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TheCaptNoname t1_j05t3ib wrote

> > Make mistake in print
> > Notice it later on
> > Fix it in latter editions
> > Save some of the initial faulty prints
> > When they get vastly outnumbered by correct prints, auction them as rare misprinted collectibles for tons of $$$'s
> >


Wizyakuza OP t1_j05tqkm wrote

Ya, except I made this for fun ... and probably won't go back to edit and re-create it again lol. But "misprints" were always fun when collecting TCGs, I'll just pretend this is that haha.


DiproticPolyprotic t1_j08em9g wrote

Can you give us a link to a video on how you made this so that we can make our own


superfudge t1_j063og2 wrote

Uh, I don’t think Nintendo is going to be super chill with anyone selling these…