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AeronMelon t1_j2gu7cs wrote

Meet Joe Black, for anyone wondering.


The_DriveBy t1_j2gvpei wrote

Great movie too. That woman has amazing eyes when she smiles and great face structure. So pretty.

Edit: Claire Forlani. Apparently escaped Weinstein 5 times too.


shmorky t1_j2hlo3k wrote

Which is probably why you haven't heard of her since


Lirdon t1_j2ibpes wrote

Now it makes so much sense. She had so much screen presence and was pretty good in this movie, and just… yeah, no roles or anything. Never thought of that.


HansGruber314 t1_j2j50sv wrote

I recently rewatched MJB and I thought she was genuinely great in it. Her acting was so on point with all of her scenes. And yeah, she's frickin' gorgeous lol.


IndianaGeoff t1_j2gvzr1 wrote

Yes. But I would say she's more striking than beautiful.


The_DriveBy t1_j2gw7up wrote

I see what you're doing but you failed to see I was being serious I guess.


IndianaGeoff t1_j2gwm59 wrote


adjective 1. attracting attention by reason of being unusual, extreme, or prominent.


halfanothersdozen t1_j2gz712 wrote

Strike King sounds like a great name for a bowling alley


muckduck69420 t1_j2hblr2 wrote

That was my nickname in high school. I took a lot of balls, straight down my gutter.


oldar4 t1_j2jg92u wrote

She was in mall rats too.


TheVicSageQuestion t1_j2kfoez wrote

She was awful in that, and it’s the only thing I’ve ever seen her in, so it’s the only thing on which I have to judge her acting abilities.


AeronMelon t1_j2gwssv wrote

I read the New Yorker article about Weinstein. One of the few satisfying things to happen in the 2020s.


rlovelock t1_j2i5h4u wrote

I had such a crush on her after this movie...


Rizzalliss t1_j2i305l wrote

Holy shit! I've never seen the movie, but the moment you described her the way you did my first thought was, "Sounds like Claire Forlani."


Tmotty t1_j2ib4p4 wrote

But long as hell 3 hour movie that probably could cut out a whole our and be great


jfduval76 t1_j2ik8of wrote

Never saw it, but is it supposed to be a comedy ? It look like one. That’s ridiculous. Are N-Y drivers are all psycho-killers ?


bvknight t1_j2izr14 wrote

It's not a comedy, it's a drama romance about life. Pitt plays Death, inhabiting the body of a freshly killed young man (guess how). This scene is funny as a gif but it's shocking in the movie.


pzycho t1_j2k6atd wrote

I laughed so hard in the theater that people around me got angry.


jfduval76 t1_j2j633a wrote

I would still laugh…this is so cheap lol.


ty1771 t1_j2jrsjr wrote

I saw it in the theater back in the 90s and everyone laughed because it was so shocking and over the top.


WebMD_PhD t1_j2je4cb wrote

Movie is like 20 years old


jfduval76 t1_j2jjq2c wrote

And ? Most recent movies suck even more so i don’t understand your point. I still wait for a better Sci-fi movie than Alien and it was made in 1979.


WebMD_PhD t1_j2kqcyx wrote

My point is cgi in 1998 was shit compared to todays standards. This was probably pretty good 98. Probably not “cheap” either.


jfduval76 t1_j2l4vcd wrote

It’s not the special effect the problem here, it’s the delivery and the editing that’s comedic. I can make an abstraction of the technology of the time for an old movie. Bad editing is still bad. 1993 Jurassic Park CGI didn’t aged that well but it’s still a better movie than all the recent Jurassic World movies.


CaptStrangeling t1_j2j30s2 wrote

I rewound the VHS like 5 times because I thought this was hilarious at the time! I’m so disturbed by reading about Weinstein and the abuse of power that represents. But, no, it probably wasn’t supposed to be as funny as it is, not many chuckles after that but Claire Forlani and Brad Pitt made it a great movie.


Skyhighatrist t1_j2jbgcc wrote

I watched this movie with my brother and mom. Mom was horrified when my brother and I rewound so many times because it was hilarious.


jfduval76 t1_j2j5sff wrote

Wait what ? What Weinstein have anything to do with what i said ?


CaptStrangeling t1_j2jd2s2 wrote

It’s farther up in the thread but the actress escaped Weinstein 5 times and was blackballed so presumably that’s we didn’t have more of her in films.


jfduval76 t1_j2jdrrg wrote

Ok but…it’s completely off topic.


Snakethroater t1_j2gyjm1 wrote

It has to be my least favorite Brad Pitt movie.


DariaMinsk t1_j2i8jlc wrote

Idk about least favorite movie, but I also didn't liked a lot. Brad's character was SO weird and everyone around was like "haha funny weird guy" and kept him around. I mean wtf.


