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unholyfire t1_j6bkt1z wrote

8 lives


hogester79 t1_j6bzpta wrote

The way it hid right away tells you it scared itself.

Wasn’t intentional


just-kath t1_j6eqdgh wrote

Or that they were frightened by someone...or something


ciarenni t1_j6fi0a8 wrote

No, it was scared of the person beforehand. You can tell by how it tries to slink by them and gives them a glance.


hogester79 t1_j6fjqeq wrote

I'm talking about when it landed. The cat didn't expect the drop or the drop to be that big and it scared itself when it landed.


ciarenni t1_j6g6mec wrote

And I'm saying it was scared before and launched itself off a cliff knowing it would be fine and still hid because that's how survival instincts work.


Criticalhit_jk t1_j6g8duu wrote

My cat looks just like this when it shits somewhere it knows better than to shit.

Ascribing it's behavior to fear of human is mere guesswork


TheWanderer-AG t1_j6h8dzl wrote

What you described would still be fear of human. Fear of human that found my shit pile.


ciarenni t1_j6gprgw wrote

You're suggesting that your cat does something it knows it isn't supposed to and then acts like this, but isn't scared? What is it then?


ghigoli t1_j6cb8wx wrote

no lives were wasted in that jump lol. cats know how to jump from heights that high up. its a special thing going with its core muscles and legs + making themselves parachute in a way.


lefthandedgun t1_j6cyxx2 wrote

Put down the pipe; that shit's making you delusional. No cat would intentionally attempt that jump unless motivated by fear to escape some perceived threat. The height is too extreme, and definitely exceeds what one would routinely execute safely.


lol_in_every_post t1_j6d694l wrote

While I don’t think it was an intentional jump the point ghigoli was making is still true. Cats know how to fall and spread their body mass out so the impact isn’t as hard on them. But still, you can tell it was accidental lol


Evolone100 t1_j6dgln0 wrote

I believe I watched a Cat documentary ( I know I need a life lol). They use every muscle in their body when they jump. So while I believe the cat landed like a pro and was unharmed. I think it kinda feared for its life. Since it’s still hid after the jump.


sake_maki t1_j6ei3yo wrote

So you remember the name of the cat documentary? 👀


rennerbeast t1_j6diko1 wrote

I think he just got the zoomies and misjudged the jump onto the ledge.


fresh_gnar_gnar t1_j6ebh51 wrote

A cats terminal velocity is low enough that as long as it lands on all fours and absorbs the impact through its spring legs, cat will be safe. Cat is at most danger and injury potential is in the first two stories (20ft) where they may not have had the time to rotate correctly.


Plisken999 t1_j6dmcvv wrote

Yeah because the fact that cat always land on their paws means that they can jump from any heigh.



RadimentriX t1_j6e8rye wrote

Iirc the terminal velocity of a cat is low enough that it survives. Might break some bones maybe


the_short_kid t1_j6cdm1u wrote

I know that walk, thats the "that fucking hurt" walk


[deleted] t1_j6d0qag wrote



Caaros t1_j6d9oe4 wrote

Meanwhile my cat sounds like she has the air knocked out of her half the time she leaps off anything so much as two or three feet tall.


Melodic_Duck1406 t1_j6dpsgs wrote

I can't remember the numbers, but basically there is a danger zone for cats, if they fall from a small height, they use their landing prowess and survive, if they fall from a large height, they can sort of glide in a similar way to flying squirrels but nowhere near as affective, look at the way this cat spreads its legs as it falls.

But that only works above a certain height, where there is enough time for the cat to reduce its speed. Between these two zones, too high for landing to absorb the impact but too low to slow the descent, we most unfortunately get a squished, or very injured cat.


fataldarkness t1_j6duyno wrote

That is unfortunately (likely) a myth. Cats often do die from significant falls, it's just that no one brings an already dead cat to the vet so it doesn't get reported. It's a textbook case of survivorship bias.


