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hjnkbo t1_j4cf6xm wrote

Stonecold motherfucker


egstitt t1_j4fbtys wrote

My man didn't even miss a syllable. Cast iron huevos


BanditMaverick t1_j4cjvka wrote

Dude almost gets smoked but god damn this news must be read!


repoflor t1_j4cxwpa wrote

nobody talking about how skilled is this bus driver


Zincster t1_j4d2t5a wrote

Right? He got as close as possible to the reporter without hitting him giving the bus enough room to pass an oncoming bus.


Vineyard_ t1_j4darf2 wrote

"...shit, I missed." -- Bus Driver


Zincster t1_j4doy4o wrote

That was one of the jokes my Grandpa would make when I was learning to drive. We would drive by a pedestrian and he would say "You missed them by a mile!"


[deleted] t1_j4e2vkc wrote

It's probably just luck. A skilled bus driver would slow down.


SarcasticAssClown t1_j4g1v0l wrote

You've never been to Latin America, have you? The only thing a bus driver slows down for is a paying customer wanting to get on.


Raevix t1_j4dkn9t wrote

Even if you ARE skilled enough to thread the needle between an oncoming car and a bystander with his back turned to you...

Maybe you just slow down anyway and let the oncoming car pass and DON'T give the bystander a surprise shave?


KmartQuality t1_j4ea35d wrote

This bus driver probably defies gravity on a mountain in Ecuador 50 times a day.


sirsarin t1_j4eoaok wrote

Got back from the Dominican awhile back, gave me a heart attack the way people drove. No stopping or slowing just a beautiful hive mind of chaos.


kaoscurrent t1_j4eudpl wrote

Yeah, once you've managed to drive through La Nariz del Diablo at night without falling into the inky blackness below you become an honorary driver of the Knight Bus.


dinoroo t1_j4dnqsk wrote

That bus turned around really fast!


olvol t1_j4g7ip8 wrote

It turned around for a second attempt


leeuwerik t1_j4cf61m wrote

Confirmed: road width is ok.


NNovis t1_j4crsr6 wrote

Wonder if there's a camera person here too. Cause the camera person saw it coming too....


AlexBurke1 t1_j4d0ekc wrote

It looks like he did move a split second before the newscaster, and that may have even subconsciously tipped off the newscaster guy that something was coming.


Coreoreo t1_j4dakv4 wrote

Camera angle changes just enough to catch the would-be red mist


TheBravePenguin t1_j4ck49h wrote

That almost happened to me once while me and my friend where biking to the skatepark, the road was really tiny and I was basically riding near the white line and a mack truck didn't want to move a bit and came so close, the wind of it stopped me in my tracks


PooPooDooDoo t1_j4dy566 wrote

That’s why I never bike or ride on roads. So many people looking at their phones not caring that they are like a foot away from you.


sonofthenation t1_j4ctq28 wrote

I was in Peru and our bus driver would pass fuel trucks around corners and then wait to the last second to pull back into our lane narrowly missing Semi trucks coming the other way. We sat in the second row upfront so we could look out the windshield. I had to sit with my ass checks clenched ass hard ass I could so I didn’t shit my pants. I won’t even tell you what out mini bus tires looked like when we got a ride back to town after a week climbing in the mountains. Those will bring terrifying images in your dreams for years.


SarcasticAssClown t1_j4g2ihw wrote

What's supposed to happen, he has "Dios es mi guia" written clearly on the bus...


R0botDave t1_j4dv6hz wrote

Neither his shirt or his hair move from the air movement that would be generated by the bus.

So I'm calling fake.


stephen01king t1_j4e2von wrote

His shirt definitely rippled from the air pressure. Try slowing it down at the moment the bus passes him and look at the shirt below his right shoulder.


mutilatedxlips t1_j4efcut wrote

My life flashed before my eyes for him.


kajinek t1_j4ctk5a wrote

This exact thing happened to me once. It took me a few minutes to realize wtf just happened and then a few days to process it.


OncewasaBlastocoel t1_j4d9e4w wrote

If that bus had a side mirror like it should, that guy would be dead.


repoflor t1_j4fefxn wrote

the mirrors would ruin all the aerodynamics


mykmayk t1_j4d87np wrote

Reporter is a certified idiot


n-some t1_j4echka wrote

It would be really funny if he was in the process of reporting on the number of pedestrian accidents on this road.


Tonlick t1_j4ejnyo wrote

No amygdala found.


Lovat69 t1_j4eps9p wrote

Didn't even flinch. What balls.


nihilistparadise95 t1_j4cpkqm wrote

Pretty sure it's fake, part of his arm disappears into the bus.


throwawhatwhenwhere t1_j4csylf wrote

no it doesn't


Tooperky t1_j4evt73 wrote


throwawhatwhenwhere t1_j4g28si wrote

No, it doesn't. The blurring between similar colors is an artifact of digital lossy compression.

Using a greenscreen would be no reason for the effect you are describing anyway. You can point to some suspicious things happening here but the arm disappearing into the bus isn't one of them.


TsuNaru t1_j4crr42 wrote

Fake. You can see the green screen.


Lucius1213 t1_j4cxnpl wrote

Where? It definitely seems off to me but can't really put my finger on it


TsuNaru t1_j4d37aw wrote

Top right area in between the tree leaves.


Oh-God-Its-Kale t1_j4ddbxz wrote

Uhhhhh... not seeing it. The way the air stream hits the reporter seems spot on imo


TsuNaru t1_j4dh493 wrote

I don't understand why I'm getting downvoted. It's literally right there. Oh well lol


stephen01king t1_j4e2j28 wrote

Right there is not a description. Maybe you should explain better?


bsqchris t1_j4dm6yk wrote

Agree. Completely fake. You can see part of his arm disappear when the bus “drives past”


Wilde_Cat t1_j4cx2a5 wrote

Ok but how did he not even flinch?


card797 t1_j4d69yj wrote

His eyebrow hair moved only.


Bender352 t1_j4dek5e wrote

I don't think they understand the concepts of breaks in that country.


thecwestions t1_j4digha wrote

I hope he realizes how close he was to losing an arm.


thunderc8 t1_j4drz55 wrote

That last moment left hand pull was the real luck.


robertshuxley t1_j4e2idi wrote

cameraman didn't even give the reporter a heads up


cpraxis t1_j4ee44m wrote

Good thing the rear view mirrors are so high up


dwc29 t1_j4ekknv wrote

In other news, that was pretty close.


Keurnaonsia t1_j4fbhtj wrote

Imagine him on a motorbike going in the opposite direction with the bus, on the outside edgeof the buslanr and the bus doing 120km/h.

That’s Patura road in Indonesia for you :)


elsunfire t1_j4fngbp wrote

Reminds me of walking around Kochi, India where sidewalks are nonexistent. First time a bus (people call them red killers there for a reason) passed me like that my whole life flashed before my eyes but after it happened again and again in a span of a short 15 minute walk it just felt like a mild inconvenience mostly due to the dirt and sand that follows the bus and hits the back of your neck when it passes.


Craticuspotts t1_j4fv8xn wrote

I keep expecting that mirror to take off the top of his head .. that's crazzy


ElGuano t1_j4g0hun wrote

Good thing that bus didn't have those low hanging side mirrors.


Pippin_uk t1_j4g48c4 wrote

What about when the bus driver even flashes his lights at his colleague coming the other way....they've all got ice in their veins....


WatashiWaWado t1_j4dln9s wrote

Surprised the truck didn’t roll over his Massive Steel Testicles getting so close like that