Audax2 t1_j2ig6d5 wrote

That’s literally a plot point though. The father knows he’s death, and everyone is bewildered as to who this random guy hanging around is, to the point where it causes issues with the board of his company.


socksnsweaters t1_j2h3qn6 wrote

I know this is terrible, but I laugh SO hard at this scene. Every time. The first time it was just so unexpected and slapstick I couldn't help it, and now it just reminds me of how many times I said "What the fuck?!" while laughing.


Gotta say I've never been surprised by a car hit in a movie since.


Poodicky t1_j2h7ksh wrote

Dude same. I was like 9 years old and caught the ending when my mom was watching it. I bursted out laughing and she got mad at me 🤣


kahran t1_j2hssst wrote

The way they keep looking back at each other it had to be a comedy, right?


JetKeel t1_j2i8850 wrote

I saw this in the theaters and the entire audience busted up, then awkward silence.


Kidspud t1_j2i6ynn wrote

I did the same thing watching Taken. Liam Neeson chases the bad guy, the bad guy makes an improbable leap to get away, the characters stare at each other… then the bad guy gets pancaked by a truck. It was so outlandish that I couldn’t help but laugh.


sparkyjay23 t1_j2hsm38 wrote

Final destination has one that gets me every time.


dactat t1_j2h48vi wrote

It’s an older gif but it checks out.


kharlos t1_j2hbs6j wrote

I see this a lot, but I think that if you think every year is just as bad or worse than the last, that's just you getting old and depressed.

It's normal to think the world is worse than it was when you were young. You'll seek out news and information to confirm that feeling.

It's good to maintain some perspective and be critical of your feelings. Having a bad year is normal, but the world isn't any worse than it was 100 years ago unless you're focusing on very specific cherry picked criteria.


LazyGandalf t1_j2hr5p7 wrote

Historically speaking things are great right now, and in some areas there have been huge improvements compared to just a decade or two ago. One big problem though is that some key areas of living are definitely going in the wrong direction compared to a few decades ago, which is a time frame many people can personally relate to. For example millennials are poorer than their parents were, which is pretty much unprecedented in the last couple of centuries.


notwearingatie t1_j2hc5k5 wrote

I mean, I appreciate your sentiment but even without cherry-picked criteria the planet as a whole is definitely worse. The environment, climate change, the risk of Mutually Assured Destruction. All pretty substantial things that weren't a threat 100 years ago.

That doesn't mean things aren't improving in other areas. But those improvements are meaningless if we're killing the planet.


sacredfool t1_j2hg0r2 wrote

Hmmm.... You mean the wonderful 1920s?

Where large industry was totally unregulated, pollution was through the roof, workers had no rights and deadly workplace accidents were the daily norm?

Where anyone who tried to improve or protest those conditions was accused of being a communist and arrested, maimed or openly killed by the police?

The world which just emerged from a war that killed more people in a week than the whole Ukraine conflict and was heading into the largest financial crisis recorded, which would in turn give rise to another such war?

Yeah, I'd totally love to live in those times!


Deanisgawd t1_j2inbuy wrote

You need a history lesson. Jesus.


notwearingatie t1_j2ipqlc wrote

Tell me more about how the three things I specified; the environment, climate change and MAD were worse (despite the latter not yet existing as a concept) 100 years ago. Can't wait for this 'history' lesson.


Polyhedron11 t1_j2isym6 wrote

You can't set aside the fact you literally said "the planet as a whole is worse" and deflect to just those three things. The person you just replied to was responding to your whole comment not just your cherry picked part.

I'm currently laying on a cheap non fancy couch curled up in a $20 Costco blanket. I've been displaced from my home due to a tree falling on it just days before Christmas.

My point is, I'm living better than a king from the medieval times. I'm eating better, more comfortable, have access to medical technology that would seem like witchcraft on crack, and yet I'm homeless and have no job.

More people today have a better life than the entire population back then. Are people still suffering? Fuck ya. Yet, crime of many kinds has been steadily declining, as well as other things as well.


notwearingatie t1_j2kzjb5 wrote

Seems like you missed the last sentence from my original comment then. Your $20 Costco blanket, whilst great, isn't indicative of the planets condition. It won't save you when this rock becomes uninhabitable to live on.

Seems like my down-voters and replyers are all focusing on the human element, and not what my original comment was addressed at... The Earth. And we wonder why we are in this mess.


hogger85 t1_j2jeho2 wrote

The noble peace prize was set up as Alfred Nobel worried his explosive would be used to end the world , and in 1914-1918 it was used to horrific extent in ww1 the war to end all.wars. anyone int he trenches of Normandy it was pretty apocalyptic and people.worried that could spread. Villages had Pals regiments and literally lost an generations of young men


Potato_Octopi t1_j2hxnun wrote

The environment has been improving a lot. More forests, and less air and water pollution.

