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mkerv5 t1_j05dqym wrote

Charizard evolves from Wartortle? Uh oh.


Wizyakuza OP t1_j05s4xa wrote


edit: Oh well, art isn't perfect lol


TheCaptNoname t1_j05t3ib wrote

> > Make mistake in print
> > Notice it later on
> > Fix it in latter editions
> > Save some of the initial faulty prints
> > When they get vastly outnumbered by correct prints, auction them as rare misprinted collectibles for tons of $$$'s
> >


Wizyakuza OP t1_j05tqkm wrote

Ya, except I made this for fun ... and probably won't go back to edit and re-create it again lol. But "misprints" were always fun when collecting TCGs, I'll just pretend this is that haha.


DiproticPolyprotic t1_j08em9g wrote

Can you give us a link to a video on how you made this so that we can make our own


superfudge t1_j063og2 wrote

Uh, I don’t think Nintendo is going to be super chill with anyone selling these…


polarbearrape t1_j069o2x wrote

You seem to also be missing a space in "put venusaur on the stage 1 card"


DannySpud2 t1_j0654wz wrote

If you ever fix this, pretty sure there's a typo in Charizard's flavour text too. It says he's "LY.76" but the other two say "LV".


squirlz333 t1_j06cmzz wrote

There’s also no space between put and Venusaur and the top right on charizard card is off too, just to shatter your world more. Pretty neat thing though!


khanv1ct t1_j07354a wrote

In the future please review your submissions for any typos or mistakes. This is Reddit for Frank's sake, we have to maintain some sense of propriety.


DiabloStorm t1_j062qq5 wrote

"Put ___ on the Stage 1 Card"

I didn't get much into the TCG but....the stage 1 card is the first form... Charmander, for instance...doesn't evolve directly into Charizard... Shouldn't this be "Put on the Stage 2 Card" ?

So close.


Sorinari t1_j064325 wrote

The Stage 1 is actually the second form. Wartortle is a Stage 1. Squirtle and Charmander are Basic. Charizard and Blastoise are Stage 2. It used to fuck with my little 9yo brain, but them's the brakes.


DiabloStorm t1_j064cll wrote

Ah, basic cards, I forgot about that. Is the box in the upper left wrong then? It says stage 2, literally framing the stage 1 forms as you defined them.


Xoiiverx t1_j065sar wrote

Well best I can tell the text refers to the current stage even though it’s a really bad spot. Charmander basic, top left corner, char melon stage one top left corner/placed on basic mon, charzard stage two top left corner/placed on stage one mon.

So even though the text is next to the previous version it actually is referring to the current card.

|Basic|1st stage|2nd stage|


FireFly_209 t1_j07flw3 wrote

I love how, in this comment thread of spelling errors and typos, you accidentally put “char melon” in there…


Xoiiverx t1_j154fuf wrote

My bad, “war turtle” stage one top left corner/placed on basic mon*


FireFly_209 t1_j15ct8r wrote

I meant in the Charmander line of the reply I had replied to - you put “char melon” instead of Charmeleon. It made me wonder what Charmeleon would look like if crossed with a melon… A fruity fire Pokémon, perhaps?


Xoiiverx t1_j15ddo1 wrote

Maybe like a Steven universe melon with a tail on fire


Wizyakuza OP t1_j053t15 wrote

More Info: I'm a professional Artist (in Anime), and specialize in 3D Lenticular Art! Although this isn't technically my Art haha, I've wanted to create this forever ... the 3 OG Starters Cards!

I had to re-create most of this, the entire piece has 80 layers (even the text is layered) so it gives the print a 3D look! Looks epic in person, just wanted to share with fellow Pokemon TCG fans!

Edit: To everyone messaging me, I do have some extra copies available on my website. I'll leave a link here!


NetwerkAirer t1_j05jcx0 wrote

Super cool! Charizard top "evolved from" text might be a misprint, could be rare $$...? Haha, looks great regardless, no idea how this is even remotely accomplished. Talented for sure.


Wizyakuza OP t1_j05ocsf wrote



AliJDB t1_j060f1h wrote

There are a LOT of spacing errors too - if it's a lot of work to make you might want a proofreader.


Lord_Bobbymort t1_j07w6sy wrote


/s still immediately buying, this is rad. Unless you're reprinting them now??? haha


Chubuwee t1_j05ly7h wrote

My guy, please tell me you are making a living off your art full time

I’ve been following you for years since your early work and you deserve it. Best quality transitions in the game


Wizyakuza OP t1_j05oeo9 wrote

I switched to making a living full time off my art around 3 years ago! Been tough, but still going at it!


ladyoffate13 t1_j05kdqx wrote

Can I commission/recommend a print with God of War characters? I would totally buy one of those.