Advocate_Diplomacy t1_j6e2e78 wrote

Being too low to slow a descent doesn’t seem like a logical concept unless we’re talking about deploying parachutes. If a cat is capable of slowing down it’s fall, it doesn’t need to exceed the speed it can slow itself to. How could such technique slow you down from an unacceptable speed, but not prevent you from reaching that speed? It doesn’t make sense.


spidermonkey301 t1_j6c4xtx wrote

The way the cat is moving before the jump and also the tail seems down and fluffy. Seems like it was already stressed or spooked before it yeeted itself over the edge.


rlovelock t1_j6cdmq1 wrote

Definitely avoiding the person with the camera


ilikepizza2much t1_j6dtrg0 wrote

Yeah. “My cat might be traumatised and damaged but I got me some clicks!”


rlovelock t1_j6du22j wrote

My money is on a guest of the house getting off on how the cat was avoiding them.


just-kath t1_j6eqh24 wrote

odd that they had the camera ready in my opinion


rlovelock t1_j6f1nhi wrote

I'm thinking they were filming the cat acting all sketchy, from being afraid of the stranger, and then they just cut the video to only include the jump


just-kath t1_j6f9j57 wrote

You have more faith in humans than I do


rlovelock t1_j6fec1c wrote

Less faith more like it. I fully think they were tormenting the cat and recording it for fun.


just-kath t1_j6fjbgc wrote

A reread made that clear, sorry... doing 3 things at once isn't a good idea when one of them is trying to communicate. I usually avoid animal videos because they often tick me off.


[deleted] t1_j6e2cnv wrote



rlovelock t1_j6e4qrg wrote

Or just skittish around people they don't know. Could be a rescue that was abused.


zynemisis t1_j6bkthd wrote

I've only watched this 8 times. I won't be the one to kill that cat.


Straightup32 t1_j6befui wrote

Fun Fact:

Cat can survive really great heights! Like 15 plus stories! This is because they can position themselves in a way that their terminal velocity is lower than the impact needed to sustain extensive damage.

In fact, the most dangerous height they can hurt themselves is between 4-5 stories because it’s high enough for them to get hurt, but not high enough to position themselves.


Thr0w-a-gay t1_j6bhwe9 wrote


bremidon t1_j6ci3p6 wrote

I followed the links to the original sources.

Your first one comes from "The Straight Dope". It's an entertaining place for odd facts, but I would not treat it as a primary source. In any case, when we read about Cecil's attempts to clear the matter, we eventually reach this point:

>I called the Animal Medical Center to see if this possibility had been considered. The original authors were long gone, so I spoke to Dr. Michael Garvey, head of the medical department and current expert on “high-rise syndrome.”

Dr. Garvey was adamant that the omission of nonreported fatalities didn’t skew the statistics. He pointed out that cats that had fallen from great heights typically had injuries suggesting they’d landed on their chests, which supports the “flying squirrel” hypothesis.

So while technically true that this point was raised in the not-entirely-primary-source article, it was pretty much dismissed by the expert interviewed for that same article. When pressed, apparently Dr. Garvey allowed that reasonable people could disagree, but the fact that the expert falls on the "it's wrong" side, this point should probably be taken with suspicious eyes.

Your second one is more interesting. There have been different studies over the years and in some of them, we do get reports of more serious injuries in cats falling from higher places. In others, there is a dramatic decrease in injuries. As far as I was able to gather in a cursory look through the data, this is still a completely open question as to which data is more representative. Perhaps someone has a metastudy on this.

The nature of the injuries changes dramatically, though. At higher distances, cats can prepare themselves, get righted, and loosen up their legs for landing. The injuries tend to be more in their chest cavity. At shorter distances, the injuries tend to be more of the "broken limb" variety.


mattot999 t1_j6d48wv wrote

Are you implying an expert may be better informed on a topic relevant to them? I bet you'll tell me something silly like I should consider their opinion on the matter /s


DasMotorsheep t1_j6d4hfm wrote

I don't know man. If a child can hold a cat in their arms belly up, drop it and the cat will land feet-first, I somehow doubt that "a couple of stories high" is somehow not enough time for the cat to right itself and prepare for the impact.


bremidon t1_j6ds2pf wrote

I would recommend that you follow the links in the Wikipedia article to the original sources. You'll see why the data makes clear that there is a difference. (The cutoff seems to be around 6 to 7 stories)


Straightup32 t1_j6dob7z wrote

Wel positioning itself isn’t the only issue. It’s reducing the terminal velocity. I can pull my parachute 50 feet before I hit the ground and it will fully expand. But does it have enough time to reduce my terminal velocity? Probably not


lefthandedgun t1_j6czwrp wrote

If he was adamant about that, Dr. Garvey is a pompous twit who knows next to nothing about statistics...and everything else merely demonstrates that while they might sometimes survive, cats clearly don't make jumps of such heights safely.


lefthandedgun t1_j6czf7w wrote

That's neither fun, nor fact. Merely oft-parroted internet BS.


