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EsuBlack t1_j45nj7y wrote

Damn Smeagol, you alright? It's the Nazgul again huh?😟


Obelix13 t1_j46ove4 wrote

He's probably suffering a flashback from the Emu Wars.


EsuBlack t1_j46ye6a wrote

Hhh, I had never heard of this Emu War before😂 -Jack, where's Henry? Jack? Jack! (Jack sobs and looks up) -He's gone Oliver! The Emu's got him...😱


zyygh t1_j45quzj wrote

Gotta say, this crop of the painting makes it lose some of its magic.

A brilliant part of the original painting is the two people walking away from the viewer in the background. They either are unaware or choose to ignore the person in despair, which adds a whole 'nother layer of helplessness.


hoii t1_j47cyzn wrote

iirc, the scream isn't supposed to be coming from the figure in the picture, the scream is from nature, the swirling chaotic vibrant surroundings and the figure (Munch) is experiencing the scream and not themselves screaming. At the same time, see it how you want, all art is polysemic.


callalily742 t1_j48f83u wrote

Man I failed a poetry assignment in high school because I "interpreted it wrong." Thank you for your comment, I've been preaching that for years.


hoii t1_j48jdo5 wrote

No worries, I totally understand, they really need to move away from teaching this way. Meaning is created through the act of observation and context, its not inherent in anything despite what people say the artist 'intended', that meaning only applies to them and the perception of their own creation, once it's out into the world they have no control over its meaning.


holypoesje t1_j45mx0a wrote

This literally makes my skin crawl


spacepoo77 t1_j45p71b wrote

He's upset cos he lost his ring


spiderborland t1_j46hgab wrote

I don’t know that this is so much is scream as it is they were just told how much it was going to cost for them to repair a timing chain on a 2011 Volvo after only owning the vehicle for a few months even though they thought they were buying a thoroughly serviced car.


Zachbnonymous t1_j472bjq wrote

What a random thing for me to be able to relate to. Had a similar thing happen not 6 months ago on my Volvo. The a/c compressor belt broke, and it flew up into my timing belt. I was lucky to not have any bent valves, and replaced the accessory belts myself. But the timing belt cost nearly 2 grand


spiderborland t1_j473kr7 wrote

I joke that all Volvo parts are hand made in Sweden... in the same factories that used to manufacture tanks. See... during the war, all the men went off and served, so the women went into the factories. Once the war ended, they didn't need tanks, and the women enjoyed working... so they switched to Volvo parts. Those same women have been working in the factories ever since... and they're getting older, and there aren't as many as there used to be. So now there's a very small workforce of slow moving factory workers making Volvo parts... hence why they cost so much.

EDIT: This story relies on my version of what Sweden was doing during the War, and I won't change my story regardless of what they were actually doing because the story won't work anymore.


Brash401K t1_j45tohp wrote

Apparently the guy isn’t screaming, but blocking his ears because of someone screaming.


horanc2 t1_j45n3sp wrote

I both really want to know, and desperately don't want to know, the full story behind this.


reverse_monday t1_j45njnw wrote


horanc2 t1_j45nqb9 wrote

I meant the terrifying animated gollum child. The painting I'm aware of.


stomponator t1_j46huh3 wrote

"You don't have any friends. Nobody likes you!"

"I'm not listening. Not listing..."


Raiden115X t1_j48a33t wrote

The Prometheus and Bob reboot is looking good.


sudi- t1_j45ubaq wrote

Cursed gif


gooden93 t1_j47udzx wrote

Thanks, I love it