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Syberz t1_j05u1tm wrote

As someone who never played Pokemon, why would you start with anything other than Charizard?


K_4_Tre t1_j09iwlr wrote

In the Gameboy TCG. Once I got blastoise I would have no problem beating the whole game. Deck would be 4 squirtle, 4 warturtle and however many blastoise up to 4. Then I would load up with all trainer cards that would let me draw cards or search the deck. The rest of the deck would be water energy. You would reshuffle til u got a usable starter Pokémon, once you got blastoise you would apply all water energy to all Pokémon then use trainers to get more, rinse and repeat. I think I even added a few colorless cards to act as tank while I built up blastoise.


Terbmagic t1_j061nj0 wrote

Because blastoise is superior in every way.