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TheRealCaptainHammer t1_j0l0tas wrote

How many cows do you have dude? And how long do they all take to scratch?


Modern-Moo OP t1_j0l17dq wrote

There’s quite a few here, I’m actually not sure how many exactly. But only a few (15~ of them) actually enjoy attention, so it doesn’t take too long to give them scratches .. not that I mind anyway :)


JangB t1_j0oqdqy wrote

What a cutie.

Cows are one of the most sensitive and loving mammals. It is no wonder they used to worship them in India.


AgrajagDaMadBat t1_j14kd8e wrote

When I worked on a cattle ranch one of the rules was never scratch calves anywhere on their heads. Why? Because they had had a couple instances of adult cows ramming their heads into people to get there heads in a head scratching position. Always scratch the butt.


Modern-Moo OP t1_j14mew7 wrote

That’s understandable. I don’t see much issue with scratches on the underside of their head personally, I get the top of the head but from my bit of experience they’ve been more inclined to walk toward me with their head held up for a scratch. Usually I scratch the brisket they seem to like that place a lot, scratch the butt often too though