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HolyGWizzle t1_j4uruyl wrote

The strategy/building part of the game seems to be a solid start and i like the concept of the Turtle World (big fan of Terry Pratchet). But i have a question: How does the Turtle impact any of the gameplay?


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4usc07 wrote

Hey. Also a huge Sir Terry fan. The turtle goes through different parts of space, impacting weather, power generation, and more in future. The turtle also needs to be fed to not starve, so you need to construct a catapult with the other Realms on the turtle, so you can feed it in time. You also use this mechanic to steer the turtle around in space. I will also add more large projects incorporating the turtle. I don't want it to be only a gimmick.


HolyGWizzle t1_j4uszw0 wrote

Very happy to hear that you thought about making the turtle have impact. It's very important that this stays relevant for the core gameplay loop so it's not just a thematic gimmik. I like your ideas of beeing able to manipulate the turtle to optimize weather conditions. Maybe think about some sort of "reputation" mechanic with the turtle....your decisions impact how the turtle reacts to the people living on it....short term gains with long term loss of reputation and vice versa....of course just spitballing here.


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4ut7tw wrote

The Wandering Village does something like that. You can harvest some of Onbu spikes, but that makes him like you less.
I am working on different "health" impacts - one from feeding, and others can be from different areas in space.


Rossrox t1_j4v92r9 wrote

This sounds like a super interesting mechanic, curious if you've considered intentional neglect or damage to sabotage others enjoying prosperity, perhaps there are things you can do to protect yourself from such an event.


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4v9gjr wrote

There are so many loose ideas floating around in my head! I wish I had more hours in a day to implement more of them. At the moment the "antagonist" is mostly natural threats / disasters, as I'm focusing on teamwork and helping each other rather than fighting and armies.


ghostinthewoods t1_j4vlp61 wrote

One of the dangers of solo game design, feature creep


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vmfce wrote

Agreed. What I do find is, the more complete/populated the ‘world’ becomes, the more things fit into gaps in this whole more naturally, and the more I can reuse and adapt code to progress faster.


Rossrox t1_j4vdjqu wrote

I get you, sounds cool, I will follow for sure, there's not enough co-op centric RTS/Civ type games.


venom121212 t1_j4vmesk wrote

Plot Twist:

Turtle antagonist is space garbage.

Looks like an awesome tactics/strategy builder with a unique twist. Bravo to you for the work you've accomplished.


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vmnff wrote

Thank you. Still so much to do, but every month it smoother and more complete!


KapitanWalnut t1_j4vuyqk wrote

I like the idea of a cooperative-yet-competitive relationship with the other groups living on the turtle. You all need to work together to feed the turtle, otherwise you all suffer. However, maybe one group will benifit more from having the turtle pass through a rainstorm, but it'll cause flooding and/or crop failures for another group. So there's some competitiveness in steering the turtle. Or maybe one group benifits by having the turtle languish in a sunny spot, making it go slow by nearly starving it, but another group needs wind for their windmills and wants the turtle to move quickly.

Regional resources could get depleted if the turtle hangs out in one area too long, or maybe pollution or something builds up, so that encourages players to want the turtle to move around more and not revisit the same areas very frequently.

Finally (and into serious feature-creep mode) what happens when the turtle encounters hazards? Creatures that attack the turtle or dispatch "parasites" that attack the people living on its back? What if you encounter another turtle with its own host of civilizations? Will there be conflict or cooperation? many possibilities!


nasondra t1_j4vw8zu wrote

oooo you could add something like frostpunk with rebels seeking to leave to add some light conflict without “enemy” clans!


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4z8c9t wrote

I still need to flesh out the "danger/punishment" part of the game a lot. There definitely needs to be some "mutiny" if you can't keep them happy and healthy enough. Still thinking about my options.


nasondra t1_j52iusn wrote

awesome! i downloaded the demo to play soon, i LOVE builders 👍 keep up the excellent work!


bigolnada t1_j4yyhid wrote

Yeah I think other hazards would be easy to implement later on, like invading pests and so forth. I think your concept is so amazing and I wish you the best success!


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4z2s2v wrote

Thank you. It does get easier to add stuff the more "fleshed out" the world becomes. It's almost like "empty pockets" start forming in the world that some other ideas slot nicely into.


