Submitted by Gobutobu t3_10yub19 in headphones

Hi. I am getting Westone 4 Quad Driver Balanced Armature IEM for $100 in India. These were purchased by the seller in 2011 so around 12 years old. He claims he stored them in an airtight container free of moisture and humidity and Always cleaned before and after use. The accessory kit with the tips, cleaning tool and the volume attentuator would be provided.

Is it a good deal or not?



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CobreDev t1_j7zm2n4 wrote

wow, the graph is...something...

I'd recommend going with something like Truthear Hexa instead


Gobutobu OP t1_j7zox9e wrote

I don't know how to read the graph but I'm guessing it's... Bad?


CobreDev t1_j7zp93s wrote

Bloated bass leaking well into the mids, incredibly reduced treble, I'd avoid it unless you absolutely know you want that tuning.


xXepicpancakesX t1_j80hw4r wrote

pretty nice upper treble though not gonna lie lmao. everything else is horrendous though and you won’t even hear or appreciate the upper treble based on how the rest of the graph is


wijnandsj t1_j7zm7q4 wrote

Seems a bit pricy. On the other hand, if he did take care of them they'll be fine. Do you want a quad BA?


Gobutobu OP t1_j7zosiu wrote

Not really. Just thought it was a good deal.


No-Context5479 t1_j81niue wrote

Westone? No matter the price are not a good deal for the atrocities they do to midrange presence... You're better served with a Tripowin x HBB Olina SE u/Gobutobu


Gobutobu OP t1_j823t8m wrote

Yeah. The general consensus is largely negative on them. Got it.


WAON303 t1_j8253o6 wrote

I wouldn't pay 10 bucks.

Awful deal.