Straightup32 t1_j6d0jl9 wrote

It is very fun, it is a fact, and it’s not bs. I actually looked it up when I personally saw a cat survive an 8 story drop


lefthandedgun t1_j6d1wnv wrote

You can continue to assert it, but it's still misinterpreted, regurgitated junk science, not fact.


Straightup32 t1_j6d22ev wrote

Well I look forward to your dissertation on the matter. Make sure you send me a link after you’ve completed all the necessary cites


DasMotorsheep t1_j6d5dc3 wrote

It's quite simple:

This kind of statistic can't prove anything because you're only looking at a certain type of outcome. You're not recording how many cats die on impact.

Example:Say you throw 100 cats out of a 5th story window, and 50 survive without harm, 20 die and 30 get sent to the vet with various degrees of injuries. End result: 100 falls, 30 hospitalizations.

Now you throw 100 cats out of a 15th story window - 20 survive without harm, 70 die and 10 get sent to the vet. End result 100 falls, 10 hospitalizations.

If you only look at "number of total falls vs hospitalizations", it would seem that falls from the 15th story are safer.

It's also quite a strange claim that 4-5 stories high isn't enough time for the cat to prepare itself for impact when they can actually right themselves within like a meter and change of free fall, as countless cat videos on the internet will show.


Straightup32 t1_j6dai2l wrote

Well if we want to get technical with it, I said that cats CAN survive from great heights. I think one example is enough to prove that theory correct. “Can” and “do” are wildly different claims.

I’m merely saying that it is possible for a cat to survive, and it is. And it is because of the reasoning I mentioned.


DasMotorsheep t1_j6djmbd wrote

Yep, that's all correct, but it's pretty obviously not the part of your comment that the other commenters and I were referring to, which was:


>In fact, the most dangerous height they can hurt themselves is between 4-5 stories because it’s high enough for them to get hurt, but not high enough to position themselves.


Straightup32 t1_j6dk8iz wrote

Well it’s the truth. Cats can survive those falls by positioning themselves in a way that reduces their terminal velocity.

And the inverse is also true, injuries and death are sustained when the cat can’t position itself to reduce terminal velocity.

The only speculation is the height at which they aren’t able to accurately position themselves and reduce terminal velocity in time before impact.

And in that regard, my speculation and evidence is just as good as yours.


DasMotorsheep t1_j6do637 wrote

apart from my speculation and evidence being based in common sense and something that everybody with a cat in their house can reproduce, there is this bit...


>in fact, the most dangerous height they can hurt themselves is

emphasis by me

>my speculation

no emphasis needed, I guess.


Straightup32 t1_j6dp7fo wrote

Now we are arguing semantics.

“In fact” is just as much a phrase used to tie two points ago as it is a literal declaration of fact.

And if we are going to take things at the literal definition of fact, it’s impossible to obtain any concrete fact from this si auction because it’s just open to so many uncontrollable variables. So the sincere interpretation would have just been that I was using it as a phrase to tie two statements together.

And for the record, it’s not like my speculation is unfounded. There are plenty of statistics and observations that corroborate my speculation.

Edit: and you seem to be missing some key points. One of them being it’s not enough to position itself, it needs time to reduce the current terminal velocity, that’s not instantaneous.


DasMotorsheep t1_j6dr9ps wrote

> it’s impossible to obtain any concrete fact from this si auction because it’s just open to so many uncontrollable variables.