TonyR600 t1_j4v32ra wrote

I'll be honest, I like Wandering Village but I don't like the art style (yours I like very much) and I don't like the dependency on the health of the monster. It's kind of a twist to the genre but I like to build my own stuff in city builders and not be feeding a giant monster all the time.

Can you elaborate how much of the gameplay will be around keeping turtly happy?


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4v3l1a wrote

Hi. I'll be honest, I like honesty.
It's one mechanic/building part of a lot of others. So, you will need to place a catapult, and feeding grass patches, and have enough Meeps around it to work it, but it's by no means a "remember to click every 60 seconds" kind of thing. It's also still evolving, and having "automated schedules" is also not impossible.
BTW. I'm saving this comment as the day I beat out The Wandering Village in art style! :)


TonyR600 t1_j4v4ki0 wrote

Haha alright 😉 Looking forward to your game, I'll be testing the Demo within the next few days (after I'm done with the current AoE4 beta doh)


SkyezOpen t1_j4vc3q3 wrote

Be sure to include options to reduce or eliminate hunger rate of the turtle or manipulate other factors like resource gain or research rate. I'm a big fan of survival crafting games, but the sanity feature in Green Hell was simply too much on top of an already complex system. After turning it off I felt like I was able to learn. Sometimes doing a super relaxed playthrough to learn the game is a big help.


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vcucp wrote

Agreed, there will be loads of options for the player. If you check out the demo, you'll see I have lots of options even for how to triangulate the terrain, and I will extend that to gameplay too. There can be a "full game", and then one where you switch things on or off, for you to enjoy it the way you want to.


npri0r t1_j4vgge5 wrote

That sounds like a both hilarious and intriguing game mechanic.


MacroCode t1_j4vu0lk wrote

I'm sure you've thought of this already but:

You need to be careful with balancing the travel mechanics. Every different space biome should have distinct benefits and equally distinct downsides. Otherwise people like me will just pick one biome and circle it.

That's something really hard to do, I don't have a solution, sorry. It all looks beautiful though


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vux89 wrote

Hi. Thanks for the thought. Yes, space is still evolving. I've got random areas of dry/wet, hot/cold and low/high power at the moment, but I could still do a lot with space, and even those existing ones. I usually have a base idea, then as the game progresses it gets tied down more and more.


TheSinumatic t1_j4zk0r8 wrote

This concept sounds actually very similar to "wandering village" (replace turtle in space with giant long-neck dinosaur which roams the planet). Did you by chance talked to those devs?


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4zlhld wrote

See my other reply to a comment. We came with the ideas completely independently, but I've since become online friend with their team lead and she's been very friendly and helpful. I started developing this game in 2019 (I have dev logs) and later learned how many similarities there are between our games.


chronoboy1985 t1_j4utyll wrote

Are you familiar with the recent steam game The Wandering Village and are you concerned about comparisons?


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4uued4 wrote

Hi. Yes, I actually became online friends with their team lead, Philomena a year or so ago after realizing the similarities between our games (she's also mentioned our relations in a talk she held recently). People will no doubt compare the two, but they've got a whole team, and I'm just a solo dev with loads of passion doing my best. Philomena has been very supportive, helpful and friendly. We genuinely developed our ideas completely independently - I have dev-logs from two years ago already showing my Turtle being able to move in space, etc.I hope people see it positively, the way we have, and not as some kind of copy-cat move on my side. If they don't, there's really nothing I can do but be open, honest and sincere about my journey. And it's been a wonderful one so far, from watching my first ever Unity tutorial in Feb2019 to having over 20K wishlists on Steam 4 years later!


SaberReyna t1_j4vufw6 wrote

Good for you and good to hear the other devs were supportive and not little bitches about it. If I had a usable PC I would play this to death. Keep up the good work!


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vun4r wrote

Thanks. It's really motivating to hear people say positive things about it!


NotYourTypicalReditr t1_j4w0lpu wrote

I would not be concerned at all about comparisons honestly. 'Different art style, different setting, but a similar mechanic' is 90% of all popular/mainstream games I see. You obviously have a road map of features in mind and are working on them, and the WV team surely do as well. In time, the games will diverge enough to each be regarded by their own merits.

BTW I've been playing this demo quite a bit, can't wait to buy the full game when it hits steam.


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4w5bav wrote

Thanks! I'm so glad to hear about people enjoying the game :)


NotYourTypicalReditr t1_j4w60s7 wrote

BTW is it only on steam or is there another platform I can buy it on that gives you a better profit deal?


