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semistro t1_j3bi9ex wrote

I saw this somewhere already, the vulture is his own and they fly together regularly.


bleunt t1_j3bnv59 wrote

Yeah OP is a bit silly for thinking this happened randomly. Or OP just thought lying would offer more karma.


Biased_individual t1_j3bo1ob wrote

Who would do that? Going on the internet and spread lies? Jesus.


KingDaveRa t1_j3bqizx wrote

I don't think Jesus ever did that.


hok98 t1_j3btb73 wrote

Everyone hated Jesus for telling the truth


Rondaru t1_j3by2ii wrote

Well, he told everyone that three kings came to his birthday in a stable to bring him gifts (and then just went and left him there)


Omnizoom t1_j3dkelk wrote

I heard his mom did though religiously


account_not_valid t1_j3eumea wrote

He said I'd inherit the earth, and that hasn't happened yet, even though I'm the meekest of all the meek. I oughta punch that filthy hippy in the face.


drsparis t1_j3bpmya wrote

The nerve on some people...


windowhihi t1_j3bu347 wrote

The funny thing is that the video would be as awesome if he told the truth. But he had to lie somehow.


evilocto t1_j3bx5ny wrote

OP's account is Karma farming just look how many posts he's made in the past couple of days.


ScumEater t1_j3c9pnf wrote

A post with no follow up comment from op always strikes me as karma farming. Then again I don't make posts.


taleofbenji t1_j3byenm wrote

I refuse to believe that someone would lie on Reddit.


pizzahutbuffet t1_j3ev7ua wrote

Here we are again, I really liked the thought of the vulture somehow deciding to just do this, I just thought it was cool, everything on the internet is fake. Yeah I’m silly, whatever, life’s more fun when you entertain silly possibilities like this


NhylX t1_j3bzrn1 wrote

He didn't really lie. A decision was made. The vulture could have flipped the bird and peaced out.


Chris_Jartha t1_j3bzvcq wrote

I was going to say… I’d hope so. I’d never touch a wild vulture, even if I could. The amount of parasites and bacteria they collect is ridiculous lol


tideswithme t1_j3ezon9 wrote

Man miss this song. Reminds me of the movie in Power Rangers. RIP Green/White Ranger you will be missed 😢


[deleted] t1_j3bqzv1 wrote



Dear_Ambellina03 t1_j3brzc3 wrote

This isn't true. While they do feed on carrion, they are as clean as any other bird. They have amazing gut bacteria that allows them to eat what they do, but they are not dirty.


Trismesjistus t1_j3c0asf wrote

> they are as clean as any other bird

That's not a very high bar to clear though. Birds are pretty dirty animals


Dear_Ambellina03 t1_j3cmzmn wrote

Right, no wild animals are "clean" but vultures aren't abnormally dirty.


beer_demon t1_j3bgwar wrote

While this does look like a domesticated vulture, when paragliding I did have vultures try to land on the top of the wing, and once managed it and then slid off, they are not afraid of paragliders at all.


Camarao_du_mont t1_j3bkf2o wrote

Pretty sure wild vultures don't have leather straps on their feet.


wad11656 t1_j3dxlgb wrote

They literally just said it looks domesticated.


jawshoeaw t1_j3dfny7 wrote

You clearly don’t know Clarence my pet vulture. Wild is his middle name!


OrionJohnson t1_j3d7og4 wrote

Or their wings clipped so they can’t fly on their own, only glide


cnthelogos t1_j3e5bgf wrote

Yes, if I had a pet vulture and clipped its wings, I would definitely take it paragliding with me. /s

Christ Redditors are so eager to see animal abuse. I legitimately believe it's an illness.


Camarao_du_mont t1_j3ec9pr wrote

That's not even how clipped wings work.

It's very noticeable when done, and it's only done to one of the wings. You can clip almost all flight feathers an the bird will still fly.

The goal is to have asymmetric wings so they cannot gain height but can still glide down to safely.

And you don't clip wings, you clip feathers.


brucebrowde t1_j3d4oh4 wrote

Do you think wild vultures would be so unafraid to allow to be petted though?


pizzahutbuffet t1_j3evjm3 wrote

That’s badass I like this comment a lot more than the nerds ruining my random animal encounter immersion


black_brotha t1_j3fox01 wrote

They were just making sure their future food is well prepared and taken care off. Keep gliding


[deleted] t1_j3bjhg5 wrote



Neat_Petite t1_j3btey1 wrote

The snark kinda backfired on you here, didn’t it dear?


kommanditbolag t1_j3bvpy0 wrote

I don't understand what OP is doing in the comments. They're all weird.


