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ChaoticToxin t1_izlut9p wrote

After seeing all these cats in trees. I think if I had a cat I would either have a tree in a room the cat can't get to(door) or just use a tree decal on the wall


AgathaM t1_izo86ep wrote

My first year of marriage (many moons ago), we had a tree and a cat. The cheapest ornaments we could buy (students and working crap jobs) were these really thin glass ornaments. We would be laying in bed about to sleep and would hear this “tinkle tinkle tinkle” sound of the cat batting at the ornament. Then we would hear it fall and break. The cat would obviously sit silently, waiting to see what we would do (or just mild sadness that it broke) and then would pick another ornament.

That cat broke many of those ornaments. We still have the remainder. They don’t make it on the tree very often but they are a great reminder of our newlywed year and that car. He was a great cat.