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4w6xhd wrote

I recently got a publisher. They will also sell it on other stores at their discretion, but nothing set up yet.


Alastor3 t1_j4z8m4p wrote

I wish you the best of luck and will probably buy both games :)


okram2k t1_j4varv4 wrote

My immersion is completely ruined. The world is supposed to be on elephants that are on the back of a turtle.


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vay1o wrote

That would be $10 for the DLC, thanks. Just kidding. This is a distant cousin of Great A'Tuin.


iceryni t1_j4zno52 wrote

Also known as the Not-completely-as great-as-the-great-A'tuin-but-still-pretty-damn-good-A'tuin


thereAndFapAgain t1_j4uugj9 wrote

Are ads allowed on this sub?


sailing_by_the_lee t1_j4vg4g5 wrote

This is not just an ad. It is an ad with ridiculous number of bots spamming the sub to make it look like there is grassroots support for the ad. There have been several of these lately and it is ridiculous.


Kingnahum17 t1_j4vury6 wrote

Welcome to reddit where every post on big subs is supported by 20% or 30% bots.


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4z78ss wrote

I have not used any bots - I don't even know how. Are there other people's bots roaming around?
The comments don't seem "bot-like" to me... How would you tell?


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4z791o wrote

I have not used any bots - I don't even know how. Are there other people's bots roaming around?
The comments don't seem "bot-like" to me. How would I be able to tell?


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4uxaok wrote

Hi. If the mods are unhappy about the post, no hard feelings if it gets removed. I'm trying to get some exposure without being too intrusive, but I also realize there are thousands like me (and many who don't care about the intrusion).
At least I always spend time conversing in the comments to try and show my appreciation for being allowed to post.


thereAndFapAgain t1_j4uxuch wrote

Yeah I've got nothing against you dude and the game looks cool, I honestly wish you the best of luck with it.

It was just a genuine question though, I'm not sure if ads are allowed here, or of it is grey area for ones like this that clearly aren't from some major company.


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4uy6xz wrote

No offense taken, I really understand the conundrum of "allowing exposure posts" and "getting flooded". Thanks for being civil about it either way!


thereAndFapAgain t1_j4uycrp wrote

No problem and best of luck with the game. I might even check it out myself, I've not played something like this in a while.


Governmentwatchlist t1_j4uxxu6 wrote

I enjoyed looking at this and reading OP’s comments on their thought process. Sure, OP is promoting their game, but it is more than that. It’s actually probably the coolest thing I read on Reddit this morning.


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4uzqie wrote

Thanks for your support and the kind words.
I understand the conundrum of "people promoting their stuff" vs "being flooded with spam", so my approach is to at least converse properly wherever I'm willing to post my stuff, and to not overdo it.


thereAndFapAgain t1_j4uy5b9 wrote

Yeah, I agree the game looks cool but it is still an ad at its core. I'm just wondering if that's within the rules of this sub. Are ads okay if they're from smaller teams? Are they okay if they have some back story attached that people might find interesting? Where is the line with this kind of content?


DarthMobi t1_j4vas3m wrote



GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vb2g3 wrote

Hehe. I actually contacted Rhianna Pratchett and she's fine with it. The World Turtle myth is of course as old as the mountains. As long as I don't make it Discworld-y, a few hat tips are in order.
I like to think Terry Pratchett would get a smile on his face if he saw this...


albinoblackman t1_j4w3ppt wrote

Obviously licensing IP to a solo dev is probably not gonna happen, but I’d love a Discworld strategy/sim. I’ve only played one of the old point and click games, but I’ve spent so much time in that universe and would love to have something immersive like that.


Strbrst t1_j4vwv9u wrote

Jfc what is up with these ridiculously titled game ad posts on inappropriate subreddits?


KhaosElement t1_j4vdseu wrote

Man, not even a day since the last pity title. Christ I wish y'all would get a new tactic.

Can't let the game speak for itself, have to let us know you spent your life savings on it.


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4ve106 wrote

I specifically mentioned I did *not* spend my life savings on it.


mrOsteel t1_j4vz5be wrote

I really like it. My only criticism would be the lack of load-bearing pachyderms


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vzl3h wrote

I understand completely where you're coming from. This is Great A'Tuin's cousin.


mrOsteel t1_j4w1t7x wrote

I understand completely. I look forward to seeing more about this game. May you drag us kicking and screaming into The Century Of The Fruitbat.


kreionysus t1_j4uvfsf wrote

gratz on the hexagons. that sht is harder than it looks


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4uvyyj wrote

There's more going on behind the scenes than most people realize, that's for sure. But I had a brilliant tutorial to start off with!


renasissanceman6 t1_j4vqmza wrote

This is why I eye roll people who complain about devs of games “not doing anything”.