Wizyakuza OP t1_j05ts30 wrote

I never played, sadly. I have drawn Kratos before! Not sure what would make sense in a lenticular piece.


ladyoffate13 t1_j07ntl1 wrote

You really can’t go wrong with almost any pairing of characters from the Santa Monica Studios GOW games: Kratos & Atreus, Kratos & Freya, Atreus & Angrboda or Thrúd. I feel that a Kratos/Thor 3D lenticular may be highly popular.

If you don’t have an interest in playing the game, I highly recommend finding some Let’s Plays or cinematic cuts of scenes; the story across these two games is phenomenal.


Paperaxe t1_j05ezmx wrote

You do awesome work I hope this sells well. I have my piece from you hanging on my wall!


Xion_Stellar t1_j06bcsn wrote

Let us know if you decide to create more of these with the text fixed in the future I wouldn't mind ordering one then.


Radan155 t1_j06lv22 wrote

Ordered it immediately. Will probably order more after it shows up.


CanadianDG t1_j06o09z wrote

I am hoping this doesn't come across as rude, but do all of the ones you're selling have the wartortle mis-print? Lol


Procrastinate_girl t1_j06okng wrote

I do animated art, and wanted to do lenticular poster. I'm having a hard time finding material and/or companies that could print. Did you print and laminated them yourself, or do you just prepare the file and a company print them for you?


reveenrique t1_j04yt3r wrote

That's so cool


Wizyakuza OP t1_j05n9z1 wrote

Thanks! It was an idea I had in my head for years and finally got time to create it. Love how it turned out, way better in person!


veemagg t1_j056m89 wrote

Wow, this took me back! They look spot on! I used to have these, back in the day.


Wizyakuza OP t1_j056xe3 wrote

Thanks! It took forever to layer the piece, especially the text lol.


StatusSea5409 t1_j05fs8t wrote

Same here lol. Playing Pokemon in the school bus hub for the complex. Scratching up holographic cards and crying about it. Alright that's far enough


ThatDamnDennnis t1_j0580bn wrote

I’m not even that big of a Pokémon fan and I think that is dope as hell.


Wizyakuza OP t1_j058pip wrote

It's straight up childhood nostalgia. These cards will always mean the world to me!


ThatDamnDennnis t1_j059075 wrote

I do QA work for The Pokémon Company. I’m pretty sure some of my coworkers will go nuts for this.


firey21 t1_j04zp61 wrote

That’s so dope.


Drewcinex t1_j056pra wrote

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in weeks. Kudos!!


Wizyakuza OP t1_j05844m wrote

Thanks! I was super excited with how it turned out .


ARedditK t1_j0532q4 wrote

Sell these plz


chronoboy1985 t1_j05g39d wrote

Gorgeous. Always preferred the old card layout a la MTG vs the new designs.


SpecularBlinky t1_j05jnan wrote

This is great. Doing the evolution family would be pretty sweet too.


digimbyte t1_j05owni wrote

"Choose your pokemon!"
"I choose you! left 28.5 degrees!"


Syberz t1_j05u1tm wrote

As someone who never played Pokemon, why would you start with anything other than Charizard?


K_4_Tre t1_j09iwlr wrote

In the Gameboy TCG. Once I got blastoise I would have no problem beating the whole game. Deck would be 4 squirtle, 4 warturtle and however many blastoise up to 4. Then I would load up with all trainer cards that would let me draw cards or search the deck. The rest of the deck would be water energy. You would reshuffle til u got a usable starter Pokémon, once you got blastoise you would apply all water energy to all Pokémon then use trainers to get more, rinse and repeat. I think I even added a few colorless cards to act as tank while I built up blastoise.


Terbmagic t1_j061nj0 wrote

Because blastoise is superior in every way.


LukeMcFlywalker t1_j05uj9r wrote

This is awesome! I've bought your stuff at comic cons a few times and have them hanging in my house. You're crazy talented!


Black_ValoR t1_j05y19f wrote

I really love this, the only thing that bugs me is they're not in numerical order!


Wizyakuza OP t1_j0ab1lq wrote

It actually is! I'm just showing you panels 2, 3, 1 ... if that makes sense.


Tallglassofnope t1_j062841 wrote

Love it! Ordered a different one for a Christmas present, didn't even know these were a thing!


Wizyakuza OP t1_j0aaxm7 wrote

Shipped them all today, you'll receive soon! Thanks for the support!


1Q92 t1_j06cda6 wrote

Where do you get Lenticular prints?


Wizyakuza OP t1_j0aawl1 wrote

I make them myself!


