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Wizyakuza OP t1_j053t15 wrote

More Info: I'm a professional Artist (in Anime), and specialize in 3D Lenticular Art! Although this isn't technically my Art haha, I've wanted to create this forever ... the 3 OG Starters Cards!

I had to re-create most of this, the entire piece has 80 layers (even the text is layered) so it gives the print a 3D look! Looks epic in person, just wanted to share with fellow Pokemon TCG fans!

Edit: To everyone messaging me, I do have some extra copies available on my website. I'll leave a link here!


NetwerkAirer t1_j05jcx0 wrote

Super cool! Charizard top "evolved from" text might be a misprint, could be rare $$...? Haha, looks great regardless, no idea how this is even remotely accomplished. Talented for sure.


Wizyakuza OP t1_j05ocsf wrote



AliJDB t1_j060f1h wrote

There are a LOT of spacing errors too - if it's a lot of work to make you might want a proofreader.


Lord_Bobbymort t1_j07w6sy wrote


/s still immediately buying, this is rad. Unless you're reprinting them now??? haha


Chubuwee t1_j05ly7h wrote

My guy, please tell me you are making a living off your art full time

I’ve been following you for years since your early work and you deserve it. Best quality transitions in the game


Wizyakuza OP t1_j05oeo9 wrote

I switched to making a living full time off my art around 3 years ago! Been tough, but still going at it!


ladyoffate13 t1_j05kdqx wrote

Can I commission/recommend a print with God of War characters? I would totally buy one of those.


Wizyakuza OP t1_j05ts30 wrote

I never played, sadly. I have drawn Kratos before! Not sure what would make sense in a lenticular piece.


ladyoffate13 t1_j07ntl1 wrote

You really can’t go wrong with almost any pairing of characters from the Santa Monica Studios GOW games: Kratos & Atreus, Kratos & Freya, Atreus & Angrboda or Thrúd. I feel that a Kratos/Thor 3D lenticular may be highly popular.

If you don’t have an interest in playing the game, I highly recommend finding some Let’s Plays or cinematic cuts of scenes; the story across these two games is phenomenal.


Paperaxe t1_j05ezmx wrote

You do awesome work I hope this sells well. I have my piece from you hanging on my wall!


Xion_Stellar t1_j06bcsn wrote

Let us know if you decide to create more of these with the text fixed in the future I wouldn't mind ordering one then.


Radan155 t1_j06lv22 wrote

Ordered it immediately. Will probably order more after it shows up.


CanadianDG t1_j06o09z wrote

I am hoping this doesn't come across as rude, but do all of the ones you're selling have the wartortle mis-print? Lol


Procrastinate_girl t1_j06okng wrote

I do animated art, and wanted to do lenticular poster. I'm having a hard time finding material and/or companies that could print. Did you print and laminated them yourself, or do you just prepare the file and a company print them for you?