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gofatwya t1_iy0xbmq wrote

He was holding his mouth afterward.

He took a helmet to the kisser.


OldGreyTroll t1_iy11xnf wrote

Check to the head where the head was the principal point of contact. 5-minute major, fame misconduct, and probable review by Department of Player Safety.


tehmlem t1_iy12c0h wrote

This is not a hockey play. While we acknowledge that the coach put himself in a vulnerable position, the check to the head was avoidable.


littlesymphonicdispl t1_iy4yfuf wrote

>probable review by Department of Player Safety.

Update: DPoS has investigated and found that nobody is dead, why did you guys even bring this to our attention? Players are safe as long as they're alive.


9erInLKN t1_iy1wnqi wrote

Shoulder pad hit him not the helmet but he's still gonna feel that tomorrow either way


1bamofo t1_iy1yywi wrote

I see what you did there …. Helmet … kisser !!


BoneHugsHominy t1_iy3gusi wrote

Equipment headed straight to Canton--or a head coach interview.