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Wonkasgoldenticket t1_j4x0dhx wrote

Never seen home alone? All ya need is a big bag of seed and some training. They will come for the food.


blizg t1_j4y4z5p wrote

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York


jelliott79 t1_j4y7h2k wrote

Marines Alone: In Spain.

I had a similar experience on my med cruise. Ported in Barcelona, took a train to Tarragona. While there, visited the square, bought a bag of seed from a little old lady for $5, threw up the seed, spread my arms, and proceeded to have pigeons cover my arms and head from fingertips to fingertips. So surreal, and a memory I'll treasure forever.


chev327fox t1_j501xjy wrote

Still gets me that Trump is in that one. I had to look into it after realizing it and he made it a a stipulation to using his hotel (because of course he did).


Key_Dig_Dog OP t1_j4z2l5z wrote

Yes, make a noise when you offer food, slowly attempt to pet them to gain trust. They will associate the noise with food time and become friendly. Now you have bird gang.


btribble t1_j4z2uur wrote

Yup. I had a pair of California towhees in my backyard one year that were nearly finger tame. I could have gotten them there in a few weeks, but one of them got their head snapped in a rat trap I had hidden behind a bush. I was sooooo sad when I realized I'd killed one of them by not hiding the trap better. The other one left shortly thereafter. Hopefully they found a new mate. They're really strongly pair bonded.