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joylessbrick t1_j0x0icl wrote

Why do these gifs always make me feel nostalgic?


dandaman1983 t1_j0x9lj2 wrote

Me it's the old Ms DOS games when I was a kid.


ParaphrasesUnfairly t1_j0xnb3f wrote

After Dark screen savers


SomnambulisticTaco t1_j0xv8km wrote

After Dark was so legit.

They had had all the ads on modules too. Star Trek, Simpsons, MAD, etc

Flying Toasters is a legend, and remember Lunatic Fringe? That screensaver was a FULL GAME. You can actually find a decent port of it out there called Fringe Player.

Oh and on screensavers, not AD but remember Organic Art? Hypnotic gold.


Eschotaeus t1_j10pubm wrote

Lunatic fucking Fringe, hell yes.

The shredder was such a badass


tristen620 t1_j0xuhpe wrote

Reminds me of Parasite Eve


Electronic-Rate5497 t1_j0yokf4 wrote

Weird not a lot of people remember parasite eve I heard a song and it brought all the memories playing the game


dylanholmes222 t1_j0x9oiy wrote

I think it’s memories related to old games, but not quite sure.


V1not t1_j0ylnim wrote

Metal Gear Solid 1, breaking into the compound


chrislomax83 t1_j0ye1rs wrote

It’s reminds me of the old Blade Runner game.

I actually scrolled past it then got an intense urge to revisit it as it sparked an emotion


Phoequinox t1_j0y0co4 wrote

I have a lot of nostalgia for things I couldn't possibly have experienced and I'm not sure why.


The_Cow_God t1_j0yf2eh wrote

that’s art buddy


Phoequinox t1_j0yk5i3 wrote

Happens with more than just art. I have distinct memories of things that never happened. Like being in a dark, Japanese hotel room on a rainy day. I've recalled that at least since I was 12 nearly 25 years ago. I'd never seen anything that would evoke such a memory. Maybe it was a dream I had, but I don't know why I would have been dreaming about Japanese hotels as a kid. Brains are weird.


TayG0 t1_j0xzqsw wrote

Same. I get the same feeling from the work of /u/aleha_84. Has a very similar vibe.


jiggygoodshoe t1_j0yv7f7 wrote

Same here, reminds me of an easier time when I could just play any number of pixel based games with nothing else to think about.


asajosh t1_j10ip8f wrote

Because we are old... I can make you remember your childhood with but one word -



-xss t1_j1ktk29 wrote

It'd feel more nostalgic with old sodium lamps. Especially if the flickering one had that purple tinge.


thndrstrk t1_j0wtjzi wrote

Yeah it's just sitting there and I don't see anyone figuring out the problem.


IfonlyIwasfunnier t1_j0wynuh wrote

POV you´re trying to take the Deutsche Bahn in Germany to get home...just kidding you´re still waiting three stations down the line


midsprat123 t1_j0yk916 wrote

As someone who went through hell last week going Munchen to Praha, this cuts super deep


PetercyEz t1_j0ync7g wrote

Would you prefer Deutsch Bahn or České Dráhy? Or are they more or less the same?


IfonlyIwasfunnier t1_j10b5q5 wrote

I can assure you, you just caught them at a bad moment.

Be sure to come back next week... have the exact same experience again


bakgwailo t1_j0xrv71 wrote

> Yeah it's just sitting there and I don't see anyone figuring out the problem.

Sounds like its the MBTA's Commuter Rail. It'll get there... eventually (if it doesn't catch fire in the snow first).


Lordborgman t1_j0ys5ie wrote

Well, it's on it's way to Busan...that's the problem.


Ivebeenfurthereven t1_j0zc6bn wrote

It's okay little train, I don't want to go out in the snow either. Let's just wait under here a while...


KittensMeow666 t1_j0wzqpt wrote

That's balls... I love it, who's the artist?


vixit_art OP t1_j0wzvdg wrote



m8k t1_j0xikeq wrote

It’s beautiful work. Congratulations


Chewcocca t1_j0xxuci wrote

Is balls a good thing now? 😂


Fresh-Ad4983 t1_j10lqqh wrote

If people want it to be, awesome. But it has never meant that.


sydneydanger t1_j0xjo6a wrote

Your work is gorgeous as always but something about this one bothers me… the lighting from the trains headlight feels too smooth, doesn’t match the rest of the image. Still exceptionally well done though, makes me feel something.


