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bleunt t1_j3bnv59 wrote

Yeah OP is a bit silly for thinking this happened randomly. Or OP just thought lying would offer more karma.


Biased_individual t1_j3bo1ob wrote

Who would do that? Going on the internet and spread lies? Jesus.


KingDaveRa t1_j3bqizx wrote

I don't think Jesus ever did that.


hok98 t1_j3btb73 wrote

Everyone hated Jesus for telling the truth


Rondaru t1_j3by2ii wrote

Well, he told everyone that three kings came to his birthday in a stable to bring him gifts (and then just went and left him there)


Omnizoom t1_j3dkelk wrote

I heard his mom did though religiously


account_not_valid t1_j3eumea wrote

He said I'd inherit the earth, and that hasn't happened yet, even though I'm the meekest of all the meek. I oughta punch that filthy hippy in the face.


drsparis t1_j3bpmya wrote

The nerve on some people...


windowhihi t1_j3bu347 wrote

The funny thing is that the video would be as awesome if he told the truth. But he had to lie somehow.


evilocto t1_j3bx5ny wrote

OP's account is Karma farming just look how many posts he's made in the past couple of days.


ScumEater t1_j3c9pnf wrote

A post with no follow up comment from op always strikes me as karma farming. Then again I don't make posts.


taleofbenji t1_j3byenm wrote

I refuse to believe that someone would lie on Reddit.


pizzahutbuffet t1_j3ev7ua wrote

Here we are again, I really liked the thought of the vulture somehow deciding to just do this, I just thought it was cool, everything on the internet is fake. Yeah I’m silly, whatever, life’s more fun when you entertain silly possibilities like this


NhylX t1_j3bzrn1 wrote

He didn't really lie. A decision was made. The vulture could have flipped the bird and peaced out.