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CustosEcheveria t1_j04fa3i wrote

I feel like I'm still processing 2020, mentally. Might be up to 2021 in a few months.

Definitely not ready for 2023 lol


the_grass_trainer t1_j04kccj wrote

Man, I'm realizing that even a little bit of stress is hard for me to handle... Tell 2023 to stay away from me, PLEASE!


whatacad t1_j051vcg wrote

Seriously, it feels like I have no resiliency to challenges anymore, I just dissociate. Hoping that I'll actually have some time to process the craziness and get a little better.


StatusSea5409 t1_j05hd0w wrote

COVID officially altered the world. We all hope but the universe knows we'll never be the same again.

I can't help but wonder what the younger side of Gen Z will be like. School boards and such have to be pisssssed about the whole homeschool thing for a bit. They bought a lot of laptops and a lot of kids just ripped off keys. Nephews even got my laptop and some buttons.


DrZaious t1_j069dsq wrote

I was on house arrest for a good portion of 2001 when I was teenage fuck up. Then 20 years later covid had me self confined in my own home. 2041 isn't looking to good for me.


nme_ t1_j04xyuc wrote

I had a really shitty 2019.

I was very looking forward to 2020.

Lets see how that plays out.


Corka t1_j059ej6 wrote

I swear people have been like "fuck 20xx" every year since around 2015 or so.


JoostinOnline t1_j05g28v wrote

Nah I was super excited for 2020. But that was the last time.


Nairetic t1_j05h5to wrote

I actually felt that 2019 was a "good/turnaround" year and the next few years would be better. Then 2020 happened


Bim_Jeann t1_j05s6oh wrote

Yeah 2019 was solid. And then we got 2020-2022…


Nazamroth t1_j05pert wrote

It all started going downhill after that fucking gorilla died


MrC99 t1_j06iqc6 wrote

Pretty much. It's in fashion to act like every passing year was the worst year to ever plague humanity.


PersistentHero t1_j0909vw wrote

20xx is not just 2020 it can be 2001 2002 all the way to 2099.


Corka t1_j092hd1 wrote

And... Im not saying it was just the 2020s, or all the 2000s? I qualified it by saying it felt like all the 20xxs since 2015 or so.


Corvus_Manufaktura t1_j05xlzx wrote

2020 was genuinely one of my best years despite everything.


wedontlikespaces t1_j06zc87 wrote

I honestly can't remember much about it. I'm positive there hasn't been enough time for 3 years to have passed.


Reginault t1_j050v3x wrote

Hey, we may look back on 2022 as one of the best years! COVID sorta under control, no nuclear war, food still available at the local grocery store.


Magnon t1_j05rkb5 wrote

Elden Ring came out this year, how bad could a year really be when we had elden ring?


dice1111 t1_j05ur8y wrote

It was so hard. Just like the year. "Get good" was to slogan for sure..


xQuizate87 t1_j04p5la wrote

Covid aside I feel like the last couple years have been ok.


bored_on_the_web t1_j0536s6 wrote

I mean there was a ham-fisted coup in America, a war in Ukraine that led to global food shortages, climate change getting worse, a conservative Supreme Court acting like a bull in a china shop with half a century of legal precedents, some genocides going on in Africa, an economic crisis brewing in China, a world cup being held in a country that built all of it's stadiums basically with slave labor, floods in Pakistan, the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan again, riots in Iran-Oh, and Trump is running for president again.


RexBannerBeerBaron t1_j058rls wrote

Half of your list is just your personal political opinion...

How many years in the past century do you think exist where you can't pick out a list of global atrocities? The world has always been a horrible place for a lot of people, I think these days it wears on people a lot more because we're now exposed to it on a daily basis.


Corvus_Manufaktura t1_j05y3qm wrote

People really judge their year based on events like this?

I've always judged my years based on how much time I've managed to spend on the things I love doing, how my relationships have grown or deteriorated, new experiences good or bad, how much stress I've faced, how much I've grown as a person or managed to stay in touch with the people I care about.

