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christianplatypus t1_j2wryhk wrote

Rotoscoped? Her movements seemed super realistic.


kyriose t1_j2xdcm7 wrote

She fixes her shirt and bra straps lol I thought the same thing, must be rotoscoped


djaqk t1_j2ws969 wrote

Seems like an auto rotoscoping like Joel Haver does


Digivee t1_j2zwhn9 wrote

Joel Haver's stuff is done with a program that cant handle quick movements at all, even something like hands waving it smears everything around.

This seems to be rotoscoped by a human, albeit really poorly.


Tit4nNL t1_j2ytv9z wrote

It doesn't. It's clearly a frame by frame drawn animation.


Tridian t1_j2yw6s4 wrote

Then why do the mitten hands randomly turn into full hands with fingers for a single frame every now and again? That's not hand drawn.


williamc_ t1_j2yz0gi wrote

My guess is that the guy you replied to didn't bother to put a /s at the end because he was obviously being sarcastic enough without it.


Tridian t1_j2yw6hz wrote

Then why do the mitten hands randomly turn into full hands with fingers for a single frame every now and again? That's not hand drawn.


space_monster t1_j2zj5pw wrote

I can't think of any reason why anyone would take the time to manually animate this.


DadsRGR8 t1_j2wohtt wrote

Eh, dead arm is better than dead leg. At least you can get up to pee.


KENT427 t1_j2wp0jc wrote

having this feeling on the leg is so much worst than the arm, I literally dont want to move…


dragunityag t1_j2wqk5k wrote

In highschool I feel asleep on the bus to school and I'm a tall guy and the bus had no leg space so I had to ball up.

When I woke up one of my legs was completely dead. Like I couldn't feel it at all, couldn't but weight on it. Had to do the most awkward hobble off the bus of my life.

The bus driver looked at me like I was crazy because I was using the seats as crutches.


ailee43 t1_j2x57ro wrote

and then when it started to wake up, it hurts like fuck if you have any weight on it.


ccknboltrtre01 t1_j2z99q4 wrote

Me too, except id cross my legs. It always be a paid to go down those steps as if something had made its way into my exit only


youngmindoldbody t1_j2xf9fk wrote

Wait till you have dead penis.


ralleruud t1_j2yu6yg wrote

sometimes I sit on my own penis until it falls asleep. that way it feels like I’m jerking off someone else ☺️👍


TravelSizedRudy t1_j2y52yy wrote

It's such an odd feeling. It's not like.... pain. But it is so unbearable.


Jmelt95 t1_j2z452j wrote

I have some nerve damage in my leg that causes it to permanently feel like dead leg. It’s a nightmare, and even worse when I get it from a laying on it wrong situation.


Win_Sys t1_j2xcl7b wrote

I rolled my ankle real good one time by trying to walk with a dead leg. Best to wait for most of the feeling to come back.


DragonflyWing t1_j2zxir6 wrote

Oof, I did this too, except I jumped down from sitting on the back of my car because I didn't realize my leg was asleep. Sprained the shit out of my ankle and got road rash on my arms and knees because I went flying when my leg just refused to support me. That ankle hurt to walk on for a full year.


Win_Sys t1_j32gb55 wrote

Surprised you didn’t snap your ankle.


DragonflyWing t1_j32hi8a wrote

I almost wish I had! A broken bone would have healed faster.


Win_Sys t1_j32voxu wrote

I have never broken a bone but have torn ligaments and ligaments really do suck.


CorrosiveBackspin t1_j2y3g99 wrote

I fell asleep with both arms above my head, I woke up and they were BOTH dead and flopping around, it was nuts


is_that_optional t1_j2y6nne wrote

I get that sleeping on my stomach and stuffing my arms under the pillow. Super comfy unless you fall asleep that way. Massaging your armpit gets the blood flowing a bit faster but good luck doing that with wet noodle arms.


Trixles t1_j2zisc2 wrote

wakes up, can't move arms for that exact reason

welp, i guess this is my life now


Salzberger t1_j2zq382 wrote

I had that once too. I felt like Ace Ventura after he gets tranquilised. It was both hilarious and also kind of scary.


BaconTreasurer t1_j30wozh wrote

Woke up middle of the night, sleepily i realized that there is a strange arm across my chest.

Grabbed it and pulled to realize that it's attached to my shoulder.


PlsSuckMyToes t1_j2z4d3k wrote

That would give me a panic attack


CorrosiveBackspin t1_j2z817q wrote

I vaguely remember it making me panic a bit because I stood up and tried to grab the bedroom door handle to open it and couldn't it was just basically disabled.


Breaker-of-circles t1_j31d38d wrote

This happened to me in the beginning but it also didn't last long. Since I have rounded shoulders from years of pc gaming, I always try to sleep with my arms above my head to stretch my chest muscles. Never happened again. Maybe you have circulatory problems too.