Malari_Zahn t1_j3bwdy4 wrote

I'm gonna guess it's a bot that's still working through its response algorithm (6 year old account, once post 6 years ago and a bunch of rando posts over the past two days).


Neat_Petite t1_j3bvuca wrote

From the looks of their post history they’re just a farming account. But I’ve not usually seen bot accounts be so…. odd.


LEGITIMATE_SOURCE t1_j3bzjm6 wrote

Your karma whoring is real backward. Go back to deleting all your posts bot


taffaq t1_j3bq6g2 wrote

Being a bird is so fucking cool


AfellowchuckerEhh t1_j3d6bt8 wrote

Looks so freeing to just casually be gliding through the air like this. Unless there's a bigger bird trying to eat you. Always wondered if birds have a fear/anxiety of heights since it still could kill them if they injure a wing or what not. Or if just chilling on the ledge of a skyscraper is just w/e to them because they can just fly if they slip.


brucebrowde t1_j3d4qew wrote

But birds don't exist...


Splatter_bomb t1_j3f5w4s wrote

Government got rid of all the birds in the 70’s. What you’re seeing is a sophisticated piece of spying equipment.


not_creative1 t1_j3dlhwj wrote

Ants probably think the same about us. And they aren’t wrong


SandiegoJack t1_j3bhtz8 wrote

This video made me uncomfortable. Heights and I are no bueno.


EdEnsHAzArD t1_j3bn5t7 wrote

I'm not scared of heights, I'm just scared of falling


Secret_Autodidact t1_j3bsjc2 wrote

I'm not scared of falling, I'm just scared of the sudden deceleration at the end.


jsha11 t1_j3buhu3 wrote

So gravity isn’t the force to be feared, but electromagnetism is


Secret_Autodidact t1_j3c5idp wrote

Gravity gets a bad rap, it's making you accelerate just the same on the ground as it is when you're falling through the air. It's the damn ground that's the problem, without it we'd be weightless!


Rossrox t1_j3box9p wrote

Same! I describe it as a fear of unsafe heights - if there’s something that I could do either accidentally or on purpose that could put me in serious danger, I don’t like it.


schruted_it_ t1_j3buwcw wrote

I’ve done this and skydiving once! The funny most disquieting thing in skydiving was having your legs just dangling! It doesn’t feel right!


Normynoshoes t1_j3bg56m wrote

Wow I want to fly now.


Seisme1138 t1_j3bgqtg wrote

I absolutely love the mutual grooming. ❤️


OhMyGoth1 t1_j3bxmo9 wrote

Good thing it's not actually a wild vulture. They have very sharp beaks and can be pretty bitey


jawshoeaw t1_j3dgadj wrote

What about talons


OhMyGoth1 t1_j3djfb5 wrote

Not actually as dangerous. They're sharp enough but vultures have relatively weak feet (at least compared to raptors, which is part of the reason they aren't classified with them anymore). No need to grip and kill your prey with talons when it's already dead


MrRoma t1_j3blggk wrote



celo753 t1_j3bn5hd wrote

Yes that is what it is called when animals clean themselves or their fellows out


Trick_Designer2369 t1_j3bi9v8 wrote

Yeah it just wants to eat you and is just getting in early


minedigger t1_j3czegg wrote

That vulture knows it’s one mistake away from a free ride and a great meal.


The_Cysko_Kid t1_j3byoyp wrote

This guy's feet must smell like death


Potietang t1_j3dl9s7 wrote

And now he’s got Lyme disease from petting it. /s


thebarkbarkwoof t1_j3bmncm wrote

In the next scene he nibbles on the wings then Free dinner.


aadoqee t1_j3dkauj wrote

@uru_fly on IG


sadahtay t1_j3bq3ia wrote

Are birds just like, flying over us all the time?


IsDedZilla t1_j3bnats wrote

The way it pulls up reminds me of a police traffic intercept… “what seems to be the officer problem?”


KavensWorld t1_j3bokmy wrote

Both start grooming eachother ❤️


theghostofgotti t1_j3buux8 wrote

Sure, he was "resting his wings" on something that could have been a predator and might have wanted to kill it. Wild animals do this kind of thing all the time.



