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Miffers t1_j2q5odj wrote

Holy crap he died today? 2023 is going to break some records.


sweetplantveal t1_j2q7xiu wrote

> According to a Facebook post from the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office, Kenneth Block was riding a snowmobile on a steep slope at approximately 2 p.m. Monday when the vehicle upended and landed on top of him

I expected an avalanche when I heard snowmobile accident. Rip.


TrinityF t1_j2rwjw9 wrote

After Jeremy Renner, he's the second celebrity who had a snow-related accident?


VolkspanzerIsME t1_j2qa880 wrote

2023 just told 2022 to hold its beer.

The end is extremely fucking nigh.


mtsai t1_j2qfwnt wrote

went out ripping a snowmobile , doing ken block things. rip


I_Automate t1_j2qko09 wrote

At least he died doing something he was passionate about.

You only get to take so many risks before one eventually gets you.


Elegant_Operation820 t1_j2q6s2e wrote

I was never even into rally or his TV shows or his video games but for some reason, I still really feel a sense of loss. now that’s an icon.


TerranPhil t1_j2q7rt9 wrote

Damn, I loved his Gymkhana videos. RIP Ken.


AtheistHomoSapien t1_j2q99b1 wrote

Man.. I've been a fan of him since his first Gymkhana 1. In recent videos he's been teaching his daughter to drive a rally car like a real rally driver as well. He seemed like a really cool father from what I saw. Rip Ken Block.


Raiden115X t1_j2q7ax4 wrote

Jesus christo, a snowmobile accident of all things.


Excludos t1_j2r00yv wrote

Unfortunately, snowmobiles and quads are statistically fucking nightmares. The issue is that when you roll, you can easily get crushed underneath it


DyslexicDarryl t1_j2r306k wrote

I have a 1000lbs quad and it scares the shit out of me for this reason


Mr_Zaroc t1_j2rdloa wrote

When I did my drivers license for my motorcycle they just told me to never ride a quad. Its basically a suicide machine just waiting to flip on you


DyslexicDarryl t1_j2rfkt8 wrote

Can confirm but only if you stop paying attention to what you are doing. In the end it's mostly human error when things go awry with these things. But respecting the machine you operate is alpha and omega


Agilitybonus t1_j2q8f3e wrote

Aww shit man, was just catching up on his YT vids earlier too. Hoonigan and rally won't be the same without him, hope his family makes it through okay.


epicsinmoments t1_j2r0aav wrote

Fuck just watched the video of his 14 year old daughter in the hoonicorn. Sad days.


djluminol t1_j2tj71s wrote

Oh man, he's got young kids. The oldest is 16 I think. How awful they lost their dad so young.


SluggishPrey t1_j2qbq1c wrote

My first reaction on hearing this is sadness. My second reaction is thinking that I should also go on a snowmobile trip with some friends!


MajorDonkey t1_j2r5w1g wrote

So the guy was famous for burning out tires?


marsupialnuts t1_j2q3mp8 wrote


It’s my cake day day somthing nice