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And for a track that's the total opposite of CoT, check out Nightmare King Grimm... it's the only track in the OST that has percussion in it.


AtticusSteele t1_j17qpbf wrote

Dude I recently played through that game and man Nightmare King Grimm was an absolute wall of a skillcheck. Took me hours to finally beat him. Incredible theme though.


360walkaway t1_j17qzib wrote

Yea I didn't like how you can bypass fighting him by talking to an NPC instead.


AtticusSteele t1_j17rej1 wrote

I getcha. I suppose it gives the player a choice they get to live with that play through. Much like a few different interactions with other NPCs like what you do to the blacksmith after getting the final upgrade. What will you as the character decide? An end to the circus (albeit easy ) route or will you challenge yourself and defeat Grimm one last time?


Trololman72 t1_j18az68 wrote

But you're bypassing one of the best bosses in the game.


360walkaway t1_j19erpz wrote

And the charm you get for skipping it is pretty crap


ElBrent t1_j19k3ty wrote

I'd say the charm you get is better than grimchild, but the accordian in dirtmouth will forever mock your cowardice


fghjconner t1_j1a7p57 wrote

Yeah, Carefree Melody is actually a unique effect that no other charm can give you, and is great for things like delicate flower where preventing one hit can be vital.


shinazueli t1_j19yb32 wrote

I couldn’t beat him. I could do the Palace of Pain but I can’t twitch fast enough to beat him.


AtticusSteele t1_j1a3r2v wrote

Dude did you do the path of pain? I think it’s an extra one but it’s so tough. That one I couldn’t do. I was only able to get to the pale king


shinazueli t1_j1atqmn wrote

Yeah path of pain. If you give me something difficult but solvable I can do it with patience, but NK Grimm requires you to have hands, and I’m old.


DontFuckWitSquirrels t1_j1aft37 wrote

When his name takes up the whole screen... you knew you were about to get beat to a pulp. His theme is top tier though.


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You know you're fucked when one of the only two fullscreen title cards in the game pops up accompanied by the immediate orchestral slap in the face. In a game of amazing boss fights, this one stands out


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The very best track in the game and one of the best VG tracks ever, in my opinion.


jaspobrowno t1_j181l3k wrote

My god this game was good and this artwork is awesome


Jackalodeath t1_j18m8tw wrote

I put off playing this game for so long due to the "Dark Souls of Side Scrollers" comments littered about threads involving it. Finally gave it a whirl in late Oct since it's on Game Pass.

I was not ready for that atmosphere and soundtrack. It was like my nearly 40 year old ass had gotten sent back to 1998 and I was playing Castlevania: SoTN for the very first time.

That is to say I was dying to dumb shit, getting lost at least 3 times every hour, secret passage-checking every wall that showed a gap between rooms on the map, fiddling with equipment combos, and letting the game idle for way too long just to listen to the music and ambience.

Unlike SoTN this game got a visceral response from me. Namely because of >!one little girl that decided to mine crystals against everyone's warnings.!< My son got to see his dad tear up over a fucking video game about bugs.


epizeuxius t1_j1938jy wrote

Shhh... if you never visit Myla after the infection spreads, technically she is still alive... sobs in corner. I used to visit her just to hear her hum :( . Why you do that Team Cherry.


Jackalodeath t1_j1998b7 wrote

Same!! I only visited her again to show him that not everything in the game was doom and gloomy. I've never had something in a game turn around and bite my ass clean off like that. :(

Supposedly there is a legit way to beat it without it happening, but it affects the % complete and makes the game even harder.


boxotimbits t1_j18p44a wrote

Why would it being like DS turn you off? HK is an amazing game and its actually what got me into DS.


Jackalodeath t1_j1978g4 wrote

* This ended up a bit longer than expected, sorry.

Mostly that "most punishing game series ever" trope that gets tossed around so much. My reflexes and patience ain't nowhere near what they used to be - which, granted, ain't saying much - so I assumed I'd find myself raging at it, and I'm not a fan of getting pissed at recreational activities I'm supposed to be enjoying.

