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Zelcron t1_j3jpqc2 wrote

Reply to comment by joestaff in How keys works. by -birdbirdbird-

I still don't know why they replaced it with the skyrim/fallout system. It was accurate and occasionally challenging, and way more fun as a minigame.


joestaff t1_j3jqc99 wrote

I think because it could be done by player skill alone. I got good enough at it that I could do it with my eyes closed no matter the lock level or character skill.


Centimane t1_j3k01qi wrote

But, is that really a problem?

You can kill trolls with a 1 handed weapon even if you don't level 1 handed, if the player is really good. So lockpicking being similar isn't out of place.


Zelcron t1_j3jqyx8 wrote

So keep the system but level gate the locks based on your skill level like they do in skyrim and fallout.


Jaew96 t1_j3jyl5a wrote

Just fallout. you can still pick any pickable lock in Skyrim regardless of level, it’s just significantly easier with higher skill


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Mrjoegangles t1_j3myykp wrote

Nope, larger the skill level the bigger the “window” for success and more resistance you can apply before breaking a lock.


yumri t1_j3m4hdx wrote

So more complex designs for the player to manually unlock of locks as you level up or just 1 lock design for everything like in Oblivion?


BoomZhakaLaka t1_j3lfoup wrote

I'm pretty sure they switched to the Skyrim version because.... Bethesda's direction has been to steadily remove mechanics and simplify the ones that are left over. The new one - even if you find it more difficult - aligns with that goal: simpler mechanics


Caaros t1_j3jrz7t wrote

Elder Scrolls Online has the Oblivion system (and the keyboard and mouse controls for it aren't absolutely trash).


RiderExMachina t1_j3jzgu3 wrote

I know the Oblivion one is more accurate but I hated it. I was almost never able to pick any locks and basically just gave up.


Snufflepuffster t1_j3k9158 wrote

ime the trick is to wait until a pin falls back down quickly, then attempt to hit (a) when the pin is at the top of the barrel on the following try. Rarely does a pin fall quickly two times in a row.


web_knows t1_j3kwnyb wrote

Ever played Kingdom Come Deliverance and attempted picking any locks? Yea Oblivion's was a bliss and I didn’t know it


Xaroin t1_j3k774i wrote

My man you can literally get the skeleton key and open any lock without any issue or use spells


awawe t1_j3n5ywp wrote

It was accurate to modern pin tumbler locks, which were invented in 1848, and weren't widely adopted until a century later. I don't think they would really fit a viking themed game.