LUX1337 t1_j30clfr wrote

The first time it had happened to me I really thought I lost my arms because they just pull at your joints and you don't feel anything else.


jadrad t1_j2yubuq wrote

For some reason I only ever get dead arms when I eat gluten (it’s one of the symptoms that led me to discover I was celiac).

Since I cut out gluten a few years back haven’t woken up a single night with dead arms.


Televisions_Frank t1_j318lll wrote

I did that once in high school. Hear my alarm and go to shut it off... nothing, so I try the other arm and still nothing. Had to sit there adjusting myself until the feeling came back (and the pain of the feeling came back subsided) to turn that damn thing off.


historycat95 t1_j2wodwe wrote

"A little something I like to call 'the stranger'".


openedwire t1_j2wuimy wrote

What I do is, I sit on my hand for, like, 15, 20 minutes, until it goes numb. No feeling at all. And then I rub one out.


doctorcru t1_j2zl3cx wrote

Came here to post this. Thank you for your service.


tokke t1_j2xnrew wrote

Ah Jeff. One of my heroes.


Grammar-Notsee_ t1_j2wl2uy wrote

He missed a chance to become part of the dead hand gang there.


Anuttydeku t1_j2ws3h4 wrote

At night if id wake up and my arm is dead I usually just throw it where I plan to turn and just go back to sleep


TheW83 t1_j2y4ik5 wrote

I woke up once in the middle of the night to go pee and freaked out when a rat jumped on my leg. I smacked it away in a frenzy only to realize it wasn't a rat but my other hand. My arm was absolutely dead numb and it took about 10 minutes to get it back to almost normal.


sukeroo t1_j2zjlib wrote

This made me snort because I’ve done the exact same thing. Didn’t think it was a rat though, just didn’t know what this heavy thing hitting my side was


TheW83 t1_j2zknij wrote

This was shortly after I discovered there were rats in my attic so that probably played into my head a bit.


OathOfFeanor t1_j2wutj6 wrote

At one point someone was selling mattresses with grooves cut into them for your arms to prevent this problem


k20350 t1_j2zp98o wrote

They sell pillows for people with acid reflux that have an arm tunnel under them. They are popular with people 5hat have bad shoulders too because the wedge pillow takes the weight off the shoulder


Bleach_Baths t1_j2wpy7t wrote

This shit reminds me of that cartoon commercial in the early 2000s. The animation style freaks me out.

The cartoon had a woman using a giant paintbrush.


stink3rbelle t1_j2yi0g1 wrote

It sucks at first, but moving your limbs around a lot helps them "wake up" again after you've lost circulation.


ferrero-rocher-cunt t1_j2wrhxk wrote

Should’ve made the most of it and had a wank


Stiffard t1_j2x0xh0 wrote

Whatcha gone do? Duct tape your flaccid hand around your peen and use your other arm to make it move? That's a lot of work just to schmeet your meat


Jay-Five t1_j2xxxox wrote

Wikihow now does videos?


apworker37 t1_j2y4f6n wrote

I answered my phone with a dead arm. I had to hold it up by the wrist with my.. living arm.


seanbrockest t1_j2ylc5o wrote

I still remember the first time I woke up with that, I was about 12 or 13 I think, and I freaked out so bad because I thought my arm had been paralyzed. It was such a weird feeling having a dead limb just hang, no sensation, it was like an extra piece of meat just hanging from my shoulder.


Dark_Believer t1_j2ycgsq wrote

Welp, now I'm going to need to amputate.


xXxPLUMPTATERSxXx t1_j2ylbnf wrote

Often I fall asleep with my arm off the edge but locked straight because the elbow is pointed down. Instead of being dead it's fairly painful and I have to bend my arm slowly to get back to normal.


BabiesDrivingGoKarts t1_j2yn0ww wrote

LPT: If it's asleep, rub the appendage. Anecdotally it seems to work for me. Like for example, if its my arm, I just take my other arm and rub up and down the length of it as if to stimulate circulation.

When something goes to sleep, I have heard that it's not a blood thing, but a nerve thing. My pet theory therefore, is that while you probably are stimulating some blood flow to some capillaries that were squeeze shut with pressure, it's moreso works because you're stimulating nerves or some bullshit. Also doesn't hurt that just massaging a limp appendage is a little more calming than panicking.


Maxiorek t1_j2z6njb wrote

One morning I woke up and could not feel my entire arm at all, used other hand to move the arm and it moved looking as it was broken. I nearly shat myself. Never slept again with arm under my head again lol


[deleted] t1_j2zrrn7 wrote

I also woke up with a completely numb arm this morning, it hurt a lot when it came around.


jbraden t1_j30aem0 wrote

This was so spot on! Lmao


Johnnyonoes t1_j3141oh wrote

Makes me want to play Another World (Out of this World) all over again.


christo334 t1_j2zx159 wrote

When I have a dead arm I try my best to jerk off it feels like someone else is doing it.