Parts t1_iy3u6ln wrote

when the chargers went back to LA, multiple refs would call the penalty on San Diego. One time you could see the refs face, "dont say san diego, don't say san diego"


ectish t1_iy2lh5y wrote

>Seahawks could have used a handler 2 weeks ago.... (skip to 32 seconds)


Seattle2LA2dallas t1_iy2oudo wrote

Thank you. On mobile, and the app doesnt seem to have the skip to thingy, or I couldn't find it, and I forgot the extension, and I'm drunk, well, was drunk earlier, need to drink more.


Hinote21 t1_iy1zf96 wrote

I'm confused. If it's after the play was over, what interference was there?


Fat_IRL t1_iy2v7k5 wrote

The game was still going on, can't be on the field or making contact with officials. Pete Carrol knows that and that's why he was kinda smiling and looking sheepish.


big_duo3674 t1_iy3a660 wrote

It's funny because you can see his head coach instinct come out for a split second right as the flag come out. You can see in his eyes he wanted to just automatically start arguing against it like most other flags, until he realized he was way onto the field and was fully responsible for the penalty


sgtdean t1_iy11nm8 wrote

Same head coach that has an assistant that follows him on the sidelines to pull him out of the way of officials, guess the assistant didn't see that coming.


bulletbassman t1_iy13bp3 wrote

Lol the assistant was still there to console him


nowake t1_iy2kq43 wrote

The assistant shooting a look toward the player like it was personal


karmint1 t1_iy1hnw3 wrote

I was just thinking of that and mcvay doing the Happy Gilmore "Where were you on that one, dipshit?"


Robin_FFX t1_iy2q99l wrote

The assistant was hired to stop him from getting in the way off officials, not players. They should hire another guy for that.


welsman13 t1_iy42gxs wrote

That get back coach was fired 4 years ago.


mac2810 t1_iy1flhy wrote

This just happened today and the gif has already lost quality??!


Iguessimonredditnow t1_iy1rtn1 wrote

That's because it was posted without the express written consent of the National Football League


Sennheisenberg t1_iy43mvr wrote

Imagine using actual .gif format in almost 2023.

EDIT: All of the high-res high-FPS "gifs" in this sub are videos, either .mp4 or .webm


OptimusSublime t1_iy13doy wrote

Where's the 'get back coach' when you need him?


Chhuoey t1_iy34e4o wrote

getting charged with sexual battery


phuzzy1deep t1_iy17yk0 wrote

Where was the assistant that supposed to watch him?


Outspoken_Douche t1_iy1emv2 wrote

He’s supposed to watch out for collision with the refs, not their own players lol


rigoddamndiculous t1_iy2i0fl wrote

Next year they will have 2 of those coaches


fantasmoofrcc t1_iy3heyn wrote

Just tie them (the coaches) up like Hannibal Lecter and have the watcher wheel him around. Something something flava beans.


gofatwya t1_iy0xbmq wrote

He was holding his mouth afterward.

He took a helmet to the kisser.


OldGreyTroll t1_iy11xnf wrote

Check to the head where the head was the principal point of contact. 5-minute major, fame misconduct, and probable review by Department of Player Safety.


tehmlem t1_iy12c0h wrote

This is not a hockey play. While we acknowledge that the coach put himself in a vulnerable position, the check to the head was avoidable.


littlesymphonicdispl t1_iy4yfuf wrote

>probable review by Department of Player Safety.

Update: DPoS has investigated and found that nobody is dead, why did you guys even bring this to our attention? Players are safe as long as they're alive.


9erInLKN t1_iy1wnqi wrote

Shoulder pad hit him not the helmet but he's still gonna feel that tomorrow either way


1bamofo t1_iy1yywi wrote

I see what you did there …. Helmet … kisser !!


BoneHugsHominy t1_iy3gusi wrote

Equipment headed straight to Canton--or a head coach interview.


RoninSoul t1_iy14xri wrote

Line Judge: "Yeah that's what you get coach, learn to pay attention."