Then one day someone posted here about how the 2004 release of Ninja Gaiden was like DS's grandpappy or something to that affect, and back then I aced that game with a drunken, shit-eating grin on my face. I already love the "simplicity" of Metroidvanias, so I thought ~10 years of life-altering mistakes, booze, and pill abuse couldn't have fucked me out that badly, right? Right? How hard could a "2D" game really be?

The answer was "plenty," but it struck a chord I had forgotten the sound of. For the first time in over a decade I found myself leaning in, standing up, saying shit like "Oh come on!!", but it wasn't at the game; it was at me, swinging my nail too early, getting greedy on offense, misjudging how hard I had to press jump, or simply not looking down before carelessly dropping into a new area (damn Primal Aspids and Giant Hoppers.)

It took some hours but I genuinely felt like an engine that had just been cranked up for the first time in ages; sure there was schmutz clogging the intake, the fuel was starting to coagulate, but I needed to get back out on the highway and blow it out if I planned to keep using it. If I "broke down" then at least I could say I tried.

>!When Myra attacked me, I gave the kid the controller, asked him to put her down, get me to a bench, and I went to collect myself.!< He lost all my Geo, but the kid adored it. Decided I'd take a break and see how he'd go about it; He's going all-in on a "mage" build, where I relied solely on the Nail - spells were just for progression uses and some i-frames here and there. We're gonna beat it/start the Grimm Troupe stuff at the same time; don't get much time with him and he usually goes for stuff like Borderlands, Rainbow Six, Titanfall, Roblox, or Fortnite; which is fun to watch, sure; but he (well, we) can be as careless and spaztic as we want without many "consequences." Always fun to see how quickly kids shift gears and adapt to shit, especially compared to my raggedy ass.

Also I just don't want it end yet. At least not until there's a better idea on when Silksong will roll out :(


boxotimbits t1_j1992ox wrote

I definitely think HK is harder than DS1, especially with the DLCs. It's really not all reflex based, especially if you use a shield and heavy armor (which is a completely viable way to beat ds1). Some of the HK fights are fairly technical like you mentioned and the DS series overall often provides that same "if I just did things right I would win" feeling while dying over and over. But DS1 is an amazingly built world with a lot of emotional connection to NPCs that feel much more organic than plenty of other games. Some bosses are challenging, sure, but it's not as technically difficult as the later games in the series.

All that said, I would strongly recommend the game. And once you beat the first you might just find yourself wanting to continue the journey through the other 6 from software games in the same spirit.


Jackalodeath t1_j19mg7i wrote

Oh believe me, HK reignited a long-snuffed flame.

Some personal stuff has them on the back burner, but I'm absolutely diving balls-first into the Fromsoft games once things get sorted. Best part is, my own reluctance towards them has inadvertently kept me from learning basically anything meaningful about the series, so that's several hundred (possibly thousands knowing me) hours worth of - from what I've seen/read - masterfully crafted lore, gear, and skills I get to experience for the very first time. All I really know are the memes about a massive sword-wielding dog, dodging, Sun worship(?), campfires are your personal Jesus, some fan theory involving Bloodborne and menstruation, and "You Died" in a very specific font. I'm excited to say the least!

At the moment I'm scratching a ninja itch I thought Gaiden would handle with AC: Odyssey (it's pretty and "free" so why not), which is turning out to be more RPG than anything (not complaining, still fun if a bit grindy.) From what I've gathered it uses a similar-ish gear/skill system as the Souls games; you pick a certain "class" or specialization that fits your playstyle, refine it with gear/ability synergies, and boil it down until you're practically a god that doesn't like being touched.

That in itself is my gaming bread and butter, right next to exploration/"sandboxes." Yet over the past... decade? Seeing the sheer magnitude of people singing Fromsoft's praises on practically every aspect of the Souls and "Soul Sisters" games, I can't wait to wedge myself into those worlds like a starfish hiding from a Nurse shark. I've heard DS2 is a bit of a... "Departure," from their usual quality - don't know exactly why, but it seems to be treated like the red-headed stepchild. So unless I get a great deal on all 3 Souls, Sekiro(spelling?), Bloodborne (this'un really piques my interest from the aesthetics alone, though I may have spoiled it a bit watching Jacksepticeye's playthrough; thankfully his train of thought derails every few moments and the past 2 years futzed my memory), and Elden Ring, I may pass up DS2.

