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Croatian_Hitman t1_iytnvbc wrote

it's nothing new. It's really a wonder that there's anything left of the ancient world at all, since stones have been taken from ancient ruins to build bridges, churches, and roads for as long as people have been building with stone to begin with. But it is a bit unusual to see that in more modern times, especially in cities like San Francisco.


Grokker999 t1_iyuhsx3 wrote

In the 30 years I've lived here, I've also noticed that there's a lot less visible grave stones in Buena Vista Park then there used to be. It's a little weird for me to live here long enough for gravestones to further decay. It goes for the whole city really it is constantly changing. But it's a little bit incremental.


Croatian_Hitman t1_iyujqbk wrote

It does make sense from a practicality point of view. The stones have already been cut and smoothed, and are not in the middle of nowhere as to making transporting them a hassle.