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Kng_Wasabi t1_j1zg17f wrote

He just had a monster game, like top 5 of all time. I think this moment was after he managed to tie the game to send it to overtime, which he then won.

He’s a young guy who has the energy of a kid who just loves to play ball, which is where the golden retriever comparison comes from.


sleepytoday t1_j1zjcl1 wrote

Thanks for that. I was half expecting there to be a team called the Dallas Golden Boys and he plays “receiver “ or something! What’s his name?


Dtoodlez t1_j1zk14s wrote

lol you should look up the highlights, the last shot is a miracle in how many things had to go their way. He also single handedly scored 9 points in the last 40 seconds which is almost impossible in todays nba.


h3lme7 t1_j20sqji wrote

Don't worry, I'll provide that link for you! Lazy bastard..


WorldsGreatestPoop t1_j21rozi wrote

Now I get the tippy taps. He wanted to jump up and down, but he had 2 seconds of defense left.


Fat_IRL t1_j220t6h wrote

I read that he momentarily thought he won the game cause he got caught up in the excitement.


Fat_IRL t1_j220opw wrote

The guy also admitted later that instead of to tie the game, he thought he won it. So he was doing his cute lil dance my himself while the rest of his team went to play defense. (There was only 1 second left and he quickly got back on defense too, but this lil moment of joy is so fucking pure and cute how could you ever say something negative)


georgegervin12 t1_j22nacn wrote

If that's the case, then what if he deliberately missed the game-tying free throw for a chance to outright win the game instead?

How fucking wild would that be if true


clearlynotstefan t1_j22tq2i wrote

Can't tell if kidding but he did deliberately miss the free throw, for the chance to tie it. Free throw is worth 1 point and they were down 2


Fat_IRL t1_j22p6pr wrote

Yeah, I get it but I doubt that tho, he's smarter than that so I think he just had a lil brain fart when he made the basket. Ya know

But really I see him celebrating and I'm like awwww my lil nephew just scored a goal in soccer and I wanna hug his lil self and Luka (the player) is only 23 .. but then he's like 6 7, over 2 meters tall. Whoa buddy.

Like hugging a mastiff. "You're now in control of this hug please don't hurt me". I'm a very large man, it's rare I see anyone my height let alone my general width, but NBA players are laaarge dudes.


Gov_N_ur t1_j20jjcf wrote



sleepytoday t1_j20oh5u wrote

Nah, I love sports. About half my post history is on /r/nffc. I don’t know much about basketball, but this clip was interesting so I asked for more info.


h3lme7 t1_j20svo9 wrote

That entire sub, but unironically.