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PuffieBeans t1_j322l4r wrote

Looks like they're all dead.


deelyy t1_j32343h wrote

Yeah. Like someone feed the shark for the video.. wait a min..


Amasterclass t1_j32h3eb wrote

Pretty sure the fisherman give them some to stop them from taking all their catch


mileswilliams t1_j363vwp wrote

Nope, they feed them to keep them in the area as they attract tourists. It messes with their migrations and is illegal but nobody cares in the Philippines. And asshole tourists pay to swim with them, then ride elephants, watch a dolphin show etc etc..


TheLostWaterNymph t1_j3698ze wrote

I had no idea about the migration thing. In one way that’s not as bad as aqua shows and elephants though. It’s like feeding the seals at Eyemouth since you’re from uk I see… people buy fish to feed the seals and the seals constantly stay because they get free food.


mileswilliams t1_j369rt2 wrote

I don't disagree, it isn't as high on the scale as dolphinariums, but still bad, the migration patterns impact breeding and of course fishermen are not only fishing for themselves, village, shop/market but also a 19 tonne whale shark, they get diseased and get wounds from bumping into boats etc.

They heal remarkably well. And are considered under threat with about half the population of 75 years ago.


TheLostWaterNymph t1_j369y90 wrote

Do you think it negatively impacts their breeding?


mileswilliams t1_j36a9vi wrote

Yes, I used to teach SCUBA in Thailand and we'd often get visited by passing whale sharks, we were really strict about leaving them alone and enjoying their presence. Anyone trying to touch them would have their mask ripped off and that usually makes them surface.

I was told their migration patterns are essential for breeding, mating, food and general health. I don't research it though, so hearsay.


evolvaer t1_j36rvzq wrote

What else did you do in thailand


mileswilliams t1_j36w2d5 wrote

I lived there for about a year, so lots of stuff.


evolvaer t1_j3a0znt wrote

Any impressions of your time there for some one who will never see it?


rubywpnmaster t1_j36853z wrote

Dolphin show the Filipino equivalent to a Tijuana Donkey Show?


mileswilliams t1_j368clq wrote

Probably, dolphin shoes aren't exclusively a Filipino thing, wouldn't surprise me if they still had them in my country UK.


resistible t1_j36q2s1 wrote

Reflecting on your comment, I imagine it's beneficial to the sharks themselves that the locals are able to monetize them instead of killing them to protect fishing grounds. The same transition is happening with the Maasai and lions.


mileswilliams t1_j36w7th wrote

It is better than killing them by sawing them up I guess, but still not ideal.


hiricinee t1_j34cone wrote

Imagine you're a fish just swimming around minding your own fucking business. Then you feel yourself getting pulled down, and then its dark, there's some asshole slapping you in the face, and you feel your skin burning until your face melts and you die. Fun times.


droveby t1_j34vj9j wrote

There's a story like that, a guy got accidentally swallowed by a whale and he was inside for a few good minutes very confused but then the whale puke him out and he was fine




modsarefascists42 t1_j35s3ny wrote

Lol he was in it's mouth not it's stomach, no way a human can fit in their stomach.

A megalodon could probably eat us whole though. Thankfully they died out way before us.


Snizl t1_j3634g3 wrote

we could fit in their stomach. hell we fit in a blue whales heart. We just dont fit through their throat.


Tapil t1_j35mmcs wrote

Not possible for even a cat to be swalled by a whale shark. Their throat is tiny


hiricinee t1_j35rjta wrote

I was referring to fish


Tapil t1_j35ryic wrote

Lol alright. It does read both ways. Swim on lil fish 🐟


hiricinee t1_j35tmy2 wrote

It was ambiguous. I'll amend it for clarity.


Steinthor t1_j34jx5u wrote

The audio that would accompany that would be equally enjoyable.


ManikShamanik t1_j36c4wl wrote

Whale sharks are baleen feeders, so can only eat small fish. We have basking sharks occasionally popping up off the Cornish coast, which fuckwits think are great whites.