See every game specific subreddit


kreionysus t1_j4yyqo3 wrote

Seriously, though, why did it take Valheim devs two years to release a content update??


lindesbs t1_j4vmlt4 wrote

Could you give a short overview about your programing language, frameworks, gui tools etc?

I have an idea over several years, which i would like to develop.


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vmzcb wrote

I use Unity with C# coding. Most of the stuff is code/procedurally based as opposed to setting stuff up in the editor. I started off with a brilliant hex map tutorial by Catlike Coding and a nerdy hobby started going too far. Then I learned about threads, GPU instancing, etc.


fuzztooth t1_j4vo3hy wrote

This game has everything - turtles, hexagons the bestagons, small villages and outer space.


talentedpup t1_j4urwnb wrote

Can i get 4 elephants to hold said world on top of the turtle?


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4us5h0 wrote

I have enough on my plate for now, but maybe a DLC! Joking, of course.
I'm a huge Discworld fan...


Acidbrain1337 t1_j4uueew wrote

I think many people dont know that the myth/theory of the turtle carrying our world is in fact not made up by Terry but has its roots in Hinduism and maybe other asian cultures too. I just found out myself not long ago.

Anyway, games looking decent man!


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4uuu7k wrote

Indeed. Versions of this myth surfaced in a a few different cultures throughout the ages.


Adiwik t1_j4usugy wrote

Sieve the entire universe, and show me Justice.


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4ut2hc wrote

Not an ounce of it anywhere...


Adiwik t1_j4v2i9n wrote

I learned more from death than I have from the living


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4v2pbo wrote

If you pick the right Death, there's a whole lot to learn from him ;)


ThenComesInternet t1_j4vd3u0 wrote

Looks like fun, do you have any future plans for a mobile version? I’m a dirty casual, haha


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vdq28 wrote

It's too big to fit on mobile, unfortunately. The pathfinding is quite intense.


dosemayer t1_j4vjgtf wrote

Did this idea stem from “Turtles All the Way Down”, the book?


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vjvgt wrote

I chose the age-old setting because of Discworld.


Zeeshmee t1_j4vto0f wrote

"See the Turtle of enormous girth. On his shell he holds the Earth"
This looks adorable/fun. I'll slap this onto my list.


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vufq7 wrote

Thank you!

I was waiting for this one to pop up. There's usually the "where are the elephants?" and this quote.


BonginOnABudget t1_j4vkgas wrote

This is gonna rule. You have a price point yet?


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vltnc wrote

$20 with 10% launch discount. Somewhere in June.


BonginOnABudget t1_j4vm940 wrote

You ever consider a vr port?


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vmjix wrote

Let me just finish my first game ever first :)


BonginOnABudget t1_j4vupdl wrote

It was an ambitious question. Honestly looking at your video with no context you’d have know way of knowing this is your first. Looks great


TheFireOfTheFox1 t1_j4vuw0d wrote

Idk about anybody else, but if I see a game is having a launch discount and it's only 10%, i'd be less likely to buy it. Seems disingenuous


Austrum t1_j4vwaev wrote

one of the most absurd takes I've read in a while


TheFireOfTheFox1 t1_j4vwqcv wrote

When somebody says they have a launch discount I don't think of $19.99 to $17.99, I think of games that are 25-30% off


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vvk8j wrote

There are arguments both ways. That's my current thinking.


Orcwin t1_j4w01fb wrote

I personally don't expect launch discounts at all. Seems like a strange concept. Selling something at full price while it's new and exciting would be logical, right?


WhiskRy t1_j4yyeza wrote

There are reasons. Short term launch discounts get people to buy or miss out. Capital up front means you can reinvest faster. Discounts mean more net capital when this kind of campaign is suggesting. Plus, more buyers makes more word of mouth and virality. All this gives a publisher momentum


Orcwin t1_j4zlvgu wrote

Credible ideas, but I wonder if those effects are really strong enough to justify the loss of income the discount represents.