Things like the war in Ukraine (despite being two countries over), climate change, the political climate of the US are just things I see on the internet that I know are bad but they don't affect my personal life in any way.


bored_on_the_web t1_j0b68yk wrote

You might not think it's affected you but it most certainly has and will continue to do so.


Corvus_Manufaktura t1_j0bb87h wrote

Its effect is very much surface level: food's more expensive, gas is more expensive, the internet is filled with political rambling yada yada yada.

But the mountains are still there to explore as they have been for millennia, there's still a lot of art to be appreciated, music to listen to, books to read, forests to walk through, stars to look at, secrets to learn about the universe, pipes to smoke and coffee to drink, I could go on.

Humanity has been complaining about "the world going to shit" ever since we crawled out of our caves and will continue to do so. But that will never diminish my love of life, adventure, risk, beauty, connections and the world itself. So those are my gauges I use to judge my day / week / year and I stand by that.


Bosticles t1_j058vr9 wrote

Lmao at anyone acting like 2020-2022 is some anomaly and we're going to return to normal soon.


Corvus_Manufaktura t1_j05ydwu wrote

Depends on where you live. Covid-wise we've already returned to normal where I live, for almost 10 months now.

You see a weathered "Masks obligatory" sign on some out-of-town industrial complexes with a little virus clipart that they forgot to take down; you see some plexiglass remaining in front of the cashiers in some stores because taking them down means paying someone to do so; you see the occasional "2m distance" stickers on the floor of some buildings where nobody bothered to remove them.

But nobody talks about covid and more importantly, nobody cares about covid here anymore. Nobody dies from it either.


blackelement422 t1_j061gxk wrote

People are absolutely still dying from covid


Corvus_Manufaktura t1_j061ryn wrote

Just like from TB, the flu, etc. But the death count isn't like it was in 2020. I should have said "people aren't dying from it en masse"


Bosticles t1_j06m7ij wrote

Oh I'm not talking about Covid at all. Once Omicron hit Covid was basically over. I'm just saying the pieces are pretty obviously moving into place for things to get much worst in pretty much every aspect (politically, economically, environmentally, etc). I have feeling it's going to be a very long time before we aren't saying "surely it'll be better next year, right?".


under_the_c t1_j0569hf wrote

I'm still getting over last year, which was 2020, right?


dice1111 t1_j05uwob wrote

Yup. It's all one big slog. It's over next year I keep hearing...


saswordd t1_j05b0bt wrote

I'm trying to be more positive. The way this year's been, it can only get better from here, right? Please someone tell me it'll get better from here, preferably while smothering me in my sleep with a pillow


bbbb1999 t1_j04yqyw wrote

It’s all been shit last 6-8 years and it’s gonna get worse.


cheezfreek t1_j054a8i wrote

2020 got bad. Real bad. Then Covid hit.

2021 was a little better, 2022 a little better than that (with some obvious exceptions). I’m up for some 2023 action.


hotlavatube t1_j058sll wrote

That reminds me, Ambient Renders started an annual relaxing dumpster fire animated video to enjoy while you sip your hot buttered rum (or cold unbuttered gin). They have one for 2020 and 2021 so far.


DeaDBangeR t1_j05shwv wrote

I think that the next 30 years are gonna be crazy. I mean a lot crazier than the last 30 years.

People are fed up with shit. Covid happened. Gap between rich and poor is still increasing. House market on its ass. Inflation is a bitch. And there's a war that half the planet is semi involved in. Oh and the planet is slowly starting to get rid of us.

It's going to get worse. A lot worse.

But we'll get through it. And perhaps leave a better world for our kids after all the shit hits the fan.


jdb1984 t1_j06157e wrote

Hopefully we'll still be around to enjoy this better world you predict.


Alpha1998 t1_j05aby7 wrote

2022 actually wasn't that bad for me at least. Minis all the current events.


Kuffmine t1_j05fklw wrote

Wait, there's gonna be another year?

Aw jeez!


