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Sabatorius t1_j2sj60h wrote

Is this different from how it normally looks?


zjm555 t1_j2t5ig3 wrote

Dean Village? No, it pretty much always looks like this.


Sabatorius t1_j2tekiu wrote

Sorry, the internet has ruined me and I was expecting something other than a nice landscape gif.


SsjAndromeda t1_j2uoveo wrote

Right? My first thought was ‘OMG the streets are flooded! Oh wait…’ I feel tricked by not actually being tricked :P


Mightysmurf1 t1_j2tk596 wrote

Looking for the Liveleak logo in the corner.


ProceedOrRun t1_j2vy2lu wrote

LiveLeak is thankfully very dead. Hayden was too much of a fuckwit.


Cosmic_Quasar t1_j2v52lw wrote

Same. Thought it was just a photo, then realized it was a gif and thought "something" would happen when I played it and then still nothing else happened lol.


Cloudsbursting t1_j2x2u7v wrote

How did you miss the tiny kangaroo floating downstream in a tube?


luckyxina t1_j2xmn5p wrote

Personally, was waiting for the floating body…


charminghaturwearing t1_j2vrc02 wrote

How clean is that water?


MrHedgehogMan t1_j2vu512 wrote

I mean I wouldn’t drink or swim in it. Plenty jakeys have thrown plenty stuff in there from the bridge.


graboidian t1_j2w0mtp wrote

> Plenty jakeys have thrown plenty stuff pissed in there from the bridge.


tbirdpug t1_j2wewsm wrote

What is a jakey?


calomile t1_j2wi0k1 wrote

Similar-ish to a chav in the general UK parlance. Just with more alcoholism and solvent/heroin abuse.

Source: lived in Edinburgh 8 years.


ThePragmaticGing t1_j2slich wrote

Look closer edit:At the windows……


Bonusish t1_j2sjc5g wrote

What are we looking at here? (besides the Water of Leith obvs)


persianprez OP t1_j2sjy3f wrote

Not a clue, found this spot while on a walk. Had to stop and take it in


Bonusish t1_j2spe4e wrote

Ah right, is it the novelty of Dean Village in Stockbridge that caught your eye? You on holiday in Edinburgh at the mo?

If you go westwards from there the grounds of the Museum of Modern Art are a nice find


captaincockfart t1_j2tv87f wrote

I thought the Water of Leith had overflowed or something, looks normal to me?


BinaryToDecimal t1_j2tactc wrote



calebthedude11 t1_j2tg7tx wrote

Why is it pronounced this way?


NavyAnchor03 t1_j2u8zl4 wrote

So if you say it slower as bur-uh(gh) it makes way more sense as to how it's pronounced that way. Saying "bur" fast enough turns into a "brr" sound, and "gh" is typically pronounced as a soft "uh"


Passing4human t1_j2v5vhp wrote

However, there's an Edinburg, Texas, pronounced ED-inn-burg.


kujotx t1_j2vbq7i wrote

And they put salsa on their haggis


needitcooler t1_j2vndce wrote

Because the English and Scots just make shit up. For example, why do they pronounce "schedule" as "shed-u-all", but call a school, "skool". Is the "Sch" part of these words somehow different?


Scarlet_Breeze t1_j2vz7rv wrote

I don't know any English or Scottish people that pronounce schedule with a soft Sch sound.


nerevisigoth t1_j2wiqa7 wrote

That's the standard pronunciation in the UK. Hang around a train station and you'll hear it in the announcements constantly. People who consume a lot of American media or work with Americans might say it the American way.


Scarlet_Breeze t1_j2x1t03 wrote

I've lived in England my whole life and never heard anyone pronounce it with the soft sch sound irl.


lo_fi_ho t1_j2sgawe wrote

I'd like to live there please


ShingshunG t1_j2t5xrm wrote

Flats in the area are a steal at c.£800,000, or you can rent a cosy two bed for about £1500 a month…


moxeto t1_j2ujmzi wrote

For the same money where I live I get the views of another building. I’d gladly pay to live there


oshinbruce t1_j2xf0sa wrote

Sure, until you learn, this was recorded midday on a "sunny" day in July at a balmy 15 degrees C.

Jokes aside its a beautiful city, well worth a visit.


lo_fi_ho t1_j2xhx2n wrote

+15C on a summer day is more than okay, I'm from Finland :D


ThatDismalGiraffe t1_j2vq9z3 wrote

Oh fuck you with your gorgeous fucking architecture, you utter fuck!

