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Feylann t1_izoqv77 wrote

Come out to the coast... we'll get together... we'll have a few laughs...


dopiqob t1_izpl5f7 wrote

Yours, or the person who this gif was originally taken from? :-p


sexdrugswine89 OP t1_izqp0rh wrote


Egononbaptizote t1_izru57r wrote

They're probably just confusing your gif with one of the gifs that are nearly exactly the same.

It isn't really their fault you made an identical gif to one you both saw before.


gRizzletheMagi t1_izpywp9 wrote

Yeah isn't this super old?


sexdrugswine89 OP t1_izqp6bi wrote

Yes, I clairvoyantly took this picture a super old time long ago


CodingLazily t1_izomd2s wrote

I've never seen Die Hard but whenever I see references to it it's always this vent scene thing. What's that about?


Mysterious-Space6793 t1_izp7jhh wrote

It’s a Christmas movie.


popaluka t1_izpz635 wrote

The BEST Christmas movie!


joexgould t1_izqhbzq wrote

The only Christmas movie


DustinCoughman t1_izr8umc wrote

I was super sad to see Bruce willi come out in an award show and say that "die hard isn't a Christmas movie... It's a Bruce willi movie..."


Haquestions4 t1_izrpav8 wrote

I think it was his roast and after he said that I kinda thought that he deserved the roast...


airbornchaos t1_izq2yty wrote

For real, The premise is that McClain lives in New York. He's separated from his wife who now lives 2500 miles away in Los Angeles. The movie opens with him flying to visit for Christmas where he will arrive just in time for his wife's office Christmas party. Terrorists take the entire office hostage, and occupy the skyscraper, but McClain is the wildcard NY cop who wages a guerilla war against the terrorists in the building.

The scene in question, he's barefoot, hiding from terrorists in an air vent he barely fits in, and lost. He opens his lighter to see where he is and mockingly says says, "Come Out To The Coast! We’ll Get Together, Have A Few Laughs," presumably a line his wife used to get him in this predicament. The scene changes as he closes the lighter and the sound gives away his position(yet his voice does not, somehow. It's an action flick Christmas movie, don't read too much into it.)


msnmck t1_izqiv40 wrote

Thank you for this.

I've really got to watch it sometime.

The only thing I watch every Christmas is the Johnny Bravo Christmas episode.


ThrivingBob t1_izr5r6r wrote

I thought it was the light going out from the lighter but no big best Christmas movie ever


TehOwn t1_izr6rkx wrote

Just watch it already. It's Christmas!


drgonzodan t1_izqh1s4 wrote

I hope Bruce had a good day wherever he is


Vofflujarn t1_izq77w8 wrote

I am a tinsmith and made my self and for few of my friends a John McClane in an airduct out of real sheet metal. With the lockings of them and all that. Just small enough to put it on the christmas tree.


bertrenolds5 t1_izrdt7i wrote

Pictures or it's not true


Vofflujarn t1_iztep9y wrote

Sorry its a crappy photo that one of my friends took. My own John McClane is in the attic because I don't decorate my tree until the 23. of december.

I can if you dont belive me send a photo on that day with my handwritten note with said date and proof it too you.

Edit: Spelling.


DirtDiver1983 t1_izqk78p wrote

Glass? Who gives a shit about glass?


Makaja t1_izooaht wrote

I have that same addition to my tree since 4 years. Love it! Great Christmas movie!


yukiloho t1_izpf8ey wrote

Die hard is a Christmas movie and that is a hill I will die (hard) on!


Pseudoburbia t1_izpxyxg wrote

I had to go buy all new lights this year. The colored led christmas lights are weirdly different and don’t feel right. Anyone else?


DrMcDr t1_izq07ad wrote

Yes! I said this to my friends and family a few years back and got looked at like I'm nuts.

To me, they have an extra intensity to them. A sort of radiance that make them feel like almost a little too much to look at sometimes. String lights of old had like a more gentle vibe or something


FatWalrus004 t1_izqbw9y wrote

Agreed. Were lights expensive for yall too this year? I easily spent $300 at the store without realizing it


fuck_the_fuckin_mods t1_izrldra wrote

They’re LEDs… the old filament bulbs are much more pleasant. My favorites are the big glass C9 ones (for your house) that have an opaque coating. The new ones are all transparent, dyed plastic (and LED) and the color intensity and brightness is just too much.


Tr1fekta t1_izqhgvs wrote

Bout time wtf welcome to 1990. Idk the exact year but you should get it, if not than I’m even more right wtf man


SpaceFace11 t1_izqr95s wrote

People would 100% buy these in masses


Metal_Monkey42 t1_izouw3j wrote

Next year you need a toy police car on the floor with a doll smashed into the roof, and a window up in the tree with John staring back down.

Bonus points if the angel is the roof exploding with him swinging from a fire hose.

The more I think about it, the more you could theme the whole tree around that movie... To the point that I'd do the Nakatomi plaza building in place of a tree altogether in the end if I went for it.

Now someone will make this into the new fake xmas tree business idea of the century and I just gave it away...


kneight88 t1_izq9192 wrote

I want a little Hans Gruber that starts on the top of the Christmas tree on Dec 1st. Everyday he falls a little bit further until he lands on the presents Christmas Day.


agncat31 t1_izq9oql wrote

🤣 definitely up there in the all time greatest Christmas films along with ‘nightmare before Christmas’, ‘black Christmas’, ‘gremlins’, and ‘krampus’. 🤩🤩


WildLag t1_izqvb1y wrote

That is so cool. Next year I do the same


arothmanmusic t1_izr4vmp wrote

I made one of those for my wife several years ago. It's still on the tree every year.


salimeero t1_izrj953 wrote

Is your name Jake Peralta by any chance?


illyay t1_izt5n8c wrote

Perfect. Because this is the best Xmas movie.


trucorsair t1_j0uifyq wrote

“Come out to the coast. We’ll get together. Have a few laughs…”


qawsedrf12 t1_izoeaic wrote

i love that you didnt half-ass it

you went whole ass

Welcome to the party, pal !


globefish23 t1_izpt0nd wrote

I have one as well, but with different images of that scene on each end, so it can turn around while hanging.


_noho t1_izq7vfd wrote

Ha, I remember when this was new too..


nscar t1_izrk04r wrote

Repost from years ago


spacepeenuts t1_izohcdq wrote

Not a Christmas movie though


Agent223 t1_izr08h4 wrote

Is that your final answer?


spacepeenuts t1_izr6qjb wrote

No, even Bruce said it wasn’t a Christmas movie.


Agent223 t1_izrahwp wrote

Set around Christmas time, has Christmas songs in the soundtrack, the plot depends on it being Christmas time. It's a holiday redemption story in the style of an action movie. Bruce Willis can think what he pleases but that doesn't change what it very obviously is. Other than Bruce Willis' opinion, what makes you think it's not a Christmas movie?