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Grayboosh t1_j4ia0ha wrote

Good thing it used its double jump


francoij t1_j4ioe0b wrote

Why does it seem to appear out of nowhere ?


cannondave t1_j4ixja9 wrote

Because the shit resolution of 200x150 pixels is to low to discern any objects until you hit it with the camera


Asgar06 t1_j4k6dkw wrote

i think it's because of the low frame rate of the camera


dumptrump3 t1_j4kt7dz wrote

Of the 5 that I’ve hit, they all came out of nowhere.


anally_ExpressUrself t1_j4leori wrote

This is why it's critical to slow down and be extra cautious whenever you're driving by nowhere.


dumptrump3 t1_j4ll34z wrote

Haha, I live in northern Michigan. Everywhere is nowhere.


the_first_brovenger t1_j4lb124 wrote

Played it back at 1/16x and was able to see a few brown pixels swimming in a few frames before it's "visible".

Potato camera and compression of the ass variety.


wedontlikespaces t1_j4lckr9 wrote

It's god awful compression. Sure, the input probably wasn't that good but I am pretty sure it's the compression algorithm that's dropping frames.


daluxe t1_j4l8875 wrote

Rare case when potato quality makes video better


Midgetmunky13 t1_j4lkwvy wrote

Bad camera, but it does make for a good demonstration of how it feels when you are driving and a deer jumps out. They seem to really come out of nowhere.


Ferme_La_Bouche t1_j4ioaqq wrote

I hate when they fly out of worm holes like that.


overrespond t1_j4irs5d wrote

I thought the same thing! But on the third or fourth watch I think it was running along the road and then cuts across, so it looks like it comes out of nowhere.


Gear_ t1_j4j6m8p wrote

Fr that thing teleported into oncoming traffic


HI_Handbasket t1_j4jjp6m wrote

We can't see the bumper in the video, but I'm certain that it clipped the right rear leg and sent the deer spinning. That was not a controlled leap.


eternalankh t1_j4j2124 wrote

Right! If that deer hadn't ran out into the road and alerted the driver, they would have plowed right into that stopped car in front of them.


davegammelgard t1_j4j4t4t wrote

He is The One.


somdude04 t1_j4krgfx wrote

What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge cars?

No, Neo. I'm trying to tell you that when you're ready, you won't have to.


Yala-enki4320 t1_j4ilcc9 wrote

Oh deer, another insurance scammer…


SubVettel t1_j4io47v wrote

The deer is filming a tiktok challenge


Reelplayer t1_j4ih9xm wrote



Magic_Neil t1_j4iupt5 wrote

That deer chose the red pill.


elmo_touches_me t1_j4lkduf wrote

A perfect fosbury flop from that deer! 10/10


DontHugMeImAwkward t1_j4ijp69 wrote

That deer has been watching king Fu movies or something, damn


jesbiil t1_j4ip675 wrote

Giving me flashbacks to yesterday, threaded between two "deer". I had to look up what the hell they were afterwards and I didn't know we had pronghorns here!


KenshinManabu t1_j4ixgs2 wrote

I flipped out when I saw that! Bad memories! So glad I don't drive anymore!


Keikasey3019 t1_j4j0xl5 wrote

TIL deers have TikTok and film each other doing stupid shit too


EevelBob t1_j4j3bty wrote

Looked like a pretty sick Ollie with a 180° McTwist.


triadwarfare t1_j4j829d wrote

The way it bended.. if it was human, I could have sworn it is trying to do some insurance fraud.


HarioDinio t1_j4jgtyc wrote

Even dear these days are trying to defraud their insurance companies.


bhaunda t1_j4jjbnx wrote

"This ain't my first rodeo"


Clovadaddy t1_j4jknr4 wrote

I’ve had this exact thing happen. Only difference was the deer was being chased by a German Shepard which didn’t make it over the hood like the deer. Was terrible and also car had like 200 miles on it.


shadowlarx t1_j4jm7he wrote

Someone get that deer in the Olympics.


Rentlar t1_j4l0ndr wrote

Remember to replace the bar with a moving truck for every Olympic vaulting/jumping event.


