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spidermonkey301 t1_j6c4xtx wrote

The way the cat is moving before the jump and also the tail seems down and fluffy. Seems like it was already stressed or spooked before it yeeted itself over the edge.


rlovelock t1_j6cdmq1 wrote

Definitely avoiding the person with the camera


ilikepizza2much t1_j6dtrg0 wrote

Yeah. “My cat might be traumatised and damaged but I got me some clicks!”


rlovelock t1_j6du22j wrote

My money is on a guest of the house getting off on how the cat was avoiding them.


just-kath t1_j6eqh24 wrote

odd that they had the camera ready in my opinion


rlovelock t1_j6f1nhi wrote

I'm thinking they were filming the cat acting all sketchy, from being afraid of the stranger, and then they just cut the video to only include the jump


just-kath t1_j6f9j57 wrote

You have more faith in humans than I do


rlovelock t1_j6fec1c wrote

Less faith more like it. I fully think they were tormenting the cat and recording it for fun.


just-kath t1_j6fjbgc wrote

A reread made that clear, sorry... doing 3 things at once isn't a good idea when one of them is trying to communicate. I usually avoid animal videos because they often tick me off.


[deleted] t1_j6e2cnv wrote



rlovelock t1_j6e4qrg wrote

Or just skittish around people they don't know. Could be a rescue that was abused.