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Duckboy_Flaccidpus t1_j1iv6tc wrote

IMO, it's overkill how they try and be as vigilante as you say. Lot's of contextual reasons led to Hitler's rise as the fuhrer and while he maintained his ardent supports the populace as a whole likely started regretting it and he also seized power, really.

They were initially downtrodden, humiliated and stifled by clauses from Treaty Versailles and someone came to them claiming birth right cultural and heritage pride and to be prosperous once again, to be fair it sounded good. I'm not an apologist, well, actually I might be for most of the people, it happens to the best of us and will again too.


eggman64 t1_j1kezmn wrote

What's your prediction for Germany? How soon for another "Nazi"-like party to take power?


Duckboy_Flaccidpus t1_j1m5jjl wrote

They are nowhere near the same stifled, crippled and depressed society they once were; the political alliances, economic prosperity, diplomatic lines drawn and sovereign superpowers are nearly all different, in modern times, besides US hegemony (which could be waning, depending on perspective taken).

I think we are very far off, if at all, from a Nazi-Germany repeat of history, it doesn't really make sense in this climate.