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Seattle2LA2dallas t1_iy1uf04 wrote

Seahawks could have used a handler 2 weeks ago.... (skip to 32 seconds)


svenskhet t1_iy1x8hf wrote

Best part is the ref calling them the mariners lmao


CrazybyRX t1_iy25iix wrote

Lmao how does that happen? Dude is a professional football referee. He must be a HUGE baseball fan if the Mariners are the first Seattle team in his mind lol.


PigSlam t1_iy2cx93 wrote

TBF, my wife is a big baseball fan, and when I saw that Seattle made the playoffs, I called them the “Seahawks” at least twice.


BananaVenom t1_iy2hy6b wrote

It still feels wrong to say the Mariners made the playoffs. Perfectly understandable to assume it’s some other Seattle team.


CO_PC_Parts t1_iy3u6ln wrote

when the chargers went back to LA, multiple refs would call the penalty on San Diego. One time you could see the refs face, "dont say san diego, don't say san diego"


ectish t1_iy2lh5y wrote

>Seahawks could have used a handler 2 weeks ago.... (skip to 32 seconds)


Seattle2LA2dallas t1_iy2oudo wrote

Thank you. On mobile, and the app doesnt seem to have the skip to thingy, or I couldn't find it, and I forgot the extension, and I'm drunk, well, was drunk earlier, need to drink more.


Hinote21 t1_iy1zf96 wrote

I'm confused. If it's after the play was over, what interference was there?


Fat_IRL t1_iy2v7k5 wrote

The game was still going on, can't be on the field or making contact with officials. Pete Carrol knows that and that's why he was kinda smiling and looking sheepish.


big_duo3674 t1_iy3a660 wrote

It's funny because you can see his head coach instinct come out for a split second right as the flag come out. You can see in his eyes he wanted to just automatically start arguing against it like most other flags, until he realized he was way onto the field and was fully responsible for the penalty