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MoonZinuM t1_j1hgozk wrote

Love how on the second "box" on the pilar there is the light spot that appears to be a bullet hit, can be seen in the now photo still.


steventempered t1_j1hjgoq wrote

The V&A museum, and some of the surrounding buildings, have retained the damage from the blitz. Always thought it's one of the best memorials to how close the war was to home.


C6H5OH t1_j1hp2dt wrote

A lot of Museums and other buildings in Berlin have conserved these wounds as a memorial too. The Siegessäule in the Tiergarten for example.


BushDidN0thingWr0ng t1_j1i9bd4 wrote

I saw the victory column earlier this year! The tower itself is really cool, but preserving the damage to the tower felt very symbolic and made me try to imagine where the projectiles came from. Same at the Brandenburg gate, though I mostly only saw small arms fire


StatusSea5409 t1_j1op8g0 wrote

I loke the way Germany has done things. Just left the scars from the world wars as a reminder. Sure nazi uniforms and such are illegal as fuck but there's a ton of fucked up shit from then left in plain view.


madplayshd t1_j1hy8tg wrote

Many places in Germany still have bullet holes. Not because they couldn't fix it, but as a reminder. The Parliament building even has them behind glass.

Couple examples:

Also fun fact: Berlin has a couple of hills. These weren't there before the war. They are made from the rubble of what used to be Berlin. One of them used to be a flak tower and at the top a part of that tower is still exposed. If you dig down a bit in pretty much any hill, you find bricks after a couple centimeters.


GOOD_BONE_N_CALCIUM t1_j1i5m9v wrote

I feel like as a sole civilian person, may not be a great idea to go digging straight down in berlin.


Diablojota t1_j1hoee8 wrote

I stayed in an apartment near museum island in what was formerly east Berlin that still had all the bullet holes in it. Was crazy to see it every day going into the building and thinking about what all took place back then.


Shirt_Royal t1_j1hxbr8 wrote

Similar in Freiburg. The old university buildings still show plenty of bullet holes. Not necessarily from fighting though, but from liberation. French and American soldiers didn't bother to get ladders to remove Nazi symbols from the facades, they simply erased them with gun fire.


StatusSea5409 t1_j1hmsmq wrote

Holy fantastic eye, batman! That's an awesome catch and awesome period as well. Thanks for pointing it out