Meanteenbirder t1_j4jxw4u wrote

Here to say I almost hit a dove flying in front of my car at 65 mph today. It responded by barrel rolling out of the way at the last second.


MaffinLP t1_j4k2ro6 wrote

He just spawned wtf


js_mars t1_j4k5h8t wrote

Definitely plays football (soccer)


jovhenni19 t1_j4khmqx wrote



arnold001 t1_j4kpggn wrote

Neymar is proud! 👏


b98765 t1_j4kt9pc wrote

Clearly the deer was attempting insurance fraud. It may still sue you, so save the vid!


richard_slyfox t1_j4ku1cm wrote

I don't remember the deer scene from The Matrix


MechE420 t1_j4kx6g0 wrote

Same thing happened to my dad, except he didn't brake in time. A deer jumping might clear a compact car, but it sends them right through the windshield of a pickup. He was lucky because it wrapped around the windshield frame which prevented it from coming straight through completely. It ended up landing in the bed of the truck. I was 10 a cell phones were brand new and my dad didn't know how to use one but some lady stopped and let him borrow hers to call my mom, who answered just as he was giving up so all she heard was my dad handing the phone back to the lady saying "yeah I don't think it's working..." And the lady says "you're going to drive home with it sticking out like that!?" And my mom is screaming "WHAT? WHAT IS STICKING OUT? WHAT HAPPENED??" Since the deer didn't make it through the windshield, about 1/3 of the windshield was curved in pointing at the driver seat (because windshields have that laminate that prevents them from straight shattering) so my dad grabbed his work gloves, broke off the dangling windshield, and finished the drive home from work. Watched that crazy bastard pull up to the house covered in blood, guts, and a half a windshield. First thing he did after getting out of the truck was grabbed a cold beer and drank it like he just made it out of the Sahara, I think we'd all have guessed as much.


sweetenedherb t1_j4lmp4j wrote

if only all animals did this. i hate seeing roadkill on the roads :(


Shadypretzel t1_j4lziqw wrote

Now on NBC: Venison Ninja Warrior


MRGDL t1_j4m1ypk wrote

Hard Core! Parkour!


Averen t1_j4mdkrk wrote

I’m sure it’s camera quality or something but the deer just appears


reddyitz t1_j4n3zbb wrote

I'm pretty sure he tagged a bumper sticker on


Furby-beast-1949 t1_j4n7lty wrote

Y’all that deer has got some skill 😂😂😂


sowhatfucku t1_j4nazl9 wrote

You almost had dinner for 2 weeks.


Dark_Dollie t1_j4ngueq wrote

I really hope they stopped to make sure it was alright. It could easily have broken a leg. It's terrible to leave it injured and without any help. I remember one time I was driving to my mothers. It was a 6hr drive from my home to hers, if I encountered little to no traffic. So, I set out from my place at the usual time, between 9PM and 10PM. In Northern Ontario, the scenery when driving goes like: 2Lane highways surrounded by trees. 4Lanes to 6L⁰anes means you're coming up to or just leaving 9


WREPGB t1_j4imuq5 wrote

Ooooh that deer has definitely been hit before.


dillrepair t1_j4imf91 wrote

Steer INTO the deer and hit the gas. Do not leave the road for a deer ever. A deer won’t kill you but rolling your car in a ditch or hitting a tree can. I’m serious… I hit the gas if deer are around. They always react so late… whether it’s vision related or stupidity… their late response usually results in then jumping directly into your path or the side of your car. So the more you slow down the more time you give them to execute their poor choices successfully. Maybe I’m nuts but I swear this is how it works. Also loud engines/exhaust DO seem to help.


NotPromKing t1_j4j2kcg wrote

Hit the brakes and continue straight. Steering into the deer is the same as any other course change (don't do it) and hitting the gas is just stupid.


SeaOfFireflies t1_j4iydc7 wrote

Also in terms of insurance claims, hitting the deer is a comp claim and won't be a fault claim and won't increase premium. Dodging the deer and hitting a tree/guardrail will make it a collision claim which will be a collision claim and will have possibility of increasing premium.