No idea how you'd go about researching something like that. Games are rather different, so it's not like you can really compare one game's sales performance directly against another in that way.


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4w5eff wrote

Yes, if you can't sell at at full price at launch, when can you!?


Darktyde t1_j4vli6l wrote

I love worlds on the backs of space turtles how did you know?! Played a Game of Thrones browser game a long time ago and our alliance’s sigil was a space turtle with all of the individual sigils on the shell pieces.

This looks awesome! Looks like a Civ type game? Will there be combat? Can entire civilizations go to war with two turtles fighting each other in space? I’m giving you DLC ideas here haha


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vm3ie wrote

Hi. It plays a lot like Settlers2 at the start. More colony builder than 4x. No battle planned. It would kill me to have to design and develop a decent battle system too. This is my first game, so loads of things to learn.


Darktyde t1_j4we8ye wrote

Someday I hope to see a space turtle battle game from your studio :)


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4welfz wrote

If I ever get there, I'd be happy to. My studio just first needs to consist of more than just me!


Darktyde t1_j4wgq5n wrote

I’m a technical writer/editor if you ever need some assistance with that type of thing.


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4wtx1d wrote

Oh, I've never about a technical writer, but it makes complete sense!


JorusC t1_j4voyzo wrote

Is this the only Turtle, or are there others floating around space that a player could meet/interact with/ram into?


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vp8s0 wrote

At the moment there are 2 smaller ones, each one side of the large one, but they're just cosmetic. I do want to bring in some interaction with other turtles, but there's a lot to do before that can happen!


JorusC t1_j4vsmjw wrote

I totally get that. When I saw the big turtle, my first thought was how cool it would be to use your feeding techniques train it and take it into silly treat-based naval warfare with other turtle realms. But it would be a whole other giant project. Maybe something to look into for a sequel, if this one is successful and you have all the single-turtle code completed and ready to copy-paste.


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vtmud wrote

We'll see where this takes me. I'd love to this long-term, but I have 4 kids and I need to earn some money some time to keep our futures safe too. But it's a great opportunity to try give this my all!


JorusC t1_j4w1ynp wrote

Totally, man. You have to take care of your family. This looks like a cool idea, and I hope that it succeeds so well that financially supporting your family becomes a no-brainer.


freespace303 t1_j4vrnmq wrote

The Settlers does Civ.... IN SPACE!

Seriously though nice work! I would play it.


Piddles78 t1_j4vucvs wrote

Ooo, looks good, added to wish list and downloading the demo!


coolbrandon101 t1_j4vuw47 wrote

Seems very similar to The Wandering Village


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vvq73 wrote

Hi. It does, but we came up with the ideas completely independently. See my reply to another comment - we've actually become online friends a while ago and they've been very helpful to me along the way.


jojoga t1_j4vywoq wrote

love the idea with the floating turtle!
are there any other hints to the disc world?


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vzrbi wrote

At the moment one of my characters names (chosen at random) is Esmerelda Weatherwax, but just because I love seeing her pop up from time to time. There will be a few hat tips, but it's not allowed to be a Discworld game.


Thubanshee t1_j4xxjdf wrote

Ahh it’s a turtle 🤩


zuptar t1_j4y9mg1 wrote

At any point through the game, is it turtles all the way down?

As someone who only just started working on a hex strategy game, I want to applaud you, looks really smooth and awesome!


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4z2ylm wrote

It would be more like Turtles all the way around. Space currently happens in a flat plane rather than 3D.

Thanks, and good luck with your game! Do you have some media I can watch, maybe give some feedback or advice?


BardicNA t1_j4z6lvi wrote

Downloaded the demo and plan to dive into what you've got so far this week. Turtle flying through space with a settlement/civilization on it's back. One hell of an elevator pitch. I'd buy it. Keep on putting the work in, OP. You're a solo dev on this so you can make it exactly what you want it to be, take suggestions and criticism with about 10 grains of salt.


UnXpectedPrequelMeme t1_j4zdhth wrote

Absolute legend. I keep trying to learn but end up dropping it :(


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4ze8xg wrote

Thanks. It's actually really hard work to pull it all together, but I'm still very motivated every day!


Jaedos t1_j50u89d wrote

How are you avoiding running afoul Discworld IP?


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j5101lq wrote

The World Turtle idea (elephants and all) are as old as the mountains. I only use "the same kind of setting", and am not allowed to make it "Discworld-y". I even confirmed this with Rhianna Pratchett.


