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francoij t1_j4ioe0b wrote

Why does it seem to appear out of nowhere ?


cannondave t1_j4ixja9 wrote

Because the shit resolution of 200x150 pixels is to low to discern any objects until you hit it with the camera


Asgar06 t1_j4k6dkw wrote

i think it's because of the low frame rate of the camera


dumptrump3 t1_j4kt7dz wrote

Of the 5 that I’ve hit, they all came out of nowhere.


anally_ExpressUrself t1_j4leori wrote

This is why it's critical to slow down and be extra cautious whenever you're driving by nowhere.


dumptrump3 t1_j4ll34z wrote

Haha, I live in northern Michigan. Everywhere is nowhere.


the_first_brovenger t1_j4lb124 wrote

Played it back at 1/16x and was able to see a few brown pixels swimming in a few frames before it's "visible".

Potato camera and compression of the ass variety.


wedontlikespaces t1_j4lckr9 wrote

It's god awful compression. Sure, the input probably wasn't that good but I am pretty sure it's the compression algorithm that's dropping frames.


daluxe t1_j4l8875 wrote

Rare case when potato quality makes video better


Midgetmunky13 t1_j4lkwvy wrote

Bad camera, but it does make for a good demonstration of how it feels when you are driving and a deer jumps out. They seem to really come out of nowhere.