In your opinion, would you say DS, 3, Bloodborne, Elden Ring, then Sekiro would be an ideal order of attack, skill-check wise? I've read Sekiro puts the timing and "reading" your opponents on a whole other level, comparitively speaking. If you've had the pleasure of playing them all of course.


boxotimbits t1_j1a6lqd wrote

DS2 is very polarizing. Miyazaki didn't work directly on it and personally it is my least favorite. However it is still a phenomenal game and I wouldn't recommend you skip it. It has the best weapon and armor variety and introduced an incredible dual wield mechanic called power stancing. The DLCs each have really brutal sections so I wouldn't hesitate to coop them if you don't want the challenge. The biggest issues (imo) with it are that the world isn't built at all as cohesively as the first dark souls and that there are lots of ganks (enemies randomly attacking you from hidden places or far away). Also the bosses are not quite as diverse as other dark souls games.


Jackalodeath t1_j1abt1b wrote

Ah, okay; that Miyazaki not being directly at the helm was portrayed as they tried to make the game without his involvement whatsoever. Typically I try to average out player gripes/praises since so many have a penchant for hyperbole, but the average was always 2 being on the bottom rung.

Thank you so much for the insight!


KarmaticArmageddon t1_j198p8i wrote

A lot of people who aren't very good at video games or who don't have a lot of time to play are put off by games that are compared to Dark Souls.

No one ever says a game is "the Dark Souls of genre" because they're saying it has great atmosphere, deep lore, and an incredibly well-made level system that connects its levels together so well — which are all great attributes of the first Dark Souls.

What people usually mean by "the Dark Souls of genre" is unrelenting difficulty, a brutal checkpoint system, complicated inventory management, and harsh consequences upon death.

I can totally get why someone who only has maybe an hour a day to play would see something compared to Dark Souls and decide to avoid it because they don't want to spend weeks dying to the same boss until they've perfectly memorized its moveset — which is the image of Dark Souls that a lot of its fanbase has cultivated.

To be clear: I fucking love Dark Souls. I've played and replayed Demon's Souls, DS1–3, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring more times than I can count.


NinjaJehu t1_j19d4np wrote

No Bloodborne?! That's my favorite one in the entire series. Maybe no PS4?


KarmaticArmageddon t1_j19owxw wrote

Oh I love Bloodborne. I picked PS4 over Xbox solely because of Bloodborne. I just forgot to put it in the list lol


NinjaJehu t1_j1a1ur6 wrote

Ah gotcha. Yeah, Bloodborne was a system seller for me as well!


KarmaticArmageddon t1_j1a52ud wrote

I've gone back and replayed all of them with my PS5 and they look so good at 60 FPS, but Bloodborne never got that update so it's still just 30 FPS. I'd love to replay it, but it just feels jittery and unresponsive now that I'm so used to 60 FPS.


AlmostButNotQuit t1_j19dktf wrote

How did I miss that? I must've breezed by her until I'd gotten crystal heart or something. :(


Jackalodeath t1_j19s8pd wrote

Apparently something specific triggers it; but I didn't know what. If that "event" doesn't happen, neither does the "problem." I'll spoiler it since there's no doubt some newer folks around this post; according to the wiki:

>!She begins showing signs of infection after defeating Soul Master - ergo learning the Desolate Dive spell. When I visited her, she outright attacked me, which apparently happens after getting the spell and the Crystal Heart.!<

How in the world people beat the game without doing those is beyond me, but someone figured it out.


kittehsfureva t1_j19yuub wrote

Can you? I know that the Crystal is needed to get double jump, and I was pretty sure that was needed for all of the endings.

But maybe it is not. You certainly could not >!fight radiance!<.


fghjconner t1_j1a8lpj wrote

The any% speedrun doesn't get >!wings!<. They do get Crystal, though I think they only need that for >!acid skip!<, so you could probably just get >!Isma's tear!< instead.