Point to you. In the meantime I did some googling on the terminal velocity of cats and how long it takes them to reach it, and found varying statements ranging from 60mph @ 4 stories to 45mph @ 7 stories... So if we go with the extreme of 4 stories and 60mph, it could be reasonable that cats who fall longer would be able to control their fall better and actually reduce their initial terminal velocity that they reached in an uncontrolled fall.
It still sounds a bit extreme to me that a cat would need this long to reach its "ideal falling" position, given how quickly they can actually position themselves in the air during very short falls.

In the end, I guess I have to concede that my speculation and evidence really isn't any better than yours. Anyway. Thanks for keeping the discussion civil, have a good one!


Straightup32 t1_j6dsjaa wrote

Hey, I always enjoy a good debate! And thank you for keeping it civil as well. You made some great points and really had me challenging my view points without making me defensive! And that’s an amazing quality to have!


DasMotorsheep t1_j6f59ez wrote

Gold??? Aww my person, that wouldn't have been necessary. Thanks <3


lefthandedgun t1_j6d3je2 wrote

That's not how it works, doofus. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, so pony up your proof, and quit conflating "survival" with jumping safely.


Straightup32 t1_j6daug2 wrote

This is all the evidence I need to prove my claim.


My point was that it’s possible, and it is. You can argue how many are injured, but I said survive. You can argue about how many die, but it only really takes one example to show that it is in fact possible.

But thanks for all of your pompous responses


Ok-Cartographer-3725 t1_j6c0noa wrote

I would have been horrified and so upset to see my own cat do that. Even if it landed on its feet, that's a heck of a drop!!!


Yay_for_Pickles t1_j6bmlto wrote

Take your cat to a vet. Cats don't look hurt until they're in really bad shape; they are a prey animal, and don't want to appear vulnerable.


Spyger9 t1_j6c3zki wrote

Hilarious in a couple ways:

  1. If we're classifying animals as one or the other, cats are absolutely predators.

  2. You're suggesting that animals don't want to appear vulnerable because they are prey, which implies that predators operate differently.

Not saying your advice is bad, but the logic seems pretty shoddy.


bremidon t1_j6cgu5y wrote

Correct. They are not apex predators, so they have to keep their heads on a swivel and check their 6; but not only are the predators, they are obligate carnivores.

Cats are notable for how well they can hide pain. I would be curious if there are other animals that do this as well or better than cats, because I am not aware of any.


Yay_for_Pickles t1_j6ck71d wrote

Our vet told this to me when my cat seemed to have had a stroke. He was fine in the morning, then was a hot mess a few hours later.

He was actually in kidney failure, for a while, and showed no signs of illness, apparently for this reason. I was surprised, too.


emowgli t1_j6cmbfe wrote

Many predators have their own predators, unless they are apex predators. And animals are opportunistic, they take advantage of vulnerabilities of others.


selfishcaboose t1_j6c5v6g wrote

Even their eye shape makes them predator. Prey animals have a wider field of vision with sideways pupils. Predators have the vertical for help in depth perception and light capture. Ofc it's not for all of either but generally if it's forward set eyes and round or vertical slit it's a predator. Just best for hunting moving prey.


Spyger9 t1_j6c7e9u wrote

Also there's just this tiny little thing that we might consider in such a discussion about the nature o- THEY EAT MEAT WITH THEIR BIG POINTY TEETH!!!



Advocate_Diplomacy t1_j6e3jpk wrote

There’s considerable overlap in the animal kingdom between predator and prey. Being a predator doesn’t make you an apex predator.


selfishcaboose t1_j6gd75f wrote

Predator: an animal that naturally preys on another. Wasn't claiming they weren't hunted themselves. But by definition they are predator. People are confusing the two themselves.


bremidon t1_j6cgvf5 wrote

I have no idea why you got downvotes; the eye shape thing is spot on.


Werechimp t1_j6ez0nr wrote

They’re getting downvotes because, while they’re not wrong, it’s contributing to a misleading idea in this thread that cats aren’t prey animals because they’re predators. They’re both. They’re predators to small creatures and prey to bigger ones. So they have characteristics of both predators and prey because they fill both roles.


bremidon t1_j6h09um wrote

No, you are the one who is misled. While it's true that they are prey to some animals, they are most definitely predators first and foremost.

Otherwise, you would have to call humans a prey animal, as in some situations, we are. Now *that* would be highly misleading and completely take any meaning out of the words "prey" and "predator".

