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Keswik t1_j6guy54 wrote

Double kill


ContentsMayVary t1_j6i03hk wrote

Killing spree!


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LouieChills t1_j6kpoj1 wrote

Nothing will ever slap like “Killtacular” though

EDIT: like if the copyright is expired on that, COD needs to incorporate. The phrase “killtacular” was a powerful and addictive drug.


ThePizzaNoid t1_j6h60q5 wrote


tallginger89 t1_j6j20f6 wrote

Don't forget the female announcer having an orgasm when she yells GODLIKE


silver2k5 t1_j6jyou2 wrote

That was the best... at a LAN party, I was the first guy who realized you can change to the female announcer and it threw all of the other teen boys for a loop earing the organic GODLIKE


tallginger89 t1_j6k4le4 wrote

The voice actress really gave it her all that's for sure


throwaway8u3sH0 t1_j6l4i0y wrote

I was today years old when I discovered this. How did I miss out?! So many times playing with dormmates...


Jenetyk t1_j6lkn5t wrote

The video of the slug just doing whatev when he gets trapped like "c-c-c-combo breaker"


phillyb6988 t1_j6jssh2 wrote

I’m old enough to know the original sounds but I only think of counter-strike source lol


timoleo t1_j6h24qr wrote

This is why you should always pick a reputable hotel. At least a 3 star.


PapiSurane t1_j6h2gdy wrote

We told you the breakfast buffet closes at 10:00.


gardianlh t1_j6hepi5 wrote

Considering Venus Fly Traps only have an average lifespan of three feeding cycles, this one did well with a two for one special.


sgame23 t1_j6iywkz wrote

I have 2. Ones been alive for over 2 years now. The others about a year old. The "mouths" only survive for about 2-3 feeding cycles if that. But they just grow new ones


TRNC84 t1_j6ker2v wrote

So what happens if you like poke the mouth does it close? And if so does it know to open back up if it caught nothing?


pees_on_dogs t1_j6kj9br wrote

Yes, it'll close, but this is bad for the plant. It takes a lot of energy for them to do this, so if they catch nothing its a problem. Don't try and make them close for no reason.


wiseroldman t1_j6kutcp wrote

Would heavy rain have the same affect and make the mouths close?


RainboBro t1_j6kz1st wrote

>Gentle rain can close traps, but this is not a common event. The necessity of two or more stimuli to close a trap accounts for traps general lack of responsiveness to raindrops in light rainfall. Traps observed to be closed by raindrops began reopening in an average of 4.5 hours and full reopening averaged 15.8 hours.

>Only 6 to 12% of the traps in the field of view were closed by intense rain. Even rain so heavy that the traps were submerged in water left most of the traps open. Gentle rain can close traps, but this is not a common event.

  • Research Gate,is%20not%20a%20common%20event.


wiseroldman t1_j6l03ty wrote

Interesting, so the plant has evolved to deal with the stimulus from rain drops. Thanks for sharing!


reddragon105 t1_j6kuzwx wrote

This is the thing that blew my mind about them when I first got mine - they actually have a built-in timer to make sure they caught something living, and thus worth digesting.

When something first lands in one of the traps and touches a trigger hair, the plant does nothing - it has to sense two trigger hairs being touched within 20 seconds for it to snap shut, and then it has to sense more hairs being triggered - five in total - in order for it to tighten even more and then start digestion.

The video above actually only shows the first stage of the trap closing - if it was 30-60 seconds longer you would have seen the trap shut tighter, so there were no gaps left, as the flies kept moving around inside.

If a trap was accidentally triggered without live prey inside (like by a rain drop), or a fly managed to get out in time, then the trap would shut but when the plant didn't detect anything still moving inside it would open again slowly - takes about a day or two.

But don't trigger them on purpose - it takes a lot of energy for the plant to close and reopen them, and if it's not getting any food from the effort it could kill the plant.

The traps themselves can last for a few months before dying off and being replaced. They can only be triggered so many times though, so once they've opened and closed a few times they become inactive and basically just serve as normal leaves for photosynthesis.


underscore5000 t1_j6ifquv wrote

Dont just their leaves have that? The plant itself survives.


Hive747 t1_j6iugd4 wrote

I wondered about that too. Would be weird if the plant dies so fast. Or is a feeding cycle like a few months?


reddragon105 t1_j6kvcgt wrote

They digest insects in about 10 days. The traps can last a few months, but they can only be triggered so many times - it takes a lot of energy, and if they keep catching bugs it just gets harder for the planet to digest them every time as it can't remove the old dead insects, so at a certain point they become inactive and just serve as regular leaves for photosynthesis until they die off. The plant itself is constantly growing new traps and they can live for 20+ years.


Hive747 t1_j6m90de wrote

Ahh okay thank you for clarifying that! That makes a lot more sense. Though I never had good luck with them. They rarely lived for more than a year. Though I keep all my other plants mostly in a very good shape.


reddragon105 t1_j6mqpbb wrote

Yeah, they're not the easiest plants to keep alive! My first one only lasted 9 months - it went dormant for the winter and then just didn't wake up.