I'm sitting here in California, USA, where the oldest building in my immediate vicinity is maybe 70 years old and falling apart.

I fucking hate that you get to live surrounded by this beauty!

I'm kidding, I'm super jealous and I love visiting Europe. You guys are the best people and your architecture is mind-blowing. Please post more beautiful buildings for me to rage at.


justthetip13 t1_j2wi8v3 wrote

I’m sitting here in flat, boring VA, USA thinking the same about you in CA. At any point, you’re no more than 3 hours away from the beach, the mountains or the desert. You have nine freaking national parks! Grass is always greener my friend


FluffTruffet t1_j2wq0ht wrote

Isn't VA pretty close to the Appalachian mountains and the beach as well? Weather permitting of course? Obviously not the Sierra Nevada or the Rocky mountains but there's some elevation there


ShadowDV t1_j2wuq3y wrote

To be fair, the Appalachians are much older and have much more (geologic) history than the Sierra Nevadas or Rockies :)


TheLadyBunBun t1_j2xaeoj wrote

Well, the grass is only greener in California if you’re where the rich people live


talligan t1_j2wu7nb wrote

Don't worry most of the city looks like depressing shitty brushed concrete buildings from the 70s.

Source: I live here


BokoMoko t1_j2snv8l wrote

I assembled a jigsaw puzzle of a picture of this building


djluminol t1_j2tjw91 wrote

This morning a waterway did the same thing it has for the last 1000 years. Beautiful scenery though.


cpusk123 t1_j2uchai wrote

yeah, the only things that changed are probably the individual plants and the glass in the windows


n00bcak3 t1_j2vteeh wrote

Edinburg is one of the nicest and architectural cities I’ve ever seen. Frankly I thought London and the other major cities in the UK were like any other city in the world but Edinburg was really memorable.


Shurikane t1_j2svin0 wrote

I wanna go back there sometime. Edinburgh was a gorgeous city to visit.


ColJohn t1_j2tzmcy wrote

No way I was just here. Was this in dean village?


trbt555 t1_j2vlsjx wrote

The GIF that keeps on giving.


3DigitIQ t1_j2w310f wrote

lovely, thank you for a non-sensational easy on the eyes gif.


D13U t1_j2sxnh9 wrote

It was noon! Not morning...


jobmaker321 t1_j2t8pom wrote

Awesome place. Awesome country.


obscureposter t1_j2teeab wrote

There is a goose in the window of the castle.


Rusty_M t1_j2vxfgo wrote

There is no castle in this gif. The castle is to the south of this.


Transposer t1_j2uzuep wrote

Looks cool, but why film this beautiful scene vertically?? 🤮


twistsouth t1_j2yx6dd wrote

TikTok generation. Don’t think they know their phones can be held sideways.


jawshoeaw t1_j2v43nv wrote

This is terrible !! Or wonderful. Had to check if this was a climate sub. Is Edinburgh flooding? Or beautiful?


bordone t1_j2v9lro wrote

Is this where the chocolate river from Willie Wonka's factory ends up?


jdayatwork t1_j2vl7j4 wrote

I think this is the village where you get to the Dark Brotherhood through the well.


-Celador- t1_j2vlo20 wrote

Aaahhh it’s as if the Good Lord himself has painted that beautiful land in all the colors of the brown.

And some grey.


bkrluffy t1_j2w4zfu wrote

Hey Dean Village.


dead_skeletor t1_j2sw7ta wrote

I'll be there in March! Any recommendations of things not to miss out on?


MrHedgehogMan t1_j2vuf53 wrote

Botanic Gardens

Edinburgh Castle

Museum of Scotland

Whisky Tasting


Holyrood House

Climb Arthur’s Seat/Salisbury Crags

Get chugged on Princes St

Have a seagull nick your pizza in the Gardens.

That’s the main tourist stuff. Reddit likes to promote Edinburgh and Skye as Scotlands main draws but there’s lots else here to enjoy.


Perendinator t1_j2sxdw9 wrote

I lived there for a few years, Edinburgh is a beautiful city.


TheAtrocityArchive t1_j2t3hdb wrote

My dentists building is right behind you, thought you might like to know....


pheature t1_j2tn2gc wrote

Unreal engine 5


Winterpegger t1_j2tru6t wrote

Are there any fish in that creek or good fishing in that area in general?


lens88888 t1_j2ubx3s wrote

Trolleys, shite & Gormley statues


Winterpegger t1_j2ucdue wrote

Awww, well thank you for your answer!


lens88888 t1_j2udyx9 wrote

Sorry I was being facetious. There are trout there but you're not allowed to fish right there. It's in middle of the city. Upstream you can with various restrictions like fly only. But if you live in Scotland you're spoilt for choice so no one going to fish this kind of scenario.


