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voithos OP t1_j17pph3 wrote

Reply to comment by 360walkaway in City of Tears by voithos



360walkaway t1_j17pzq5 wrote

And for a track that's the total opposite of CoT, check out Nightmare King Grimm... it's the only track in the OST that has percussion in it.


AtticusSteele t1_j17qpbf wrote

Dude I recently played through that game and man Nightmare King Grimm was an absolute wall of a skillcheck. Took me hours to finally beat him. Incredible theme though.


360walkaway t1_j17qzib wrote

Yea I didn't like how you can bypass fighting him by talking to an NPC instead.


AtticusSteele t1_j17rej1 wrote

I getcha. I suppose it gives the player a choice they get to live with that play through. Much like a few different interactions with other NPCs like what you do to the blacksmith after getting the final upgrade. What will you as the character decide? An end to the circus (albeit easy ) route or will you challenge yourself and defeat Grimm one last time?


Trololman72 t1_j18az68 wrote

But you're bypassing one of the best bosses in the game.


360walkaway t1_j19erpz wrote

And the charm you get for skipping it is pretty crap


ElBrent t1_j19k3ty wrote

I'd say the charm you get is better than grimchild, but the accordian in dirtmouth will forever mock your cowardice


fghjconner t1_j1a7p57 wrote

Yeah, Carefree Melody is actually a unique effect that no other charm can give you, and is great for things like delicate flower where preventing one hit can be vital.


shinazueli t1_j19yb32 wrote

I couldn’t beat him. I could do the Palace of Pain but I can’t twitch fast enough to beat him.


AtticusSteele t1_j1a3r2v wrote

Dude did you do the path of pain? I think it’s an extra one but it’s so tough. That one I couldn’t do. I was only able to get to the pale king


shinazueli t1_j1atqmn wrote

Yeah path of pain. If you give me something difficult but solvable I can do it with patience, but NK Grimm requires you to have hands, and I’m old.


DontFuckWitSquirrels t1_j1aft37 wrote

When his name takes up the whole screen... you knew you were about to get beat to a pulp. His theme is top tier though.


fishyfishkins t1_j18b8c8 wrote

You know you're fucked when one of the only two fullscreen title cards in the game pops up accompanied by the immediate orchestral slap in the face. In a game of amazing boss fights, this one stands out