My second one is going on for 2 years now - I bought it some higher quality soil and a bigger pot, one where you can water it from the bottom so the soil is always just damp, which is what they like.


reddragon105 t1_j6kvqxh wrote

The actual traps/leaves last for up to three months. They can only be triggered a few times, but once they can't digest insects anymore they still stick around for a while, acting as regular leaves for photosynthesis, before they die off - the plant is constantly growing new ones.

The plants as a whole are actually pretty long lived - they're slow to mature and can live for 20+ years.


ggrindelwald t1_j6h5eac wrote

So can someone please ELI5 what happens next?


wojtekpolska t1_j6h76cw wrote

the plant releases some acids and other digestive juices to dissolve the flies and absorb nutrients


SamohtGnir t1_j6imss0 wrote

It’s really a horrible way to die if you think about it, slowly desolving.


wojtekpolska t1_j6ip1xo wrote

gladly insects arent very inteligent, that'd be awful.


imagine if some enormous plants would eat deer, wolves, or sth else big like that, you could hear cries of the animal slowly dying all night long.

thankfully this isnt a thing in our reality lol


deutschdachs t1_j6j7qqd wrote

Larger pitcher plants can catch mice. The squealing has to be horrible :(


RevengencerAlf t1_j6jcj0q wrote

They probably drown before any meaningful dissolving/burning happens, and most animals drown quietly to my non-biologist understanding. There's not a lot of evolutionary benefit to alerting other mice since they can't/wouldn't help and it's not like an active predator that could chase them down. As far as I know it's mostly limited to humans and domesticated animals that are accustomed to someone coming to their aid and being able to physically pull them out of situations of distress. when an animal thinks it's drowning and it can't expect that help it's not energy efficient to tire itself out quicker by wasting extra breath screaming.


Michel_is_Gros t1_j6jwb99 wrote

The interesting thing is that not even humans tend to be very loud if they're actually drowning, since all their energy and breath goes toward keeping themselves alive, like most animals. I think the loud splashing scene you'd probably expect (like movies like to portray) comes more from a panicking person than someone drowning, which could of course become a drowning hazard from tiring themselves out.


RevengencerAlf t1_j6jxf52 wrote

Yep. It's also kind of a known thing that kids especially just kind of drown quietly and suddenly.

I think any noise making is not instinct and a purely learned behavior. Making noise when drowning only makes sense if there's someone like literally right there to help.


Michel_is_Gros t1_j6jxmid wrote

The diving reflex is both great and terrifying, depending on the context.


Takenabe t1_j6jayhs wrote

They probably drown in a matter of minutes. Not very different from if a mouse falls into a river.


magicarnival t1_j6krttm wrote

I've seen some pics of venus flytraps with small lizards trapped in them too. Not as noisy, but still more sentient than a bug.


Schleeeeeem t1_j6knvfp wrote

Isn’t that kinda what it’s like when animals get stuck in tar pits and things like that, except it takes longer?


freedomfightre t1_j6j6nn0 wrote

"In his belly you will find a new definition of pain and suffering as you are slowly digested over a thousand years."


[deleted] t1_j6h83nu wrote



DirkMcDougal t1_j6h8o75 wrote

This is not true. I clear "husks" out of my flytraps all the time. I grow a bunch here in Wilmington which is where they're from.


littlecat-girlcat t1_j6h7s97 wrote

it looks like it closes pretty slow, how did the flies not escape?


MaxMouseOCX t1_j6h7yy8 wrote

Slow moving plants aren't a threat, so they don't react, then it's too late and they're trapped, so they struggle which only tightens the traps grip.


TheMace808 t1_j6ihsu9 wrote

The little “teeth” help close them in, it lets small insects not worth the energy out but bigger ones are trapped


RevengencerAlf t1_j6jcw93 wrote

All of their defense responses are geared towards something coming at them from above. The surface they're on moving doesn't tend to trigger their flight response because if it did any time there was the tinniest breeze or movement they'd get off whatever plant they just landed on.

It's also faster than you think it is. This might be slowed down a little bit


gameprojoez t1_j6izxtj wrote

Flytraps close in about a third of a second. Too fast for a fly to escape.


Pudf t1_j6jmwfm wrote

Slow as hell. When I unleash my light speed grab, to impress my wife, it’s like they weren’t even in the same room.


bozog t1_j6hglyl wrote

He totally fucked it up for that other fly.


mykreau t1_j6ir0u9 wrote

These flies are dumb. Why would they hang out on something called a fly trap? Pfft stupid bugs.


lan60000 t1_j6gyagq wrote

Even flies get hugs.. where's my hug?


President_Calhoun t1_j6if7y8 wrote

Fun fact: Venus flytraps aren't actually from Venus.


high_pants13 t1_j6krflu wrote

They only are found naturally in the wild in about a 60 mile radius around Wilmington, NC.


Nazamroth t1_j6h9z4i wrote

How the hell can flies evade a sonic slap, but a casually closing trap is deadly,,,,


Shadowwynd t1_j6hk1ig wrote

Flies react to fast movement. The Venus Flytrap closes slowly enough (at first) that the fly does not have an “I’m in danger” thought until the fingers are interlaced. By the time it’s aware of danger it is far too late. The red part exudes a slightly sticky bait - it helps lure prey in but also hurts their fast takeoff ability.