Perused t1_j2ts5td wrote

Was expecting a Monty Python clip


dignz t1_j2tt02w wrote


I was in Edinburgh 30 hours ago. In Sydney now with another flight to go. So so tired.


NavyAnchor03 t1_j2u7b58 wrote

Ugh Dean Village is a dream ❤


Snufflepuffster t1_j2ueexd wrote

I've seen an image of this bend before and it always struck as looking too fresh, like a flood just subsided. It must be the soil? Is it peat?


goatsukel t1_j2uf7hc wrote

That is Disney’s haunted mansion.


[deleted] t1_j2ugrku wrote

What a city

I've been obsessed with it since a kid when a family member did a semester abroad there


LoreChano t1_j2uhhiq wrote

That river is weird, it doesn't look natural. Is this the normal water level? It feels like the building is almost below the river level. They definitely ran into water while digging its foundations.


isakitty t1_j2uicu9 wrote

I want to go to there


Srhm80 t1_j2ukonv wrote

I love the ancient buildings, they have so much character.


benglescott t1_j2up3zw wrote

Disney Haunted Mansion vibe


dekkalife t1_j2v12dz wrote

GIFs have become higher resolution than my eyes


Regi_L0903 t1_j2v2qcl wrote

it's a place i dream to live


kommentnoacc t1_j2v74q1 wrote

Fuck you and your pollution free country


anilgard t1_j2vqakv wrote

hey, which visa do I need to travel there? Can you guys help?


deathzor42 t1_j2w9twq wrote

depends on where your from really.


anilgard t1_j2w9xkk wrote



deathzor42 t1_j2wb92e wrote

quick look suggest you need a tourist visa for the UK, you can likely contact The British Embassy in Ankara for more details on the exact visa demands, or call an airline before booking tickets they tend to have a good idea of the entry requirements.


kalo_todo t1_j2vusqg wrote

Edinbro, Edinbrah, Edinbbbbbb scenery


astrobrain t1_j2w0eqe wrote

I think I hear Sabbath.


MeInMyOwnWords t1_j2w2vpz wrote

I feel like I’m walking in RuneScape


youngmindoldbody t1_j2w6p23 wrote

Isn't there suppose to be a doggie in the window?


McSphere t1_j2wcznc wrote

Wow, this is literally taken outside my friend's building. So trippy to see it on the front page.


sokocanuck t1_j2weouz wrote

This would make a fantastic picture....and a terrible gif


Rayfasa t1_j2wgnij wrote

Nice view. Thank you.


pr0v0cat3ur t1_j2whe8e wrote

Beautiful, picturesque, peaceful….is QOL life in Edinburgh good? I mean, I could happily live in a place like this as long as it had high speed internet, Amazon deliveries, and a decent golf course.


getsome75 t1_j2wqjz2 wrote

disc golf? your list of must haves was unclear


professor_doom t1_j2wishf wrote

Wow, I know this view. There’s a picture of this exact spot from a hundred plus years ago and now. I need to find it!

Edit: found it!


LWY007 t1_j2wuk7z wrote

Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities in the world.


EN1009 t1_j2wygvi wrote

Thought that was the Haunted Mansion for a min


PorchHonky t1_j2x9vah wrote

Is Cedric waiting for Graham outside?


idealista t1_j2xgiwi wrote

I was expecting part of the church to collapse over the river. Now I'm disappointed...


SuperK123 t1_j2yhv6z wrote

I love visiting places like this realizing that it hasn’t changed in 400 years. Imagine the famous people who gazed upon this view.


picasso71 t1_j2ylccn wrote

A better title maybe would've been "Edinburgh mornings"


crazy_days2go t1_j2zj20z wrote

Use your wand to build a bridge Harry.


octahexx t1_j2svngo wrote

Plotting how to take back the penal colony now named these united states of cant fool us with documentary over voicing about hippos!


TheRageDragon t1_j2urozb wrote

Is it like always cloudy there? When I see photos of this city it always looks like that in the sky.


Apocrisiary t1_j2sgjpj wrote

Holy shit, that water so murky it looks like coffee with a splash of milk.


xRockTripodx t1_j2uxo6o wrote

Pretty, but dreary. Exactly how I've imagined England since I was a kid watching Tom Baker as Dr Who.


rainmace t1_j2u4p13 wrote

Bro, take this nonsense down. Are you serious?