Xoduszero t1_iy11kkk wrote

Guess who is gonna be doing some extra laps this week?


samwys3 t1_iy1dm87 wrote

Lucky Ryan Reynolds was there to help him.


mackebror t1_iy18f7m wrote

Ryan Reynolds helped him afterwards at least


Roland7540 t1_iy1edwr wrote

Sums up their season.


beermit t1_iy3rzby wrote

The best part was it wasn't the only friendly fire on the sidelines yesterday. Their backup QB also inadvertently smacked their RB in the face as they were running out onto the field.


pecaslok t1_iy1fb8p wrote

Get back coach guy’s job is to keep him from slamming into officials not players. So he’ll keep his job. The poor rookie that clocked McVay…… good luck


MichiganRich t1_iy1ss29 wrote

He always walks around with no self awareness anyways… consequences


kytheon t1_iy1153t wrote

It’s the juggernaught


Consider2SidesPeace t1_iy12pt1 wrote

Coach ate that hit! When I worked shipping receiving safety was a big thing. We had some pallets that were triple stacked. 20 to 25 ft in the air. Anyways there was an assistant manager who had the floor occasionally to supervise. Guy wasn't popular because he'd always walk into the main alleyways and not look.


LegendaryOutlaw t1_iy1ggra wrote

I think the same thing happened to Coach Saban this Saturday at the Iron Bowl. He had a scratch on his face for half the game.


Rhodog1234 t1_iy1kvyx wrote

I thought that was a shaving incident ...but I was thinking, Why the hell was he shaving during the game !?


matrixspaz t1_iy1xlhh wrote

Don’t stand on the tracks when the train is coming through.


FCAsheville t1_iy0xykx wrote

There’s no shoulder involved!


coffeebeards t1_iy1c9ka wrote

Flag on the play his jaw is toasted


_TeaWrecks_ t1_iy1cr4b wrote

49 almost ran off wearing the headset.


TravelinDan88 t1_iy1v2sm wrote

These guys won the super bowl last year. Look at them now.


Skatchbro t1_iy2br9d wrote

As a Chiefs fan, I was certainly looking at the Rams today. And laughing because I also live in St. Louis. Obligatory Fuck Stan Kronke.


reevoknows t1_iy1cfd2 wrote

He’s gone to the tent


Nolimitz30 t1_iy1kllh wrote

Last time I saw someone take a shot to the face like that was in a Peter North video


granulario t1_iy1mufi wrote

Any excuse to cuddle coach.


picdad t1_iy1rgw8 wrote

Concussion protocol.


newtbob t1_iy20wr0 wrote

Coach was Rammed


JWCRaigs t1_iy2ej4t wrote

Isn't this the same NFL Coach that requires a field handler to prevent him from running into players/referees? Where was his Handler when he needed them the most.


curtisas t1_iy3mcg3 wrote

I'm now more interested in knowing... what coaches don't have a guy making sure they don't get in the way of officials?


thelowkeyman t1_iy1d03f wrote

Does he have to enter concussion protocol?


ternminator t1_iy1wblh wrote

If this soccer, that coach would have flopped so hard.


704ho t1_iy2b3np wrote

Where the fuck was his spotter??


benjavari t1_iy2z20x wrote

That hurt less than the ass kicking they got


bcrabill t1_iy360hz wrote

Ah ok. They showed him like ten times rubbing his jaw but I missed what originally happened. I assumed it was a play on the sidelines going out of bounds.


Wrathbabe t1_iy3qk24 wrote

TIL: the shoulder is the side of the head.


ll_akagami_ll t1_iy74o0w wrote

He has issues knowing what’s going on around him. If I recall correctly there’s a guy whose job(probably not only job) is to pull him out of the way if he gets too into the game and walks on the field or get him out of the way of a running ref


Electronic_Task_1375 t1_iy1rrzz wrote

That really was brutal. He kept holding his jaw, you knew he was pissed.


oh-pointy-bird t1_iy1vzy0 wrote

I feel like I can taste blood in my mouth just from watching this loop a few times. Ouch.


StOnEy333 t1_iy21513 wrote

That was a no bullshit hit. His jaw got rocked.