Edit: Actually, getting into >!Isma's grove!< requires Crystal as well, iirc. Luckily, the only thing it's really used for is getting to >!Lurian!<, who you can access through >!a shade gate!< as well. I think it is actually doable, if unlikely.


kittehsfureva t1_j1ayuvv wrote

Interesting. I'm rather certain >!wings are required to get the shadow cloak though. I remember there being some pretty hard gated double jump parts to get to the second Hornet encounter.!< It has been some time though I may be misremembering.

Fun to think about though, that little bug is such a tragic part of the game and a playthrough dedicated to saving her would be great.

I have not watched any speed runs of the game, I bet it would be fun.


fghjconner t1_j1azfxn wrote

Oh right, forgot about those jumps. >!You actually can pogo on a primal aspid to get up there, and I've even seen a youtuber do that on their first run. It's not something most people will probably try though.!<


Jackalodeath t1_j1aa08k wrote

The first "event" is the important one it seems; the second doesn't advance it otherwise.

After I got to a certain point I got nosey if I completed stuff in the right order and found all sorts of tips and tricks that would've been great to know when I got to em. Like Nail bouncing off spikes/mobs and "kiting" the second Soul Warrior by using Mantis Claw 'cause he only summons 25 adds-_-

I did the latter the hard way by getting Quick Slash and the Nail Art charge reduction first. The bouncing should've been obvious but I'm a bit denser than most.


kittehsfureva t1_j1aut9v wrote

First playthrough, I did not understand the power of the spike pogo. That is, until >!the white palace, where you damn well better learn it quick!<.

On my second playthrough, I was surprised how much quicker you could breeze through the game with pogo sticking. Especially when you rushed getting >!mark of pride and quick nail.!<


manor2003 t1_j18o9ll wrote

I heard many good stuff about Hollow Knight but i don't like games where i have no idea where I'm supposed to go, time too short, game too long and i have no idea what I'm doing so i just put it off.


bonelessunicorn t1_j18v636 wrote

Same, felt disoriented the whole time and didn’t even mind the frustrating checkpoints. Just not for me but it was really nostalgic and beautiful.


SmArty117 t1_j192ovg wrote

I think having no idea where to go is part of the point, you're just exploring a vast abandoned kingdom


manor2003 t1_j192z75 wrote

No directive is one thing but like Dark Souls games when you die you respawn far away from where you were and then need to do all that way again and defeat all the enemies in the way again


SmArty117 t1_j197ht5 wrote

Tbf there were a couple of bosses in HK where this really annoyed me and got super frustrating. I may have yelled at my screen a few times. But I liked the rest of the game too much to quit cause of that.


kittehsfureva t1_j19zca9 wrote

The only two places that really got me was >!The Soul Sanctum and The Hive !<

Everything else had pretty manageable benches, with most of the hardest ones being mercifully right next to the boss.


bunttyboy t1_j1ap2c3 wrote

I despised >!Soul sanctum!< as well like my god those >!Flying mages!< were such a pain in the ass


SimBoO911 t1_j1ap1k4 wrote

You should try Ori and the blind forest, a bit like metroid but my god this game is beautiful and the sound track is amazing too.


mauricioszabo t1_j19xnp5 wrote

I think my main criticism are the upgrades. They change waay too little of the game. Sometimes, things that takes a lot of charm notches make your attack like, 20% more powerful... which is fine, but at the same time, it's too little to feel any difference

It's a good game, and I understand this balance is tricky, but it feels kinda frustrating...


Flippy042 t1_j187ffz wrote

This game was made by three people. I feel like that deserves mentioning.


Soul-Burn t1_j18y3kc wrote

The team was 4 people. One left in 2017, the year the game released.

This also doesn't include the composer & sound guy, marketing, voice acting, QA & testing, etc.

