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iamveryDerp t1_iy1skqn wrote

Dudes a beast tho. Stayed on the field to lead us to a 16 point loss.


Unum13 t1_iy2m31n wrote

Sports fans have the funniest fucking roasts I swear to god


venustrapsflies t1_iy3vvv9 wrote

You might think we're in it to admire athletic performances but in reality we're just in it for the memes


BlackLeader70 t1_iy1ub9k wrote

Keep losing please, it only helps my draft pick next year.


F3Rocket95 t1_iy36l8o wrote

Thanks for taking Stafford off our hands

-A Lions fan (yes we exist)


Alcolawl t1_iy3oa14 wrote

They took the Super Bowl off the NFL’s hands immediately afterwards.

Working out well for both of us now.


niomosy t1_iy5gok1 wrote

A superbowl win followed by a shit season? I'll take it.


mywordstickle t1_iy4jng2 wrote

We know you exist we just can't believe you are willing to tell people


DistressedApple t1_iy5rey5 wrote

They took him off your hands and straight to a Super Bowl win lmao


zjustice11 t1_iy4lcvs wrote

Y’all hung in there better than I had anticipated. Your defense is still pretty good.


grantnel2002 t1_iy30vy6 wrote

Are you on the team??

Edit: I just love when people say “we” when referring to a sportsball team.