Butyouplayinn t1_j3bx94u wrote

Those micro adjustments on the tail feathers are cool to watch.


mondomaniatrics t1_j3d6yv0 wrote

omg... I just realized... gifs don't have copyright strikes like on Youtube!


FortuneDW t1_j3dpf5w wrote

Hey, are u ded yet ?


CaveManta t1_j3efhsx wrote

"Sorry. There's gum on your shoe."


Obelix13 t1_j3brhdx wrote

Tagged!!! Now you’re It!!

Is the vulture tagged? I see something tied to its leg.


Jaijoles t1_j3c7l2c wrote

It’s apparently domesticated, and the guy goes on flights with his pet vulture.


PraiseBobSlackOff t1_j3buu8b wrote

That’s a nice looking vulture. I saw a turkey vulture up close and it’s face looked like it stuck it n a fire. Looked all bloody and burn-victimed. I looked it up and they’re all that ugly.


Teantis t1_j3bvar2 wrote

They don't have feathers on their heads so their heads stay cleaner when eating.


PraiseBobSlackOff t1_j3bvmpp wrote

I think I knew that. The turkey vulture has a red head. Looks weird. Huge wing span. They would hang around the lake with the jogging path looking for carrion. Majestic flight.


Teantis t1_j3bvz46 wrote

Yeah think quite a few birds have red skin under their feathers. Quite a few actual turkeys do and chickens


poonnaga t1_j3bwo57 wrote

Nothing more free than a bird. Just watching the world unfold from above. I’d sacrifice my marble bag for the ability to fly. My nut set. My kibbles and bits.


Atticus_152 t1_j3bx42z wrote

Well that's... Some version of a Disney princess.


funky555 t1_j3bxa9d wrote

my dumbass: "What if he falls 😰"


ScumEater t1_j3c9ix4 wrote

His little tail rudder is the coolest thing


colbsk1 t1_j3dhd9t wrote

That's awesome


durntaur t1_j3dob7a wrote

Some noms on the shoe.


[deleted] t1_j3du7wi wrote



Desperate-Fix-9930 t1_j3dyy6n wrote

It's still a vulture


[deleted] t1_j3dz6k8 wrote



Desperate-Fix-9930 t1_j3e0sxm wrote

That is a species of vulture. Not all of them have a bald head and neck. Some, like this one, just have a bald face. You can see it when it's nibbling his right shoe. Hawks and falcons also have generally short and very curved beaks, while this one has a longer and flatter beak


hauj0bb t1_j3e1yk5 wrote



L0V1 t1_j3e3g2y wrote

Fucking shithawks coming


Soy_una_biblioteca t1_j3eg1az wrote

“Uhh lemme just get a little nibble on that shoe right there “


plomerosKTBFFH t1_j3epn6b wrote

"I'm so hungry, where's the nearest carcass? Oh look a paraglider! Man it would suck if you had an accident and died."


wilby321 t1_j3epu3m wrote

Vulture trying to find out what that smell is in his shoe


sentolover t1_j3eqw9v wrote

Could have done without the music.


SubtleRedditIcon t1_j3er6of wrote

Wait do birds like to be petted? And is it petted or pet? Regardless, do all animals that aren’t pets like to be pet? Or petted?


Slippergypsy t1_j3eui23 wrote

This is like the guy that flies with a flock of geese or duck, very majestic


Laura3109 t1_j3evk2e wrote

Yeah, I might take that as a really bad omen.


evillman t1_j3f85zp wrote

Hey, look! It's Larry!


ipaxton t1_j3fhdrm wrote

Slow ride, take it easy


TrappedOnARock t1_j3fqkqf wrote

"Stop petting me and help me find my next meal, damn it"


[deleted] t1_j3buqf2 wrote

Would be so much better without the musical ‘accompaniment’ - why not just use the actual sound?


shlam16 t1_j3bw6gt wrote

The actual sound would be a nightmare of wind. Just a silent gif is all that was needed.


willow0918a t1_j3eu8q2 wrote

I think the song fits perfectly.


[deleted] t1_j3flgon wrote

Fair enough…I’m just more than a bit over the apparent ‘necessity’ to add music/songs to clips that almost always don’t need it. Think it’s the TikTok generation and their apparent super short attention span and intolerance/fear of silence! Maybe I’m just old…😂


LafondaCrawford t1_j3byko7 wrote

Repost. Knowing that the guy and the vulture have a relationship helps but it makes me so frustrated when he pets it.