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Dan19_82 t1_j0vlqlc wrote

Not this again


ectogasmparade t1_j0y5uhu wrote

You think they’d get the hint to stop reposting this same Van Gogh embroidery video (and the other similar photo) by now.


robertjan88 t1_j0vqni8 wrote

So, what statement are you trying to make (just curious as I am Dutch)


Drakona7 t1_j0wyo69 wrote

Karma attempt aside, I think the embroidery is pointing out that Van Gogh wouldn’t have been able to wear a mask because he cut off his ear. Depending on the time this video was made and if the museum requires masks, it is likely making the statement that he wouldn’t be able to visit a museum about himself.


robertjan88 t1_j0y2kg0 wrote

It’s quite pathetic attempt, especially taking into account no one has had to wear mask in the Netherlands (incl when visiting museums) for a long time…


Drakona7 t1_j0y2w2c wrote

People were saying this video has been reposted for a long time, so that probably goes to show how old it is and why people aren’t understanding it now.


the_colonelclink t1_j0w13va wrote

Karma attempt. OP tried this a few times, almost at the start of the panic to some success. But because they repost so much, the Reddit audience turned on them pretty quickly.


Adeep187 t1_j0x2tma wrote

It's juat a shitty meme they didn't even invent.


Bowling4rhinos t1_j0ww8a6 wrote

What the hell is this? And no sound. Makes zero sense.


warbreakr t1_j0wyw1i wrote

He cut off his ear so he can’t wear the mask. I had to read someones comment to get it too


canadiandude321 t1_j0x3ehj wrote

Why did it have to be this weird video though?


SYS_Select t1_j0x50ov wrote

Because it needed to fit the subreddit. OP already posted this thing they made months ago in art, crafts, pics, etc. needed a video for gifs I guess


ebrum2010 t1_j0vlbbj wrote

So Van Gogh curses in English?


rebordacao OP t1_j0vnicq wrote

Hehe, maybe! Van Gogh could speak three languages fluently, including French, English, and his native tongue, Dutch :)


ebrum2010 t1_j115od7 wrote

I don't know why you're getting downvoted so much.


RichieSakai t1_j0vzkj6 wrote

No Starry Night WTF? Can't even show a picture of it FFS.


frostymugson t1_j0wuado wrote

Shoulda put “fuck yourself” on the right side of him so it looks like Vincent Van Gogh fuck yourself


Deadhead56 t1_j0xbk6k wrote

I have Van Gogh's ear for music.


rottentomati t1_j0zd6ke wrote

holy shit how many times are you going to post this

edit: 14 times in less than a year. really?

edit2: I like to think my comment made them delete their account lol


btribble t1_j0xcxg3 wrote

I watched a cyclist get hit by a car right were you see a car halfway through this video. No me gusta.


Deadhead56 t1_j0xbnc0 wrote

I have Van Gogh's ear for music


D4FTPUNKF4N t1_j0x0jp2 wrote

One day I hope I can make there while stoned.