Electus93 t1_j325lxf wrote

Did... did it suck one of them fishies out of the sky?


secretMichaelScarn t1_j33exy5 wrote

They’re dead fish being dropped into the water specifically for this video. Still cool though


KmartQuality t1_j3697n6 wrote

Maybe it was a bird that dove for his own meal at exactly the wrong moment


Carnivorian t1_j32vqmn wrote

I thought whale sharks were filter feeders


GregTheIntelectual t1_j33h6h1 wrote

They are


dragon2777 t1_j33l7yc wrote

Maybe the filter is below the “lips” and we can’t see it?


GregTheIntelectual t1_j33ni8q wrote

It's inside their throat I'm pretty sure. I've run into some in the Philippines while diving and I was told not to panic if they get too close. They have huge mouths but their throat is only a few inches wide.l and all the fish get kinda funneled in there.

I was also told not to touch them or there was a fine, and one of them thought that scuba divers were just the neatest thing and kept trying to investigate us.


Crystal_Lily t1_j35bdk9 wrote

Donsol? Oslob has the worse reputation with allowing tourists to touch the animals.


scpinoy t1_j35zgmy wrote

Tourists can get fined a hefty price for touching them, but I haven't really seen them enforce that ...


finn3721 t1_j32782m wrote

did he just eat a pelican?


bizkitmaker13 t1_j32k55t wrote

Holy shit, I didn't notice it until about the 3rd time, but yeah a bird totally dive bombs into that
EDIT: after a few more viewings it looks like just a large handful of fish thrown into the water.


Grizzly62 t1_j3214dp wrote

The fish look like they just accept that it's over and go with the flow


dranaei t1_j32587x wrote

Seems like the whale is eating the flow too.


WillK90 t1_j35d8uk wrote

Seems to happen when you’re dead


jayjayrodrod t1_j34fk2i wrote

There’s a Yo Momma joke in there, somewhere


AutomaticAstigmatic t1_j34fw7l wrote

'Bless the Maker and his passing; bless the coming and the going of him. May his passage cleanse the world. May he keep the world for his people.'

(Sorry, saw this and all I could think of was sandworms)


evilsminion t1_j32zowb wrote

Everything I see reminds me of her


nocolon t1_j34ummj wrote

High as fuck eating shredded cheese straight out of the bag in front of the fridge at 2am.


Costanza16 t1_j33hxul wrote

Basking shark, maybe ? 🤷‍♂️


TLD36 t1_j35j0ri wrote

I thought that was your mom


DunderMittens t1_j34vk37 wrote

Me when I say I’m gonna have just a few crisps


WorstHatFreeSoup t1_j35thju wrote

All I can see is the Star Lasso experience from “Nope”.


Hot-Ad-4215 t1_j33720i wrote

To think how much plastic and garbage these things must suck up is terrible


deck4242 t1_j33f1i9 wrote

one of my best memory is swimming with a bunch of them in Philippines. truly magical.


mavier t1_j33ju8q wrote

Dyson the whale


ChrisX8 t1_j33myd4 wrote

Everything reminds me of her


amitrion t1_j33ubfh wrote

Ok, so how does all that water get back out? Whale spits it from mouth using a siv so the fish don't also leave?


OldHobbitsDieHard t1_j33vkfo wrote

Imagine they are scuba divers getting hoovered up by the monster.


acwildchild t1_j33wafq wrote

The burp later is gonna be amazing


Templey t1_j33xvvt wrote

When are we going to address the whale shark overfishing problem!?


OGToke t1_j342ojn wrote

Me in the middle of the night after too long of a sesh with the boys.


Teddyk123 t1_j34lysp wrote

Looks like a greenscreen sky at the Atlanta Aquarium for a commercial or something


ChiggaOG t1_j34m66z wrote

Giant Vacuum Cleaner


Zanos-Ixshlae t1_j34p1pi wrote

Do you think they ever get tired of eating fish? Maybe there are some whales that prefer seagulls, but they can never catch enough to make a meal out of them...


Marrah-Luna t1_j34p7qv wrote

Reminds me of the Like-Likes from the Legend of Zelda


Elemen0py t1_j34px32 wrote

I should call her.


celsowm t1_j34tjox wrote

Me on Buffet


ang3lk47 t1_j34uwbi wrote

How many birds do you think they accidentally eat? 🤔


MyActualNameIsCarl t1_j34w6o2 wrote

No wonder I can't catch any fish, this guy is out here taking them all.