Fuck_Microsoft_edge t1_j0xn8jy wrote

Was just thinking this. There's dithering elsewhere in the same image, which makes the light beam look out of place.


no_idea_bout_that t1_j0xxcy5 wrote

Train light should also have a lot of noise/movement from the snow blowing across the beam.


pimp-bangin t1_j0z31x9 wrote

That's part of the problem for sure, tho I think the bigger problem is it's too smooth for this pixel art style


cherb30 t1_j0x26nm wrote

I love it! What program do you use to make pixel art? I didn’t even know this was a thing


vixit_art OP t1_j0x2rok wrote

Aseprite and after effects


Soubi_Doo2 t1_j0yyq82 wrote

Is it from a photo or you created from scratch? It’s really cool!


cherb30 t1_j0x359i wrote

Love. Just followed you on Insta


ElusiveMalamute t1_j0ydsgu wrote

Make any money doing this? Always dabbled with blender but found pixel out personally more appealing


tkrynsky t1_j0xvqec wrote

I,wish the snow was falling more slowly but otherwise great job!


webbtraverse21 t1_j0yt0ih wrote

Stab in the dark here, but can someone point me in the direction of beginning to create these pixel art gifs yourself. They've been popping up in my feed often enough the last week or two. They have an enchanting, nostalgic quality to them I dig, this one in particular. Also my young son is really into trains at the moment and is beginning to get into the very basics of computing. This looks like something we can learn together. Thanks in advance!!!


averyminya t1_j103yvg wrote

OP said they used Asperite and After Effects to create this, after effects is likely what makes the pixelated image move. I'm not sure what Asperite is, however I'm guessing it's used to make the pixel image.


forzfedv6 t1_j0wwtz1 wrote

Love these 🔥🔥


johnsplace1234 t1_j0x54u7 wrote

It has an atmosphere about it for sure. There is a cold isolation inside a concrete metropolis of endless cruelty an suffering whilst the blinking light symbolizes life starting an ending within. All this to the track of some 36 chambers in background in the train 🚆


ccoltmanm t1_j0x9eci wrote

Beautiful. Looks like what Chicago will look like in a couple days.


B4ckBOne t1_j0xftxk wrote

Train cold, Train tired, Train go sleep under bridge now.


NcallyS t1_j0yq6is wrote

This reminds me so much of playing Monkey Island 20 years ago!


meepos16 t1_j0wyh88 wrote

Phenomenal job


AskForMyBitcoinAdres t1_j0xbq0x wrote

Man I'd love one of these pixel arts to be phone dimension so it didn't look so bad when I use it as a moving background


Nuke_Dukum t1_j0xdpxa wrote

Really awesome. If you don’t mind me asking, what part of this is After Effects?


rafael000 t1_j0zgzcs wrote

The animation, probably


averyminya t1_j10429p wrote

Almost certainly, I'd be surprised if it weren't. This is basically the job it's meant to be used for lol


JohnLockeOP t1_j0xg5xt wrote

Such a cool winter vibe to it, thanks for making this


money4gas t1_j0xiifs wrote

I want this as my background or screensaver


Micky14x1 t1_j0xiiwa wrote

it’s the flickering light for me 💫


soosbear t1_j0xmkgk wrote

That lighting is incredible!


kundo87 t1_j0xo34q wrote

Love this


ebi-san t1_j0xocyz wrote

Orange Line Boston?


Nas160 t1_j0xqybq wrote

Incredibly cozy.


KooshIsKing t1_j0xrdpc wrote

Okay you either play hunt showdown or I just play it way too much and see it everywhere now. Both this and the last train station picture of yours 100% remind of spots in Lawson Station


supermise t1_j0xrq62 wrote

Oh I REALLY like this


thmsbrunner t1_j0xsbyq wrote

This one makes me think of Metro Exodus.


PM_me_your_best_bird t1_j0xt82c wrote

I think it's a very nice attention to detail with the snow shifting in direction when it reaches the overpass


Sirstep t1_j0xty1z wrote

This is amazing! Great work!


EskimoLaser t1_j0xunia wrote

That's cool as fuck. Well done!


jeto2m123 t1_j0xuzu1 wrote

This looks oddly familiar to my train station, and we had a bunch of train very late because of heavy snowing. Op, aren't you from Slovakia (town Poprad) by chance. Anyway, the work looks amazing, good job op.


no1ofimport t1_j0xvn3r wrote

I find this to be soothing


hcalaway56 t1_j0xwh8p wrote

I love all of these. Thank you for posting!


ShadowBannedAugustus t1_j0xxc55 wrote

I need some of your work on my walls. Is there a recommended way? Like a digital photo frame or something?


medidoxx t1_j0xyi9m wrote

I kinda think of those old school pc games from the 90’s. Like syberia the bladerunner.


Matistikoff t1_j0y2ai5 wrote

do you have this in 1080p? for wallpaper


MurkLurker t1_j0y3bll wrote

There's a sub for that, by the way. /r/paintedloops/

Not saying it's not appreciated here, I love it!


