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dragunityag t1_j2wqk5k wrote

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In highschool I feel asleep on the bus to school and I'm a tall guy and the bus had no leg space so I had to ball up.

When I woke up one of my legs was completely dead. Like I couldn't feel it at all, couldn't but weight on it. Had to do the most awkward hobble off the bus of my life.

The bus driver looked at me like I was crazy because I was using the seats as crutches.


ailee43 t1_j2x57ro wrote

and then when it started to wake up, it hurts like fuck if you have any weight on it.


ccknboltrtre01 t1_j2z99q4 wrote

Me too, except id cross my legs. It always be a paid to go down those steps as if something had made its way into my exit only