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Bleezze t1_j52am7c wrote

What is the white thing right under the lamp, it looks like a skeleton bird head


aleha_84 OP t1_j52aym0 wrote

Lol. It is somekind of twisted wires. But now I see skeleton bird head too 😅


Bleezze t1_j52bpeu wrote

I like to think it's a shadow bird person hiding in the shadows, unknown to even you op


sketch2347 t1_j51sul1 wrote

Yo i think this is my favorite pixel art ever. this is god tier vibes. congratz

Its the fact you chose to light the houses up in a couple frames and keep the silhouettes for others, it just read so real.


StadSquared t1_j53dule wrote

It’s because it gives dimension to the GIF. One strike is closer to the camera to where the other is on the other side.

It’s the details that make it pixilated realness, which is what I appreciates about OP.


MagicNipple t1_j53bwwu wrote

I've been staring at this thing for a few minutes, just weirdly mesmerized. I've never had pixel art do that; definitely my favorite.


raihidara t1_j51r78p wrote

I've stared at this for way too long. It felt as if I was transported back to my grandparents' attic, watching the flashes of lightning and hearing the rain tapping on their roof


HellBlazer_NQ t1_j52hw8o wrote

Never thought I could ever 'feel' a pixel art gif before but wow. Just lying here you get immersed in to it and can just hear the rain and the thunder, feel the chill of the wind.

Amazing atmosphere.


Sonkotsu2 t1_j51ustd wrote

This is amazing pixel art but it also terrifies me for the whole reason of usually in thunderstorms and flashers like this there's usually something standing in the background during one of the flashes I don't see anything in this one so okay but it still makes me uneasy


BoSuns t1_j52asqf wrote

I can hear this. The atmosphere is absolutely 10/10.


PXAbstraction t1_j520m46 wrote

Absolutely love the atmosphere here.


pMangonut t1_j528i3m wrote

Goddamn. What creativity. Amazing. Serene.


MrZakius t1_j52b6zg wrote

Amazing attention to detail and execution by the artist, it goes way beyond pixel art, good work!


Relaxel t1_j52qdtt wrote

Love this. Though I'm not sure what I'm looking at when the front lights up, like I can't tell what position the lamp is in.


BeholdOurMachines t1_j52rzti wrote

This makes my heart ache so lovingly. It's like the smell of petrichor for my soul


CourtJester5 t1_j52s9k1 wrote

Damn talk about a mood! I like how extreme you went with the rain in the light. I grew in a decently stormy area. This is really nostalgic for me


Fr4t t1_j52x0g0 wrote

You nailed the color palette of the lightning lighting up the houses and sky. Also very realistic in the strikes sometimes only brightening the horizon instead of the building facades.


leadout_kv t1_j530741 wrote

This is awesome. Nicely done.


chowl t1_j534ihv wrote

We shall watch your career with great interest.


roachkazy t1_j53bjwc wrote

This is amazing, how do I make it my wallpaper


littleghool t1_j54ozrv wrote

The only thing that could make this better is some rolling thunder sounds, I love it. It's relaxing to watch


Current-East-5241 t1_j54riiu wrote

Why do these Giffs bring me a sense of calm? Can anyone explain this?


chewychaca t1_j557d65 wrote

Shouldn't the lightning reveal more rain?


Yibbly t1_j55s5h4 wrote

Which software do you use to make this? I’m making a 2D platformer but currently i’m importing all my assets instead of making them. This doesn’t look easy, but the end result is definitely worth the time.


Tails_The_Fox_94 t1_j523fbu wrote

tfw the gif is 6 seconds long but i stared at it for hours because didn't notice the loop 💀 I'm still half expecting a ghost to suddenly jumpscare me 🤭


V_Alex t1_j52euas wrote

Very cool, well done.


photoperitus t1_j52fjr0 wrote

These pixelated gifs are so cool


i_am_replaceable t1_j52h00n wrote

Stunning work. I dare say this is my favorite pixel art


Skasso t1_j52moi1 wrote

Veramente bello. Ottima atmosfera.


VanZandtVS t1_j52o0u0 wrote

Was anyone else waiting for some Cthulhean monstrosity to show up back-lit by lightning?


antagon1st t1_j52qhmu wrote

Feels like I'm waiting for the title of a point and click adventure to appear


this_knee t1_j52viyh wrote

Wow. What I wouldn’t give for a 1080p rendered version of this.


jforce321 t1_j533trg wrote

this just reminded me of my days growing up in a fairly old and thinly lined trailer. We would just turn everything off with the curtains open and you could just really feel like you were in the storm.


SookHe t1_j535teq wrote

This is excellent work..

Have you thought about putting some sort of shadow in the sky during the big lightning? Like some sort of giant monster shadow against a field or red accented clouds? UFO? Cathulu? Dickbutt?


deemer1324 t1_j53dgxa wrote

Idk why this brings out an immense amount of nostalgia in me. But I love it.


mano1990 t1_j53eec5 wrote

Really beautiful


Miztykal t1_j53fihu wrote

This is almost the same view as my childhood bedroom, except the house on the left was a McDonald's and the other one a seafood restaurant


Megalynarion t1_j53fu11 wrote

One of the best ones I’ve seen


jrblohm t1_j53iip3 wrote

Full Throttle. I barely remember the game but somehow it immediately popped in my head when I saw this.



repezdem t1_j53v5k5 wrote

Knew this was you as soon as I saw it. Your work is killer dude


TruStory2426 t1_j53wi5k wrote

This is amazing. I'd like to see more rain when the lightening flashes though. It's seemingly only raining where the street light is.


merges t1_j540j0w wrote

Beautiful. I’ve always wanted to play video games made with this kind of art; I’ve seen plenty of retro games but nothing with quite this feel. (Reminds me vaguely of Out Of This World, but with more pixels.)


r_rayted t1_j541dnb wrote

Ugh. Sign me up!!


Punchydroid t1_j5462ix wrote

Every time you post, it is a treat. You have a great eye for details and composition.


G45X t1_j54e5lo wrote

When the lightning lights up the sky, the rain is only under the lamp. It would be so much better if there was rain throughout the entire sky when it lights up.


t4r0n t1_j54g5v9 wrote

Damn that's cool.


mibjt t1_j54hz13 wrote

It's a thunderstorm here now.


BooleT- t1_j54jxgj wrote

I can hear this gif


historynutjackson t1_j54lfu9 wrote

Being a Kansas boy who has been up through many a nighttime thunderstorm, you really kinda nailed it. Could almost hear this gif.


JCMcFancypants t1_j54llpp wrote

Was waiting for a giantass Cthulu or something to appear over the house for just one of the lightning flashes.


r00x t1_j57c2zh wrote

Very good, although I wish it were about 3x longer, make the loop harder to notice.