1Q92 t1_j0sl4wv wrote

Cool! Could you direct me to resources online on the process?


biginoki t1_j06fgvn wrote

Charizard is only 5'7"?! Makes Ash like 3' tall.


sky_LUKE_walker t1_j06hyli wrote

You never cease to amaze! This is friggin’ awesome! Def need this in my life! Great work!


Peppermintstix t1_j085vul wrote

Oh wow, how do you make these?


Wizyakuza OP t1_j0aaptd wrote

Interlaced sheets of plastic create the effect called "lenticular". Need a special printer.


TomislavArtz t1_j08kyxr wrote

I have 15 (ordering 5 more soon!) of your lenticular posters bro, keep up the great work! Been a fan of your work forever


Wizyakuza OP t1_j0aaomn wrote

Appreciate your support! So cool to see fans randomly everywhere haha.


TomislavArtz t1_j0dig6e wrote

I am also pleasantly surprised whenever I randomly see you somewhere! haha Keep up the work!


muycoal t1_j052kbt wrote

Is it for sale?


Purpleviking5184 t1_j053rko wrote

He does. I have bought from him before. The stuff is great. Quality is excellent.


garry4321 t1_j0576il wrote

Is there an extra "frame" (sorry, dont know the terms) for each character to make it 3d?


Wizyakuza OP t1_j0582uk wrote

There's 3 "images", and each image has around 15 - 25 layers. The text is layered, the fire blast from Charizard is layered, etc... All of it.


ltearth t1_j06qvkc wrote

If I bought today would it ship in US by Xmas?


Cindexxx t1_j095w59 wrote


ltearth t1_j096bba wrote

It is OPs. He's been doing this for years. Bought one earlier and it already shipped.


Cindexxx t1_j09q82x wrote

Huh, neat. The way it's worded it made it seem like he just made it.


Xyciasav t1_j05jlue wrote

Damn you making me buy more prints! 🤪

I bought the Zelda/Sheik before and it's awesome. Great work.


Carb-BasedLifeform t1_j05k6sr wrote

Boy, all these look great! Gotta say, though, I'm surprised at the number of people asking if this is for sale, though... there's no way in hell Nintendo's allowing that, right?


Moose_is_optional t1_j063ben wrote

> Pokémon Power: Energy Trans

Wow, when did Pokémon get so political?

Alternate line: Pokémon? More like Wokémon!


Salmizu t1_j063uqu wrote

I never realised before, but kinda weird that theyre measured in lenght instead of height in these cards


NYR_LFC t1_j06a5c3 wrote

What is this sorcery


WastefulWatcher t1_j06amps wrote

It’s bothering me that you’re bending it so much with your tight thumb clench


Cawsa t1_j06by5r wrote

Fuck. I still remember when I had that venusaur when I was like 8. Went to school, this 10 year old kid traded me 20 cards for it. 8 year old me thought it was a good trade. Ended up with 20 absolutely horrible cards. Still haunts me. Can someone please tell me it’s not worth anything today?


Juub1990 t1_j06gs4v wrote

This is when I first noticed the blatant Charizard favoritism lol. It actually sucks in the RBY games.


CrazyHorseSizedFrog t1_j06hpbx wrote

I'd love to own something like this because it's cool but that material sends shivers down my spine. Just the thought of the scratchy noise makes me want to throw up.

My Nephew has a cup made from the same stuff and I refuse to wash it because I can't bring myself to hold the damn thing.


Hsances90 t1_j06m0ol wrote

As a Charzard it sure is a lot of pressure being the best of all Pokémon


tupacshakyle t1_j06o38l wrote

Blastoise was my first pokemon card! I remember putting my chin to the glass, and having the owner yell at me to get my face off the display cases. He'd come over and wipe over the spot with Windex. And then I bought the card! $11.99 at the time!


supposedlysleeping t1_j06r0fh wrote

This is spectacular. I'm really impressed. Clearly this is your business, and I understand if you want to keep the secret sauce secret, but I'd be very interested in the process here. Do you publish any videos or tutorials? I'd love to do something like this myself.


Bighotdog8 t1_j072oss wrote

TIL that’s what that type of picture is called


Petering t1_j073w7r wrote

Could be a cool mousepad


Wizyakuza OP t1_j0aar94 wrote

It wouldn't work as a mousepad, the surface is plastic and interwoven.


EmoxShaman t1_j07lpv2 wrote

That is sooooo sick!!! I want it


SnowyNW t1_j099s6k wrote

First edition shadowless??? Sheeeiiiittttt


StevenMcFlyJr t1_j0ada8i wrote

I keep forgetting that lenticular can go up to three ways, not just two