If you are very patient and move very slowly, you can also sneak up on a fly.


HappyLittleLongUserN t1_j6ijp70 wrote

To add to that a fly swatter(?) works wonders since it doesn't create wind which would warn the fly of incoming danger.


GR3AC t1_j6kdq44 wrote

Plus the 2-3 little hairs that they have in the mouth (more towards the center) they act like a detectors, if they get touched about 0 to 3 times, the plant thinks its probably some leaf or dirt speck or something nothing alive/good to eat, but if it detects 3 or more touches it starts closing its "mouth", then again when it closes it waits a little bit for movement/resistance to confirm that it caught something alive so no jasmonic acid which it uses for braking down food is wasted


blackdynomitesnewbag t1_j6iugvr wrote

Hands create and air pressure wave that flies can detect long before your hand gets there. That’s why fly swatters have holes


Omniouz t1_j6hhepa wrote

What a horrible way to go


JonaJonaL t1_j6hno88 wrote

Isn't it more like trapping (like in the name) than hunting, since the thing is stationary and just waits for prey to come to it, rather than chasing/stalking prey?


Jackalodeath t1_j6ij3sg wrote

"Venus fly trap trapping" doesn't garner as much attention.

"Hunting" sounds cool, even if it's wrong. Best part is people will comment just to point out the distinction/"error," that comment is counted as engagement by the reddit Algo - just like up/downvoting - which increases the posts' chance of it showing up in people's feeds and/or on r/all.

Its the same reason titles are purposefully misspelled, use poor grammar, provide false/poorly structured info, or "asks what you think." People will always jump at the chance to correct someone/voice their opinion/tell the same joke 100+ times; basically its the easiest way to have low effort content reach as many users as possible.


JonaJonaL t1_j6ijsy3 wrote

Which is, in a large part, the point I want to make.

People being deliberatebly dishonest (i.e clickbaiting) is in the best case scenario stretching the truth, but in most cases just straight up lying.


Jackalodeath t1_j6ip6vw wrote

Unfortunately this being one of the heavier traffic/"more popular" subs, best you can do is report the post on grounds of "titles must be descriptive" or block the user that posted.

I suggest the latter given the mods track record with enforcing their own rules; but at least you won't see anything from this poster again.


[deleted] t1_j6j08pz wrote



JonaJonaL t1_j6j1dsn wrote

Well, if we don't care about one small issue in language, that will lead to us not caring about one slightly larger issue in language, and so on and so forth, eventually leading to us reverting to to pre-caveman levels of communication (random yelling and throwing things at each other to make a point.)


[deleted] t1_j6jhnle wrote



JonaJonaL t1_j6jpy7h wrote

Probably for the best.
People advocating idiocy don't tend to get very far.


culturedgoat t1_j6hhdz4 wrote

Silly flies. You have to wait until it disappears back into the pipe, and then hobble over…


yismin t1_j6idvrb wrote

Pretty sure there are a couple or a few 'hairs' which have to be tripped within a certain time of each other for the trap to close, so they may have helped each other get caught!


graebot t1_j6impcq wrote

Yep! There are 3 hairs on each trap-half. 2 of the 3 hairs on either half must be tripped within 20 seconds to trigger a close.


Arrew t1_j6j39hi wrote

That’s a horrifying way to die.


dgrant92 t1_j6khuw0 wrote

Next time a vegan is getting all pious remind them there are plants that eat meat! Let them choke on that a little....


Avocado_OP t1_j6hay8f wrote

Caught in the horny jail.... bonk


Vir1990 t1_j6iargy wrote

I was so happy when my venus fly trap grew some flowers. I've always sucked with plants and even though I'm sure it's not that hard to achieve, I was extremely proud of myself that I not only didn't kill it but also provided conditions good enough for it to bloom.


SqueekyJuice t1_j6iyg7o wrote

"No no no...wait..."

"It's okay I got it just..."



skincone t1_j6izb33 wrote

My boy is eating GOOD tonight!!


LtJimmyRay t1_j6j7ieu wrote

And yet I move my hand slowly to ready myself to slap a fly, and they fly away instantly.


SweetNeo85 t1_j6kkgie wrote

All I heard is Sid's voice from Toy Story.

Alright! Double prizes!


HarryHacker42 t1_j6il7y8 wrote

The weird thing is this plant can count. It closes on the third detection of something touching it. How does it know it is the third?


jdjtbgs t1_j6iupxl wrote

Each touch triggers a chemical release in the trap. 3 touches within a short release enough chemicals to reach a threshold that causes the trap to close.


anaccountofrain t1_j6j52rh wrote

Where’s Admiral Ackbar when you need him?


Whako4 t1_j6jdk0l wrote

Did it look like it closed really slow?


irohr t1_j6kfx92 wrote

This thing hunts like I look for a new job.


lightscameraaction25 t1_j6kxkgt wrote

Yet I can swat my hand down fast as lightning and these little assholes would still get away.


GaryNOVA t1_j6lb3xf wrote

So it’s not just a clever name?