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beer_demon t1_j3bgwar wrote

While this does look like a domesticated vulture, when paragliding I did have vultures try to land on the top of the wing, and once managed it and then slid off, they are not afraid of paragliders at all.


Camarao_du_mont t1_j3bkf2o wrote

Pretty sure wild vultures don't have leather straps on their feet.


wad11656 t1_j3dxlgb wrote

They literally just said it looks domesticated.


jawshoeaw t1_j3dfny7 wrote

You clearly don’t know Clarence my pet vulture. Wild is his middle name!


OrionJohnson t1_j3d7og4 wrote

Or their wings clipped so they can’t fly on their own, only glide


cnthelogos t1_j3e5bgf wrote

Yes, if I had a pet vulture and clipped its wings, I would definitely take it paragliding with me. /s

Christ Redditors are so eager to see animal abuse. I legitimately believe it's an illness.


Camarao_du_mont t1_j3ec9pr wrote

That's not even how clipped wings work.

It's very noticeable when done, and it's only done to one of the wings. You can clip almost all flight feathers an the bird will still fly.

The goal is to have asymmetric wings so they cannot gain height but can still glide down to safely.

And you don't clip wings, you clip feathers.


brucebrowde t1_j3d4oh4 wrote

Do you think wild vultures would be so unafraid to allow to be petted though?


pizzahutbuffet t1_j3evjm3 wrote

That’s badass I like this comment a lot more than the nerds ruining my random animal encounter immersion


black_brotha t1_j3fox01 wrote

They were just making sure their future food is well prepared and taken care off. Keep gliding


[deleted] t1_j3bjhg5 wrote



Neat_Petite t1_j3btey1 wrote

The snark kinda backfired on you here, didn’t it dear?


kommanditbolag t1_j3bvpy0 wrote

I don't understand what OP is doing in the comments. They're all weird.


Malari_Zahn t1_j3bwdy4 wrote

I'm gonna guess it's a bot that's still working through its response algorithm (6 year old account, once post 6 years ago and a bunch of rando posts over the past two days).


Neat_Petite t1_j3bvuca wrote

From the looks of their post history they’re just a farming account. But I’ve not usually seen bot accounts be so…. odd.


LEGITIMATE_SOURCE t1_j3bzjm6 wrote

Your karma whoring is real backward. Go back to deleting all your posts bot