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DiabloStorm t1_j064cll wrote

Ah, basic cards, I forgot about that. Is the box in the upper left wrong then? It says stage 2, literally framing the stage 1 forms as you defined them.


Xoiiverx t1_j065sar wrote

Well best I can tell the text refers to the current stage even though it’s a really bad spot. Charmander basic, top left corner, char melon stage one top left corner/placed on basic mon, charzard stage two top left corner/placed on stage one mon.

So even though the text is next to the previous version it actually is referring to the current card.

|Basic|1st stage|2nd stage|


FireFly_209 t1_j07flw3 wrote

I love how, in this comment thread of spelling errors and typos, you accidentally put “char melon” in there…


Xoiiverx t1_j154fuf wrote

My bad, “war turtle” stage one top left corner/placed on basic mon*


FireFly_209 t1_j15ct8r wrote

I meant in the Charmander line of the reply I had replied to - you put “char melon” instead of Charmeleon. It made me wonder what Charmeleon would look like if crossed with a melon… A fruity fire Pokémon, perhaps?


Xoiiverx t1_j15ddo1 wrote

Maybe like a Steven universe melon with a tail on fire