The eyes should be your hint. They are 100% optimized for being a predator. That they are not an *apex* predator is clear to all of us here.


Wine-o-dt t1_j6e525b wrote

They are very much predators, but not apex predators. When it comes to predators that are vulnerable to being eaten themselves cats are very high up on that list. They are not classified as a prey animal, which is more reserved for obligatory herbivores. They are however very susceptible to predation. Their entire behavior schema is to conceal themselves not only because they are predators, but also they tend to be prey themselves in almost all bio systems they are in. I think op did not mean them to be mutually exclusive, but failed to properly define small cats role in a bio system


MentalUproar t1_j6bryfc wrote

I’m wondering exactly when high rise syndrome kicks in.


dasboot32 t1_j6bftrb wrote

Damn, that's a big house.


Strude187 t1_j6cnie2 wrote

Crazy how well some people live eh? I’m going to tell my cat how lucky he is that we live in a small house!


wussell_88 t1_j6bdt6h wrote

Is that a safe jump distance for the cat? Or did it legit just use a life?


Rattus375 t1_j6bsq4h wrote

Probably a safe distance to jump. My cat would regularly jump a similar distance, albeit onto thick carpet while I was growing up. Many cats just don't have enough mass to take a ton of damage from a fall like this.


FrankieMint t1_j6bkal7 wrote

Maybe on the high side of safe, but the cat had other escape options and chose that one. Seemed to me the cat was familiar with the jump.


MaunoSuS t1_j6c8t6y wrote

Looked legit freaked out though so might have been 'this is faster to safety'.


bremidon t1_j6cgyws wrote

I would say it is on the *low* side of safe. The higher up a cat jumps, the more time it has to relax and prepare for landing.


AFourEyedGeek t1_j6es6f5 wrote

So cats out of a plane smoke a cigarette on they way down?


bremidon t1_j6h00pw wrote


Something like that.

Doing a bit more research on this, I discovered that it's a bit more complicated than I realized. Yes, there are studies that say exactly what I wrote. There are also studies that say that the severity of injuries goes up from higher distances.

What is absolutely true and supported by all studies is that cats falling from above 6 stories do have time to relax and prepare. This is shown by the nature of injuries reported. Below 6 stories, it's mostly broken limbs, which implies that the cats were still stiff. Above 6 stories it becomes injuries to the body, implying that the cats had relaxed.


TheBarkingFish t1_j6fkcj1 wrote

Just flat out wrong lol


bremidon t1_j6h0h36 wrote

Flat out wrong? No. Exaggerated for a little fun on Reddit? Probably.

But I'm sure you actually followed all the original sources on Wikipedia when you wrote that, like I did. If you had, you would have perhaps said that the situation is more complicated or more controversial instead of the rather low-brow "flat out wrong lol" you went with.


ppface t1_j6bv7wf wrote

Maybe not 'safe' but the cat's probably fine. I imagine it hurt a bit.


yawgmoft t1_j6cv7ix wrote

Cats can actually jump from atop light poles and five story buildings. They're not designed to land on cement but they are designed to break terminal velocity like a less effective sugar glider.


DeezNutz13 t1_j6dyr22 wrote

Pretty sure cats are like squirrels in that their surface area creates enough drag that their terminal velocity never reaches a fatal speed.

Edit: that's not true, don't trust YouTube. However a Google does say they can pretty reliably survive 20 story falls and have been know to survive over 30 stories


rabbithasacat t1_j6huq7m wrote

Doable, but painful and not really good for the joints. Could get an injury or could be fine and just sore. By the looks of it this one wasn't injured but is also now feeling it.

When we moved from a one-story with carpet to a two-story with tile floors, our cats were fascinated by the stairs and had to spend an hour or so scampering up and down them to satisfy their curiosity. One of them was prone to really wild zoomies, and on his first one in the new house, did several rounds of galloping from one end to the other including up and down the stairs, and finally included a giant flying leap from the top of the stairs. He landed fine - they usually do - but you could see he was shocked at how hard the landing was, and he was uncomfortable. He made a sorrowful little "ow" noise, and limped over to the sofa where he stayed put the rest of the day. He was fine, but he'd learned his lesson. Next day, back to the zoomies, but he never made that leap again for as long as he lived.


seenthewolf t1_j6bru3y wrote

I don't know if it's true but I heard once that cats can survive their terminal velocity, so going off that a young kitten should be fine with this distance.


