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FilthyPrawns t1_j0t7nql wrote

Reply to comment by [deleted] in Winter night pixelart by vixit_art

Well, guess I'll be the other guy.

You're objectively wrong here. While I don't doubt your personal experience, street lights like this do exist and are even pretty commonplace. Sodium lamps are still in use the world over, particularly rural areas because of the relative costs involved (They're either cheaper to produce or cheaper to run, don't remember. Maybe both). It's the sodium that gives them that soft orange light, and a quick google search will give you plenty of like examples to the above.

At any rate, the artistic decision making on display here would be legitimate whether the lamps had real world analogues or not. The juxtaposition of natural snowfall and artificially monochromatic warm light creates a unique and evocative scene.


KamovInOnUp t1_j0u0s7q wrote

Sodium lamps are typically yellow


FilthyPrawns t1_j0u2ja0 wrote

They produce similar environmental lighting to what’s shown above. Cad yellows and dim oranges.