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ghigoli t1_j6cb8wx wrote

Reply to comment by unholyfire in 9 lives by PewPewAnimeGirl

no lives were wasted in that jump lol. cats know how to jump from heights that high up. its a special thing going with its core muscles and legs + making themselves parachute in a way.


lefthandedgun t1_j6cyxx2 wrote

Put down the pipe; that shit's making you delusional. No cat would intentionally attempt that jump unless motivated by fear to escape some perceived threat. The height is too extreme, and definitely exceeds what one would routinely execute safely.


lol_in_every_post t1_j6d694l wrote

While I don’t think it was an intentional jump the point ghigoli was making is still true. Cats know how to fall and spread their body mass out so the impact isn’t as hard on them. But still, you can tell it was accidental lol


Evolone100 t1_j6dgln0 wrote

I believe I watched a Cat documentary ( I know I need a life lol). They use every muscle in their body when they jump. So while I believe the cat landed like a pro and was unharmed. I think it kinda feared for its life. Since it’s still hid after the jump.


sake_maki t1_j6ei3yo wrote

So you remember the name of the cat documentary? 👀


rennerbeast t1_j6diko1 wrote

I think he just got the zoomies and misjudged the jump onto the ledge.


fresh_gnar_gnar t1_j6ebh51 wrote

A cats terminal velocity is low enough that as long as it lands on all fours and absorbs the impact through its spring legs, cat will be safe. Cat is at most danger and injury potential is in the first two stories (20ft) where they may not have had the time to rotate correctly.


Plisken999 t1_j6dmcvv wrote

Yeah because the fact that cat always land on their paws means that they can jump from any heigh.



RadimentriX t1_j6e8rye wrote

Iirc the terminal velocity of a cat is low enough that it survives. Might break some bones maybe