Tan1Tan t1_j51dmjp wrote

I think the biggest question that needs to be answered here is “What is the sex of the turtle?”


zoobs t1_j4v117e wrote

My partner is deep in the Disc World series. This reminds me of that! Looks cool!


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4v9w7r wrote

Thanks for all the supportive and civil comments, everyone. I always try to stick around and react to comments to show that I'm not just on a "dump and run" spree hoping for some quick, free exposure.


nvOzzy t1_j4vrw04 wrote

I have read so far what you wrote, and it seems that you are bringing some love to this greedy industry. However, I have to ask this: How will this game be monetized? Are there any plans?


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vsxlo wrote

I really love doing this. I've been doing it full-time for over a year now, and I'm eager to work on it every day!
It will be a simple "pay $20 minus any sale discounts and own the game" model. That's it. I would never be able to get myself to build ads into the game, having thousands of people watch millions of videos they don't want to watch, so I can get a few parts of a cent for each view.


nvOzzy t1_j4wdjrq wrote

My problem would also be with freemium games. 12-day construction that can be done by a payclick 😑 Will this be with rounds or just "live" gameplay?

As a strategy fan, I will definitely give a try :)


Zinski t1_j4vt1l0 wrote

I just think its funny this is in gifs for whatever reason.

I'm all for a science based turtle game though...... Wait. Haven't we been here before.


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vua0f wrote

I happily own up to looking for exposure, but I always do my best to be active and involved too, to whoever finds it interesting, so as not to just "dump and run".

I'm not getting the reference in the end, though :( Please explain?


Eranthius t1_j4vtpon wrote

OP this looks awesome!!


Mediocre_A_Tuin t1_j4vyicr wrote

What a silly idea


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4z8lnr wrote

Hello, family member of Great A'Tuin with a much more realistic outlook on his life and abilities ;)


rab7x t1_j4vyumi wrote

This looks really cool, adding to my wishlist for sure! Can you disembark from the Turtle and get resources/etc from nearby planets/rocks/space stuff? Since you said you can feed it, I had this intrusive thought of harvesting space turtle poop for some sort of rare/expensive resource


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4vzidj wrote

I have plans of including extra-planetary resources, but there's a lot to do before we get there. Hmm, poop mechanics...


xyoxus t1_j4zjyx6 wrote

That's a hideous font, reminds me of that comic font way too many Samsung phone users select.


mardigrasking54 t1_j514or1 wrote

What noise generator are you using to modify the weather, power gen, day/night cycle and others?


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j5191gq wrote

Most of the noise (unless it’s a simple random number) come from a “4D” Perlin noise texture, where R, G, B and Alpha contain separate 2D noises. Terrain perturbed positions also from a 2Dnoise


Metheora t1_j5ddeop wrote

This would be cool as an online multiplayer of a passive nature. There are you are just building away and you get informed that another turtle has been spotted. Behold, another player randomly encounter every now and then while just playing your game. Trade opportunity, or War? It's almost like something I thought of with but with spaceships where you fly through space, randomly encounter players or NPC raiders, while going from system to system with different resources to collect that affect your play choices as supply and demand will depend on what kinda bodies you find and then there's the tech that allows you to adapt to that as well. etc. Moving through Nebula vs High Rad space etc.


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j5dqebv wrote

I have loads of ideas too - just not enough time to implement everything!


[deleted] t1_j4upkl3 wrote



GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4uqevb wrote

Thanks. They know about it already. They've been very supportive throughout :)


SenAtsu011 t1_j4uu8xq wrote

This looks amazing. If it's on Steam I'll definitely add it to my Wishlist.


Centauruz t1_j4uz3oj wrote

It looks awesome. Just the type of game i like. I hope you release it on Steam one day. Keep up the good work


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4uz8mw wrote

Thanks! If all goes well it should release on Steam in June this year!


neat_narwhal t1_j4vwrxl wrote

Does it join other turtles at the beginning of time for the Big Bang?


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4z8jpl wrote

I get your reference ;) The required animations and sounds alone would need a studio of people to work on :)


Ristar87 t1_j4v54rr wrote

This kind of reminds me of Chrome Shelled Regios. I'll keep an eye out for it on Steam.


GideonGriebenow OP t1_j4v5fh8 wrote

>Chrome Shelled Regios

Never heard of it... There's a free demo on Steam.