Ayeohx t1_j05l14v wrote

Remember in 2016 a bunch or great celebrities died? I thought "Man, how much worse can it get?".

A lot worse, evidently.


Blueberry_Clouds t1_j0924ja wrote

I like how the 2023 sign and the little Christmas tree match the style


gerahmurov OP t1_j0935sx wrote

Thanks! I tried to do it similar to original style. Glad it turned out good


Blueberry_Clouds t1_j093hi8 wrote

The flashing lights are very pretty, maybe put a little present on the dashboard? (You don’t have to lol I think it’s perfect as is)


gerahmurov OP t1_j093wcb wrote

Well, I guess, maybe next year... (the suggestive pun in regards to the year's quality intended) Thanks for the idea!


mibjt t1_j05dd7l wrote

When the boss music plays on 1st Jan 2023


AndForeverNow t1_j05hdl3 wrote

It seems to get worse year after year. Makes me wonder, what will be the end of this all.


Mactan t1_j05iuma wrote

2023 has the number three in it, so World War III!!!!!


Askarus t1_j05kkqp wrote

2022 wasn't that bad, not bad enough to warrant those 2020 vibes.


GreyFur t1_j05kucn wrote

2020 was literally the greatest year of my life. =/


gorfbeef t1_j05trss wrote

Stop I’m going to throw up


macross1984 t1_j05x6ws wrote

Covid is still around. Be prepared but also prepare for the worse because it is going to morph again and again as all virus does.


WadeCountyClutch t1_j06340q wrote

2019: Fun and exploring 2020: Covid with really bad anxiety 2021: Developed agoraphobia and problems with mom 2022: Problems and depression 2023:… Go easy on me


SwanQueen20 t1_j06613w wrote

I am not excited about the new year approaching


Tru3insanity t1_j066t8y wrote

Whelp i can honestly say im looking forward to 2023 more than 2024. Thats about it lmao.


Banxier t1_j068u0g wrote

Imagine how spooked you'd be having one good year~


hellomichelle87 t1_j06aac9 wrote

New Years is my birthday 🥳 anyone else ?????


TheSanarth t1_j06bpgf wrote

To be honest, the last few years where a blast for me and my family. Since we were not bothered by covid restrictions. Though I can acknowledge that not everyone felt that the last years were good, especially on a global scale


Impetusin t1_j06cjbi wrote

2019-2022 was so incredibly stressful and unhealthy for me. I’ve just started recovering and working out again, and my kids are finally starting to adjust socially. No more pandemics for another 80 years at least plz


Sevans655321 t1_j06ebga wrote

I actually miss 2020. I got to spend the year with my daughter, I worked from home, spent time with my wife, playing video games…been back at work for two years now and I gotta say, 0 stars, would not recommend.


The_Vat t1_j06ey2z wrote

We actually, in hindsight, had a really good 2022. We travelled interstate three times (no mean feat in Australia), got to Hawaii, and I finally managed to land the job I've been targeting for three years.

The journey I've had to get that job was costly in mental health terms, and confirmed some thoughts I had about some senior people involved that process.

So, even thought it was a successful year, it's come at some cost and it's not a journey I'd care to repeat...but we're now, so let's roll into 2023 and get on with it!


Dark_Finn t1_j076y8o wrote

Didn't like 2020 II, not sure about 2020 III.


Crizznik t1_j07z1fh wrote

2022 was actually a pretty good year for me. But yeah, I'm probably in the minority.


PersistentHero t1_j0903gs wrote

Am I the only one who enjoyed 2020....2021 was shit tho.


OromisMasta t1_j06ft2d wrote

To be frank, 2019-2021 were good for me, I was actually making some progress in life for once, but 2022 was a disaster and I have a feeling it's gonna only get worse from now on...


Blaz3 t1_j05hkzu wrote

I always think this is dumb. The chief deciding factor for whether your year is good or not is you.

Set yourself up for success and have a good year under your own power. You're not going to have a good year if you're waiting for it to get good