Elibrius t1_j0y5hhm wrote

I absolutely love this, it makes me feel cozy and really nostalgic for some reason


Burpmeister t1_j0y89kq wrote

No wonder it's late. It's not even fucking moving!


blomhonung t1_j0y94j0 wrote

What's latin about it?


bhavyadhuria t1_j0y9qv3 wrote

Why do I always picture Japan when I see pixel art


nice__username t1_j0yac2k wrote

Some inspiration from Aleha with the lighting and the snow. Nice work


Godz_noble57 t1_j0yb426 wrote

I love this type of art so much


adomolis t1_j0ycg10 wrote

Its fantastic, but the train light kinda falls out of the rest of picture with having a perfect gradient.


Animagi27 t1_j0ydl0g wrote

This looks like one of the extracts on Interchange in Escape from Tarkov.


I0I00I000III0I t1_j0yecq5 wrote

I FUCKING LOVE TRAINS.. could you do a steamer one?


Sinhag t1_j0yelug wrote

Wow, looks fantastic, btw train livery looks familiar. Is it based on "pid" railways red-lightgray-darkgray colours?


Jeremiahs__Johnson t1_j0yi3p0 wrote

I know it’s not a daily thing for you, but the last few days I’ve seen your posts and always know it’s you OP. Wondering how knock out a new one everyday.

I love the posts and the art so keep ‘em coming. Has a relaxing feeling about them.


CIPHERMKII t1_j0ylrmj wrote

Reminds me of the original ”The Division”. Man that game was, and still is beautiful.


LosWitchos t1_j0yluzy wrote

"I won't come out again. The rain will spoil my lovely green paint and red stripes."


bastiVS t1_j0ymy8n wrote

No wonder the train is late, it ain't moving.


TheJudge1108 t1_j0ypc4l wrote

God I love these snowy artworks. Well done!


DogSpeaksTreeSkin t1_j0ypvai wrote

This looks exactly like the T commuter station in Salem Massachusetts lol


Darrothan t1_j0yqluu wrote



RunningPink t1_j0ys7oz wrote

Are there any new games with this sort of graphics? Looks amazing.


[deleted] t1_j0ytvww wrote

Es kommt zu einem kurzen Aufenthalt aufgrund der Vorfahrt eines anderen Zuges~ 😂


Odd_Status_9326 t1_j0ywr15 wrote

Last train to Clarksville and I'll meet you at the station


Whoknew1992 t1_j0yx4xe wrote

I keep saying. If someone could create games that use this art style we could see some awesome titles. Adventure games with huge worlds that animate everything at 60+ fps. Soundscapes that completely fill out the world around you. These pixelart posts show the clever and creative details that can be used to bring an idea to life. We don't need everything being swallowed up by 4k Raytracing requirements. I know there's more to it than this but it would be fun to see some fun/interesting/unique games made with this.


7_luhan_m t1_j0z034v wrote

Scary as hell, I would shit myself if I saw this irl.


woodrugh t1_j0z1o3b wrote

Reminds me of Jacksepticeye playing chillas art games


ApotheounX t1_j0z4ij4 wrote

Yessir. Half train, half demon spider from hell.


SetterLlew t1_j0z4ug4 wrote

Now that I like! Very nice.


Nero_XL t1_j0z783z wrote

I love pixel art, it makes you feel more as the images are so low quality there are tons of gaps your mind fills in with its own personal stuff


JohniiMagii t1_j0zamd5 wrote

Are there any good tutorials for this type of art? I really adore animagraph pixel art.


Zeopher t1_j0zbi9n wrote

That s amazing. Nice art :)


NewChapter2128 t1_j0zcgmm wrote

This one just reminds me of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, that scene when Miles was at the grave


GignacPL t1_j0zia1a wrote

Poland starter pack.


kilkil t1_j0zib7o wrote

why am I hearing Infinity Train music


Ttm-o t1_j0zklpg wrote

This needs to be on the GME marketplace so I can buy these. Looks amazing!


thomas_basic t1_j0zmsd0 wrote

Do you have an instagram or somewhere we can view more works?


Welrof t1_j0zx3zf wrote

Make it a wallpaper in the wallpaper engine and I would set in as my wallpaper


projektilski t1_j0zxbx2 wrote

I love it but one small critic from me. Snow falling from two different angles constantly. It does not feel natural. Snow is light and it can fall in different directions with slight wind movements but that looks more like dance in the wind, not so scripted. I hope you are not insulted by my comment as I really do like this.


vixit_art OP t1_j103k6t wrote

Yeah it's ok, I intended it as one snow pattern on the bridge that you can see because of the lamps and snow that coming down from the bridge and is illuminated by the train


Forestberry123 t1_j10t3h7 wrote

Why does the train have both the front and rear light activated at the same end?


CarminSanDiego t1_j0x61lh wrote

Bonus points if you made it into a Japanese train