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MrEcksDeah t1_j9llrg7 wrote

Before I bought this cable, my 1s and 0s were kind of flat sounding. Now my 1s and 0s really have that sparkle and warmth I was looking for. Can’t ever go back to my old sata cable.


epic-gamer_42069 t1_j9nhw4p wrote

better isolate this 1s and 0s from electric and radio radiation, so you do not get interference... we recommend this $3000 audiophile, gaming, RGB card to put in you're PC


Eleventh_Barista t1_j9lc1wn wrote

hahaha why does it look so janky lmao


signal_decay t1_j9lmqlu wrote

Because it's something someone whipped up in their garage and is trying to sell on ebay.


[deleted] t1_j9lc2mv wrote



iRAPErapists t1_j9mj04g wrote

I think that's part of the joke. It probably literally is marshmallows and sprinkles. They even said, "haven't been used in a year. Needs to be re-burned in"


PanTheRiceMan t1_j9nsqte wrote

I kind of like that nobody bothered to make it neat. Suit's it's possible users well.


Ryudius t1_j9lpixy wrote

Looks like a marshmallow covered in bugs


Tozzpot t1_j9m1xr2 wrote

Oh come on, this has to be an absolutely genius troll move, surely? Assuming that it is: bravo, seller. Bravo indeed.


exdigguser147 t1_j9nclji wrote

They won the internet getting toms to cover this troll bait.


JProllz t1_j9mb7f1 wrote

Waiting for the "believers" to claim this will turn Beats into DT770s


Vipitis t1_j9oczdc wrote

so they took a cheap cable, put a metal tube around it, dipped the ends into icing and added sparkles?

How did the article miss the "it hasn't been used for a year so you need to burn it in again" description?


CptNoHands t1_j9p73vu wrote

I'll pass on frying my ssd, thanks eBay seller.