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CH23 t1_j8shvua wrote

I am not familiar with that brand but I can't imagine it'll help make your headphones sound better.

first i'll answer your question: a DAC is basically a soundcard that connects (usually) via USB to your computer. They can improve sound quality over the internal DAC on your motherboard, because they are purpose-build and has way less interference than internal components do. A DAC converts a digital signal to an analoge signal.

most DACs also have an amplifier section, so they are sometimes also called a DAC/amp.

an amplifier will amplify an analoge signal. The headphone output from your pc can be too low for your headphones, and in that case you could plug an amplifier into the line out, and connect your headphones to the amplifier.

I would go with a DAC/amp in your usecase, because the dt770 don't require a lot of power, but a DAC/amp will improve the sound quality and will have more power than the onboard audio.

The reason I said I believe the amp you bought won't make it sound better is because it seems to be build for a different usecase (to split 1 signal into 4), and so you're paying for components that have no real use for you, but it'salmost too cheap for what it should do.

Although not as cheap, I would recommend you check out some of iFi, Schiit, FiiO or Topping's dac/amps. Their cheaper ones usually range between $70 and $150.


Overall_Falcon_8526 t1_j8sqsx3 wrote

An amplifier takes an incoming signal and makes it louder. That's it. It sounds like you needed one, since your headphone was too quiet at your PC's max volume output.

Every single digital audio device on earth (including laptops, PCs, DAPs, iPods, phones) contains a DAC. Otherwise music would sound like this: "11000110010100101010100100001100101"

So the question is only whether a fancy external DAC would sound better than the DAC in your given device.

In my opinion, unless there is audible distortion coming from the device due to a lack of EM shielding or something, the answer is invariably "no."

But opinions on this vary.


vext01 t1_j8srq27 wrote

Did you try putting the output from your pc sound card into the input on your amp? If it sounds ok, then no need to buy extra stuff.


headphones-ModTeam t1_j8t54ck wrote

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Have you contacted the manufacturer?

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Why does this rule even exist?

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What if the link doesn't work?

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[deleted] t1_j8sg35r wrote


This EXACT question (what amp do i get for the dt 770) gets asked on here every single day.


It cannot be that hard...


ItsSloany OP t1_j8sgnse wrote

It cannot be that hard to read my question. I ALREADY GOT AN AMP. Do I need more than the amp or can I just plug it into my pc like that? That's the thing I cannot find an answer for on google


verifitting t1_j8shlcj wrote

The input is a TRS but you bought a pretty niche looking product really. Can you still cancel it? If not return it.

Better buy this for same price

all you need is a 3.5mm to RCA cable which you can find easily. Next step up would be something like a Fiio E10k but it's near double price at $75. And again next up is schiit modi/magni or jds atom/atom dac both around $200, but can also find them used of course.


[deleted] t1_j8ssvf8 wrote

It cannot be that hard to use google to find answers.


ItsSloany OP t1_j8sxusj wrote

When it’s about a topic I don’t things about it can be. I never got a clear answer on my issues on what exactly I needed. Do you even know the answer to my question? If so, why do you spend your time berating me for asking a simple question that I wanted an answer to. Takes you just as much time to answer my question as it does the ridicule it.


[deleted] t1_j8t8yav wrote

You need a DAC and a 6.35mm TRS jack as input....

You could use an Apple dongle and a 3.5mm to 6.35mm cable...

You could also use your mobos line out and said cable...

It aint that hard, is it?????