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AdaMan_ t1_j1evid1 wrote

Double Dash was the best Kart IMO. Characters having their own special item and seat swapping for strategic plays.


Vocalic985 t1_j1g0rpu wrote

The simple ability of being able to rotate items if you want to use one and save the other not being in any other Mario Kart is crazy to me.


piemanding t1_j1iq6y8 wrote

I'd say it requires a good bit of strategy to not be able to swap. Essentially it forces you to think of either keeping an item in your main slot or using it and hoping for it in the second slot so it can't be stolen or a better combo. Though, I only use this principle for shells/bananas since I never wanna give up a horn. Horn in second slot and shell/banana in the first is god tier rng.


pixel_jess OP t1_j1ewae4 wrote

it was a super fun way of choosing your team composition for sure!


PC-hris t1_j1gfuha wrote

Being able to just strait up punch your opponents was the best feature in any mariokart


arthontigerik t1_j1fp5el wrote

I have not been able to get into another Mario kart because none of them live up to double dash. Maybe one day, we will get a remake or sequel…


AdaMan_ t1_j1fvrsg wrote

Same. The special items really set the characters apart and mixing a team's was great.


zapman449 t1_j1g97q6 wrote

Happy to see Double Dash love… I wish it was an option on later games. Best reason is it let’s people have a more gentle intro to the game… “I’ll drive… you just shoot items and figure things out”


what-are-potatoes t1_j1g6hk0 wrote

Plus it was so fun to play in pairs! I loved bumping people off a cliff 😛


HtownTexans t1_j1hlngt wrote

pairs was so much fun. Loved getting a good punch to dodge the red shells.


noyoto t1_j1hfr4b wrote

Don't forget about the glorious shortcuts.


ziggrrauglurr t1_j1gmh4w wrote

And it was a complete rip of the good ideas that Chocobo Racing had


SEGN0R t1_j1f6vuu wrote

Ahhhh this is one of my favorite tracks in this game and you make it looks amazing 🤩


Soup-Wizard t1_j1ge1jv wrote

This course is in Mario Kart 8 on the Switch too


SEGN0R t1_j1gjpdh wrote

Yeah but double dash is always worth going back to and the globe shows the pair mechanic as well


GARRJAMM t1_j1f06l7 wrote

What a creative idea. Beautifully done! <3


duckduckohno t1_j1f6dwh wrote

Love the Mario & Luigi esthetic


Cerubia t1_j1gt9li wrote

I can hear the music just by looking at this beautiful gif :] this was the first Mario kart track I ever played actually!! My dad bought me this game and I went straight to the star cup… came in last and I cried 😂 Daisy taught me the meaning of the word “brutal.” (I thought it was a type of bread)


spilk t1_j1fwu7z wrote

this makes me want to play Mario Pinball Land


OREOSTUFFER t1_j1gzbmc wrote

Now this gives me memories. I remember getting a week off of school when I was 6 because I had the flu, and the whole week I played Double Dash. I very quickly forgot how miserable I was and just had fun. I always used to drive to the edges of courses and look off into the horizon and wish I could go into the TV to explore them myself - especially on courses like DK Mountain, Rainbow Road, or Toad City, Dry Dry Desert, or Toad Bridge. That wanderlust which was awoken in me never died, and in my adult life I’ve now been to Vietnam, lived in Italy, and next year I’ll be moving to Madagascar! And in some small way, I have Mario Kart: Double Dash to thank in part for that. Thanks for making this gif; very cool!


Y___ t1_j1fig8w wrote

You did a fantastic job, Jess! I love it!


LessRemoved t1_j1fn9eb wrote

This made me smile fr ear to ear.


JekNex t1_j1fukrg wrote

This is so great, fantastic job!


dfisherman12 t1_j1g4d69 wrote

Need a real life version of this snow globe 🙂


JustHereFriends t1_j1gdjuc wrote

I could stare at this all day. Beautifully done


FCTropix t1_j1geami wrote

This is amazing, do you post anywhere else? Tumblr?


Jmackerl t1_j1giwyz wrote

Love Double Dash and sherbet land is one of my favorite tracks from that game! My sister and I have a lot of good memories playing that game while growing up. I’ll have to show this to her.


TheRaspberryRaccoon t1_j1gqelr wrote

One of my favorite courses in the entire series. Great work.


ElliottMullins t1_j1gvi35 wrote

Damn now I need one of these for every track…


breezeb233 t1_j1h1bo4 wrote

Nintendo, we need a new Mario game!!!


Tjobbert t1_j1hep9y wrote

Looks nice! Just watch for Nintendo's ever sueing eye!


l0lh4h4 t1_j1hgxny wrote

Anyway I can download this to use as a screensaver?


Odd_Status_9326 t1_j1hnn1u wrote

Hey Beavis, those wheels are on fire, fire, fire


SovietDash t1_j1hui0c wrote

This soothes the soul.


MegaManMaker t1_j1hw4ec wrote

This is the best. Best generation of Mario games. Thank you!


bmothebest t1_j1il6ez wrote

This is so good!!! I'd love to have a snow globe just like this


dernel t1_j1hjrf1 wrote

Why it looks like luigi is sodomizing mario?