MAD or a war between great powers is low. We actually had big wars 100 years ago.


[deleted] t1_j2hanm7 wrote



Amraith t1_j2hhiso wrote

No. Cross the streets with you head held high. Show that asphalt who's the boss.

That's right, we're the dominant species here. We made you. You're just another petrol based invention Mr.Road, screw you.


Unable_Phase2122 t1_j2i7gie wrote

Oh my gosh!! I’ve always loved this movie and especially this scene. When I I first saw it in the theater a young adult came in eight before the scene and sat in the back. When this happened he let out one of the loudest laughs like Will Smith in Fresh Prince, then he walked out. Normally I would have found this rude but for some reason it was hilarious. I might not have realized how funny this was if he had not made it so obvious. I’ve wondered for years whether this movie was intended as a comedy or not.


TerranPhil t1_j2guncl wrote

I can relate. I am relating.

One day at a time, supposedly.


TylerDurdenUMD t1_j2h1et0 wrote

First time I ever screamed “what the fuck?!?!” in front of my parents.


guitarguy1685 t1_j2ibnfk wrote

I was genuinely shocked when I first saw that scene.


zakatana t1_j2hdmh5 wrote

I had never realized how unrealistic this accident scene is.


BabiesSmell t1_j2j3zxg wrote

What's so unrealistic about it?


zakatana t1_j2jomiy wrote

Cars not even braking to avoid running over a guy who's been standing in the middle of traffic for several seconds.


Rithela t1_j2icru0 wrote

Yeah basically my year already.


Ocean_Again t1_j2jvmlf wrote

You don’t see many ford areostars anymore.


Roxxso t1_j2hfokm wrote

I saw this in the theater and laughed my ass off when he got hit. So out of left field and the double bounce was fucking priceless.


Chibibowa t1_j2i0x68 wrote

To be fair. The van didn’t even try to stop.


Earth_Worm_Jimbo t1_j2j66ay wrote

Is that a dummy or a stunt person?!


Dan19_82 t1_j2k34hf wrote

Do you have to ask!


Dia-De-Los-Muertos t1_j2kbedh wrote

Look, not everyone knows it was actually a real accident that occurred while filming. Poor Brad Pitt never walked again. They say that CGI in film came on leaps and bounds in order to make it seem like Brad was walking again in all his consecutive movies.


Earth_Worm_Jimbo t1_j2k3s1f wrote

Obviously I would just assume a dummy, but it continues acting life-like while in the air.

“Stuntmen react” on Corridor Digital has taught me sometimes when you think “no way a person is doing that” sometimes indeed a person is doing that


bobcat73 t1_j2jhei6 wrote

Best hit by a car in a movie


Avser t1_j2jyiop wrote

i used to think this was real back in the early 2000s


daveescaped t1_j2l93rz wrote

There is something unjust about being killed by a Ford Aerostar.


kaloki89 t1_j2gyabe wrote

Fuckin RIGHT!?!? omfg this spoke to my soul 😭


Dicethrower t1_j2hpje4 wrote

How I felt when I read Russia decided to launch a big attack while Ukrainians were celebrating.


TheCzar11 t1_j2i24kt wrote

I never laughed so hard in a movie theater. After this scene though me and my girlfriend at the time fell asleep and woke up at the end of the movie. Very odd.


rlovelock t1_j2i5ma5 wrote

This scene is my highest ever upvoted comment on YouTube. Like 3.1k! I think the only time I've ever reached double digits on a YouTube comment.


Balzaak t1_j2k3xrc wrote

Found your comment.

Brad Pitt getting hit by two cars is the single most surprising moment of your entire life? Like as in… everything?


rlovelock t1_j2lq3et wrote

If you're going to quote me, be accurate.

>Brad Pitt getting smoked by those two cars remains the single most surprising movie moment of my entire life.


Snuffaluffakuss t1_j2jb45h wrote

Same. I lost my temper last night after drinking a bit and said something rude to my gf. Didn’t know she went inside when I thought she left to go get some space. Instead she was pouring everyone champagne including my parents to toast to new year just after midnight.

I then said “why are you so fucking dumb” in front of my family to her and she now is driving home 9 hours after originally planning to spend a couple weeks up north with me at my place.

I fucked up so bad and I fear it’s over for good.


angstt t1_j2gwk2a wrote

So... same as the last 2 New Years?


IIIMephistoIII t1_j2h58de wrote

Me right now getting Covid 2 days ago… for the first time ever.


roblar73 t1_j2h5ijz wrote

Only good part of the movie.


oneflytree t1_j2gvvxw wrote

Is this Brad Pitt playing the part of his children?