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ggrindelwald t1_j6h5eac wrote

So can someone please ELI5 what happens next?


wojtekpolska t1_j6h76cw wrote

the plant releases some acids and other digestive juices to dissolve the flies and absorb nutrients


SamohtGnir t1_j6imss0 wrote

It’s really a horrible way to die if you think about it, slowly desolving.


wojtekpolska t1_j6ip1xo wrote

gladly insects arent very inteligent, that'd be awful.


imagine if some enormous plants would eat deer, wolves, or sth else big like that, you could hear cries of the animal slowly dying all night long.

thankfully this isnt a thing in our reality lol


deutschdachs t1_j6j7qqd wrote

Larger pitcher plants can catch mice. The squealing has to be horrible :(


RevengencerAlf t1_j6jcj0q wrote

They probably drown before any meaningful dissolving/burning happens, and most animals drown quietly to my non-biologist understanding. There's not a lot of evolutionary benefit to alerting other mice since they can't/wouldn't help and it's not like an active predator that could chase them down. As far as I know it's mostly limited to humans and domesticated animals that are accustomed to someone coming to their aid and being able to physically pull them out of situations of distress. when an animal thinks it's drowning and it can't expect that help it's not energy efficient to tire itself out quicker by wasting extra breath screaming.


Michel_is_Gros t1_j6jwb99 wrote

The interesting thing is that not even humans tend to be very loud if they're actually drowning, since all their energy and breath goes toward keeping themselves alive, like most animals. I think the loud splashing scene you'd probably expect (like movies like to portray) comes more from a panicking person than someone drowning, which could of course become a drowning hazard from tiring themselves out.


RevengencerAlf t1_j6jxf52 wrote

Yep. It's also kind of a known thing that kids especially just kind of drown quietly and suddenly.

I think any noise making is not instinct and a purely learned behavior. Making noise when drowning only makes sense if there's someone like literally right there to help.


Michel_is_Gros t1_j6jxmid wrote

The diving reflex is both great and terrifying, depending on the context.


Takenabe t1_j6jayhs wrote

They probably drown in a matter of minutes. Not very different from if a mouse falls into a river.


magicarnival t1_j6krttm wrote

I've seen some pics of venus flytraps with small lizards trapped in them too. Not as noisy, but still more sentient than a bug.


Schleeeeeem t1_j6knvfp wrote

Isn’t that kinda what it’s like when animals get stuck in tar pits and things like that, except it takes longer?


freedomfightre t1_j6j6nn0 wrote

"In his belly you will find a new definition of pain and suffering as you are slowly digested over a thousand years."


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DirkMcDougal t1_j6h8o75 wrote

This is not true. I clear "husks" out of my flytraps all the time. I grow a bunch here in Wilmington which is where they're from.