Eva575 t1_iy29ff9 wrote

Ouch poor guy. That must have hurt


Dobe3 t1_iy2cm8e wrote

If that ain't our season in a nut shell, then Idk know what iz? Smh. 😕


TappedIn2111 t1_iy2g3rr wrote

Don’t they have people to guide the coaches for that exact reason?


InfraredSpectrum97 t1_iy2jr23 wrote

Fitting that number 49 did the damage to McVey. Even when they aren't playing the 49ers, the Rams can't avoid taking a beating from San Fran!


possiblyai t1_iy2nq3j wrote

Hit in the face more like


milkman76 t1_iy2urk4 wrote

Yeah didn't the NFL headcoach get defeated at the battle of the bulge?


TheCelestial08 t1_iy2yvni wrote

After all the World Cup highlights lately I was half-expecting him to drop to the ground flailing.


buddhaman181912 t1_iy3098p wrote

Uhhhhh.....Coach wants to see you... Bring your playbook.


Tkdoom t1_iy364x5 wrote

pretty sure it was helmet.


manderifffic t1_iy39om9 wrote

Isn't this the coach that used to have like a handler who would pull him out of the way so he didn't get clobbered like this?


murrrow t1_iy3gy23 wrote

The previous play is under review for targeting


mczerniewski t1_iy3j4eo wrote

Need to save that shoulder check for that scumbag owner of yours. #KroenkeOut


JayDub506 t1_iy3k1tq wrote

Looks more like he hit the helmet than the shoulder, to me.


eulynn34 t1_iy3lbda wrote

His assistant who keeps him off the field wasn’t on top of that one


KronktheKronk t1_iy3ng4w wrote

That's helmet to helmet, 49 is disqualified for the remainder of the game.


Iboughtcheeseonce t1_iy3p03y wrote

Same game, a player punched another in the head when walking to the field. Good times


GIGA255 t1_iy3q1p0 wrote

I know nothing about football, but they have my favorite helmet design.


chipcity90 t1_iy40nfi wrote

there are like 500 people on NFL sidelines for some reason, maybe watch where you're walking.


Ampyre37 t1_iy4bxmh wrote

Should’ve had Chunky Soup


Supalox t1_iy4mu5n wrote

This coach is so notorious for not watching where he is going that he has assistants whose job is to stop these kind of collisions and keep him off the field.


Jaysus1288 t1_iy4ogm5 wrote

I wonder where his "Get Back" assistant was on that one LMAO!


Unlimitles t1_iy4u5py wrote

.....yeah, just a few weeks ago when I thought that guy who is supposed to be there to keep the coaches from being run over was a stupid Job. doesn't seem that stupid of a Job anymore after seeing this lol.


Ne0guri t1_iy4wf9m wrote

Where is that get back Coach when you need him


Corpzor t1_iy4yy4s wrote

More like the person that drives a vehicle while looking down at a mobile device & runs into another vehicle then finally looks up and says, "Why don't you watch where you're going!"


Austinthewind t1_iy50be1 wrote

Took more than a shoulder, that was a helmet right to his face!


smittyace09 t1_iy57gu9 wrote

Forcible contact to the head/neck area. That’s targeting and an ejection


mattymil t1_iy58jgv wrote

Was that really a shoulder though?


Domermac t1_iy13ge6 wrote

Where’s the get back coach when you need him


unibrowking t1_iy1klph wrote

Lol, love how the dude just keeps running onto the field


Mattrad7 t1_iy1u47p wrote

How could his spotter let this happen?


Angryceo t1_iy1ziow wrote

Coaches gets hit in the hea


max_trax t1_iy2ivar wrote

As a Seahawk fan this clip brings me joy


FaultyLoom67 t1_iy202gk wrote

BUT BUT BUT this is the coach that always has an assistant coach body handler to make sure this doesn't happen!


ValPrism t1_iy1u4tt wrote

He’s so hard to like so this was quite satisfying.


McWheelerson t1_iy1mby9 wrote

Only bigger douche bag is Josh McDaniels.


ChuckD1205 t1_iy2e147 wrote

Boys have no place on the sideline with men.


CorValidum t1_iy2ms4n wrote

No one else! Americans: I can’t look where I go since I need to focus on the game! Where is my eyes boi!!!!