Still a great feat for a small team, but not really 3 people.


firo1 t1_j17y14j wrote

We don’t deserve quirrel


Xyrnas t1_j18vqnc wrote

Did you share a final moment with him? :(


xotiqrddt t1_j187azd wrote

Hollow Knight, such a great metroidvania game! Finished it some time ago, on PC. I was thinking back then that it would be nice if it was available on Android. After seeing this, I googled and found out the game was recently ported on Android. Thanks for this, OP!


Xyrnas t1_j18vttd wrote

Also, its sequel, Silksong, is set to come out next year! You play as Hornet


voithos OP t1_j192368 wrote

Wait really?? That's impressive.


zhrimb t1_j1ac75e wrote

It came out on Switch years ago and Switch runs on like 6 year old Android hardware, not surprising if it got ported to vanilla Android


AndrewFGleich t1_j184az6 wrote

I swear I'll finish that game... Someday


chandoo86 t1_j1alg04 wrote

Define finish, after I got to the Hollow Knight and was super profound of myself I noticed all this other shit I also had to finish as well, eventually I just had to be satisfied with that rather than get to the ultimate final boss (The Radiance) which just seemed insurmountable for me; so yeah, there are layers upon layers for this game.


AndrewFGleich t1_j1as8wg wrote

Well that's discouraging... I like the game, but the lack of difficulty levels makes it pretty annoying. Maybe I just need to leave it on my digital shelf and admit there are other places to spend my time.


TheAbnormalNewt t1_j1azs2q wrote

In my opinion, the difficulty levels are built in.

If you want to play the game, the main story line is tough but certainly achievable with some practicing and strategy.

Let's consider the base game up to the bass final boss fight "easy." There are certain achievements that require fighting different bosses that are more difficult.

Then, there is the Pantheon of Gods which is absolutely fucking sadistic.

I love this game. I was absolutely horrible when I started. I played this game alone and no other game for weeks or months. I got every achievement. Except one. I cannot beat the final boss of the pantheon of God's. And I'm at peace with that. It is an achievement that must be earned with no easy way out. I think that's part of what makes this game special. If you're looking for a quick game to 100% or get a platinum trophy on, this is absolutely not that game.


Tikithing t1_j18aums wrote

I love this game but I had to stop playing because the world made me sad.


manrata t1_j187vwr wrote

Reminds me that I’m stuck, and need to beat somebosses to progress in the game,


AlmostButNotQuit t1_j19c5fl wrote

I got stuck, started using guides and realized I'd been playing all wrong, lol

Stuck with the guides and went one step at a time to avoid surprises and spoilers. Definitely worth playing that way if you hit a wall


manrata t1_j19y9x0 wrote

I’m close to the end, the one boss is the circus boss, the other is the one in the hive. They are both very very annoying.


AlmostButNotQuit t1_j1af2le wrote

I don't think either are required for progression.


manrata t1_j1am59w wrote

There is also a third, but I forget where, it's been a while.
But yeah, both those are for upgrades.


Bikesandcorgis t1_j18oc3t wrote

I started replaying Hollow Knight about a week ago. It provides a much needed break from the heavily scripted God of War Ragnarok. God damn I forgot how much I love Hollow Knight. Thanks OP!


Copenhoss t1_j18dter wrote

Great steamdeck game


DragonSlayerC t1_j196fb2 wrote

Yup. Just played the first area on my PC yesterday, but will be away and travelling until the 7th. Have my SD with me, so maybe I'll finish it by the time I'm back. The deck is great.


Copenhoss t1_j1a782y wrote

As a console gamer, it really gave me more options without having to spend PC money


Zhuul t1_j18g76c wrote

Is… is this a My Neighbor Totoro reference using Hollow Knight characters?


OrderOfMagnitude t1_j18nb13 wrote

Just picked this game up last month for Switch. So fun! Really good music and environments (shout out to the Nightmare King Grimm OST) and the most endearing little characters!


readergirl132 t1_j19fkl8 wrote

Similar! Got a Switch as an early Xmas present from the hubby and HK from a friend who’d played before— I started on Sunday and got all the way to the Soul Master by Tuesday. Then he killed me 30 times and I was not about to fight through the Soul Sanctum a 31st time at midnight.