Kyetsi t1_j6ef9bs wrote

i dont think so, that cat was escaping from something it thought was scary.

adrenaline is hell of a drug, i would go to the vet with that cat, might have broken a bone or three.


TheBarkingFish t1_j6fkgal wrote

??? man what a softie you are.

The cat didn't break it's bones there


dhustead t1_j6c9qck wrote

r/WhyWereTheyFilming would probably solve the debate


KeepWagging t1_j6c58y2 wrote

Look at Mr. Moneybags here with two floors in their house.


thetburg t1_j6epd7y wrote

Check out Sir Fancy Pants over here. They have a house!


LeoBites44 t1_j6dt3mf wrote

So the person recording terrorized the cat to the point it jumps over the railing. It takes an especially bad human to hurt animals for internet attention.


Zenshinn t1_j6csovy wrote

Nice mansion.


DnArturo t1_j6dzqtt wrote

Bruh he jumped on top of the rail then leaped? That's like 3 extra feet of fall damage. 2D6.


Cornflake6irl t1_j6gtap6 wrote

Wtf did you do to the poor cat to make it so terrified of you?


T0307148G t1_j6ildxl wrote

Life flashing before your eyes


NotSoNiceO1 t1_j6bnpi3 wrote

My question is, does he do that all the time?


SirRipOliver t1_j6bz8rx wrote

Stairs? Who needs stairs? Not me - sincerely: cat


Xytakis t1_j6chanr wrote

Classic Adrenalin junkie, spreading his legs to slow down to get the most of the jump.


JuRiOh t1_j6dhisd wrote

That's not high for a cat. I remember my mom's cat being scared by the noise of the moving people when we moved to a different apartment, and she straight up jumped from the 6th floor balcony "into safety". That's ~25m without injuries. Supposedly they can survive 60+ meters or 200feet with little to no injuries but I have not witnessed that myself.


Oglark t1_j6dmmvv wrote

My cat used to do shit like this and land on hard concrete. Now he has hip dysplasia and hobbles up the stairs.


Zohwithpie t1_j6dnpwd wrote

Cats tend to run without thinking of the consequences when they get scared. It looked even after it landed.


halloalex t1_j6e2cpw wrote

Puss in boots soundtrack playing in my head


fuzzypencilcase t1_j6ecmod wrote

Poor cat. Its legs look a little off before it even jumps. I hope the owners are not stressing it for clicks.


Br7ian t1_j6ejc5j wrote

Nice house 👍


JarJar4ever t1_j6f47hu wrote

I love reading all the comments from the cat experts. So many self entitled people who are just wrong.


MrMisties t1_j6fa187 wrote

He's down 8 in the movie


singlejeff t1_j6fbtvj wrote

That perfect basejumping posture on the way down


yobob591 t1_j6feetq wrote

note that cats terminal velocity is significantly lower than that of a human's and they actually cannot fall fast enough to die from it (unless they land on their neck or similar)

doesnt mean this didn't hurt, but the cat didn't seem seriously injured


BurnItLink t1_j6fmoqv wrote

Repost. Video starts late, but a seperate person was intentionally chasing the cat.


Galaksee t1_j6g4a6o wrote

Must be pretty fuckin nice being the gazillionaire that lives in that house.


Fish_Kungfu t1_j6g67jo wrote

On the way down, "I'm a feather, I'm a feather, I'm a feather."


workingtoward t1_j6bttk2 wrote

He must’ve done that before; the cameraman was ready for it.


BadBoiBill t1_j6bufzr wrote

If seen cats jump off of trees from heights like this without injury. If you watch, it does the sugar glider / flying squirrel thing where it spreads out its folds like a kite.


Furious0tter t1_j6bx52b wrote

Came here to talk about the toilet in the living room.


smashteapot t1_j6csm1f wrote

I like the marble floors. I know it’s probably a hotel, but it’s nice. I wish I had interior decorating skills.