[deleted] t1_j34yqqx wrote

I’m so hungry I could eat an entire generation of something.


harrybydefault t1_j34zrnc wrote

Well that's the shot of someone's life right there.


Jaredlee33 t1_j35b95o wrote

Just think of all the plastic they consume


xBumpy_Johnson t1_j35d1w8 wrote

My wife use to swallow my kids like that years ago.


eutohkgtorsatoca t1_j35dt32 wrote

Maybe turn that technique to catch plastic in three ocean in a massive scale


boomstickjonny t1_j35gnft wrote

Got to swim with whale sharks when I was in mexico and saw a couple of them doing this exact thing, it was really quite incredible.


shabutie84 t1_j35hyom wrote

Me at 2 am with the fucking munchies


hokka4 t1_j35jqr4 wrote

Dyson of the fish world


toskie9999 t1_j35nzjq wrote

woah that's a big gulp there


JackFJN t1_j35q2jx wrote

^sharkus— ‎



Attacuss t1_j35qakj wrote

How does water still exist


klaad3 t1_j35r5vj wrote

I should call her


Flam3crash t1_j35y4bo wrote

Its more of a drink ... heavily unfiltered :D


Sarcastic_Beaver t1_j35yldl wrote

Pretty sure I saw literally a full bag of garbage in there


BathroomParty t1_j361go8 wrote

It's a pretty common practice to try and feed the sharks first in waters where sharks are going to steal all of your catch if you don't. Not sure if that's what's happening here, but if you're catching deep sea fish, having your catch nommed by sharks on the way up is a pretty common problem. I've even hooked some fish that had a solid bite taken out of them.


garybuttville t1_j364rvk wrote

He's gonna have a massive burp after swallowing that amount of air


Korbas t1_j36h7qe wrote

Only the Muad'Dib of the deep (Muad'Deep?) can tame it.


chimpdoctor t1_j36hthn wrote

They don't call them the ocean hoover for nothin.


energeticposting889 t1_j36hxf7 wrote

The whale shark is the largest fish in the world, and can grow up to 20 meters long


4skinwrinkle t1_j36k776 wrote

Pretty sure this is a video of your mom sucking….


Larca t1_j36klo6 wrote

Just a little snack...


jvtech t1_j36nicc wrote

When you pour the bottom of the Dorito bag into your face.


ARobertNotABob t1_j36ooaf wrote

Whale Sharks are filter feeders. This is not a whale shark.


sky_shrimp t1_j36ozb3 wrote

Fish for lunch, with a side of extra plastic.


PotatoMateYT t1_j36rfja wrote

Bro just inhaled the Ocean💀


sorsted t1_j36t8s0 wrote

I should call her..


godofmilksteaks t1_j38589v wrote

I wonder if he had to burp after all that air from the surface. I wanna see a whale shark burp.


tracyhutchsgt t1_j38tcjr wrote

Shark: 🎣 "Here Fishy Fishy Fishy!"


Pieboy8 t1_j3vl2og wrote

Me at the buffet be like...


DrFrizzlstix t1_j5wbsc3 wrote

If I swallowed that much air, I’d have gas immediately and fell like I’m having a heart attack!


_UpSyndrome_ t1_j35wb9k wrote

Ur mom swallowing my nut 🥜 🤤


boulevardTM t1_j33uqc2 wrote

Me at 3 am waking up to drink the water on my nightstand


THEBIGREDAPE t1_j3252nh wrote

That's not a whale shark, that's a goliath grouper


CumtimesIJustBChilin OP t1_j338dbt wrote

Those things are 8 feet long, those fish are extremely tiny just compared to the head of this fish (the one above). You cant convince me these fish in the GIF above are like 2 inches long.


[deleted] t1_j33gmc6 wrote



Snipper64 t1_j33kikh wrote

Not a Goliath grouper (they got more of a bass like face, and more aggressive feeding style), not sure if whale shark or not just wanted to share this cool vid. They can eat small fish and squid if they manage to get them but yeah mostly filter feeders. As you said color is off and maybe shape, could be a juvenile possibly.