I’m loving the soundtrack (already downloaded the full album on Spotify!!), minor details, and background bugs. Not looking forward to Myla.


ThomasCro t1_j18vyuf wrote

ok im downloading hollow knight


WowWhatABeaut t1_j1911i8 wrote

Do it. I'm not usually a Metroidvania fan, but HK is one of the best games I've ever played.

And I've played a lot of games.


zenejinzorin t1_j185nq7 wrote

This exemplifies the feelings I have about Silk song STILL not being out.


theuserwithoutaname t1_j18qgv8 wrote

🎵city of tears🎶

🎶Are you raining just for me?🎶

🎶City of tears 🎵

🎵There's so much that I can't open🎵

🎶Who knows🎶


Noobivore36 t1_j18njl4 wrote

I finished Pantheon of Hallownest just days before my kid was born. Looking back, if I hadn't done it at that time, then I probably would never have completed it.


voithos OP t1_j192dsf wrote

Impressive! I never did manage to finish the pantheon


DragonSlayerC t1_j19608w wrote

Just started playing Hollow Knight, got to the first grassy area. Taking my Steam Deck while travelling for the holidays, might finish it before getting back, but looks like a long game. Very excited though.


czechman45 t1_j19chre wrote

Quirrel is my homeboy.


kirnehp t1_j18nnka wrote



FatalFord t1_j18uh8o wrote

Oh my god I am so fucking jacked for Silksong


misanthropenis t1_j18xmcm wrote

I very recently got the platinum trophy for this game...after years! Only 93 in game hours though.


readergirl132 t1_j19dbjb wrote

I finally understand this reference! Started playing for the first time on Sunday!! Very nice!


zssl t1_j19ibxu wrote

Deference for Darkness started playing in my head as soon as I saw this.

This is a beautiful scene.


The-Old-Prince t1_j19rdi9 wrote

Technically finished the game but the dream world is a mofo


mint0 t1_j1817nx wrote

Tears of The Anaren


Antpocalypse_7 t1_j18mxml wrote

Wow, that is amazing! Reminds me of Grim Fandango!


Eforth t1_j190juc wrote

This is beautiful!!


cinred t1_j19c4p7 wrote

Infamously named by some edgy, college literature student.


LolwhatYesme t1_j19ca0a wrote

Are the DLCs worth getting?


voithos OP t1_j19j3b5 wrote

The DLCs are free, and great, so yep!


LolwhatYesme t1_j19j6ym wrote

Oh right... didn't realise they were free. Well that's my afternoon gone :)


NuclearBomb505 t1_j1a7nsq wrote

They're already included in the base game. Also yeah they're cool af


fullofthepast t1_j19kc4g wrote

I'm not saying that we should build a city of tears

all I'm saying is I'm alone, and consequently

only my dreams satisfy my real need of my heart

I resist


df1837 t1_j1a5704 wrote

Man I miss this game. Couldn’t put it down.


1Zer0Her0 t1_j1a65b1 wrote

This compels me to finally attempt a steel soul run, but alas, I’m still too scared


voithos OP t1_j1a9tqp wrote

Me too 😱


1Zer0Her0 t1_j1aq7eb wrote

Ah courage brother, one day we shall steel our souls. Also great stuff btw


the_marxman t1_j1besuv wrote

Without knowing this games soundtrack I'm gonna go with Mad World for the accompanying song.


idksomuch t1_j1bw1ox wrote

it's a terrible day for rain


caspirinha t1_j18oica wrote

Jesus Christ this shit needs its own sub


Fave_McFavington t1_j1bc5no wrote

I prefer Silksong over the original, I loved that I could play as hornet and I already completed the game like twice, I'm glad that it released at the same time as titanfall 3, I bought both and enjoyed them very much.


I_UPVOTE_PUN_THREADS t1_j18ldty wrote

This shit has to stop.


caspirinha t1_j18oles wrote

I got a message saying that my account will be banned if I keep reporting these


I_UPVOTE_PUN_THREADS t1_j18ppth wrote

At least they warned you. I got banned by the admins from reddit for 7 days for reporting several of these a couple of months ago.